Miraculous Season 2 Episode 5 RIPOSTE

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 5 Riposte

As Marinette takes part in fencing tryouts to try and get closer to Adrien, a mysterious masked fencer shows up and challenges Adrien. But when Marinette makes a refereeing mistake, the fencer loses her duel against Adrien.Humiliated, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth. Now Riposte and armed with her saber, she wants to get revenge on Adrien by defeating him in another duel.Marinette / Ladybug intervenes, showing unprecedented fury at the supervillain who wants to lash out at her Adrien. Stuck between Riposte, determined to attack him, and Ladybug, determined to protect him, Adrien can’t turn into Cat Noir.He will have to find a way to transform, though, if he wants to help Ladybug defeat the akumatized fencer…

Miraculous Ladybug Riposte

 Tikki: This swordsmanship really suits you, Marinette.

Marinette: Thank you Tikki! Hopefully, wielding a saber is a lot easier than finding a suitable helmet. (The helmet slips off and Marinette makes a sound of displeasure.)

Tikki: (laughs)

Marinette: (takes off her helmet.) I have to pass these trials! D’Argencourt is the most prestigious fencing academy in all of Paris! I only have one chance to show them what I’ve got and make the team!

Tikki: You’ve been revising the rules of fencing all weekend, it’s going to be great!

Marinette: You’re right. I’m going to make quite an impression on Adrien! (He slams his helmet on the table, upsetting the others who are down. Marinette tries to catch them before they fall and catches one on her leg.) Ah, here we go! This should fit perfectly!

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Mr. D’Argencourt walks between two rows of students.

Armand: I am a swordsman, Mr. D’Argencourt. As you know, we only have one open spot on the team this year. (Armand stops and faces the challengers.) So, in order to select the best possible candidate, I will watch the beginners perform a series of attacks on the experienced students.

Marinette: (looks around) Where’s Adrien?

Armand: (Gestures his arm to his students.) Take position.

(Marinette is still looking around for Adrien when one of the students approaches her.)

Adrien: Looks like you’re looking for someone?

Marinette: Yeah, I thought Adrien was here. You know, a guy this tall (points to about Adrien’s height and then puts his hand on his face.), blond, handsome, super handsome?

Adrien: (Lifts his helmet to reveal his face.) Thanks for the compliments!

(Marinette yelps in surprise.)

Adrien: I didn’t know you were into fencing, Marinette.

Marinette: A-Adrien! Nice fencing, I’m totally enjoying you! Uhh, I mean, nice to see you! Yeah, I totally enjoy fencing.

Adrien: (He smiles softly and smiles.)

(Marinette giggles and blushes.)

Armand: Stand up!

Marinette: (Awkwardly puts on her helmet, winks at Adrien and holds her saber upright).

Adrien: Bend your knees, then extend your left leg back, facing out. (Marinette does.) Perfect! (He moves to her, hugs her so she leans forward, with his other hand guiding hers so that her saber points outward.) Now place the saber forward, like this.

Marinette: (Blushes and giggles again.)

Armand: Greet each other! (He crosses his saber across his chest, then snaps it to his side in a traditional swordsman’s salute.)

(Adrien, then Marinette, say hello.)

Armand: En garde! Ready, allez!

(The students begin fencing as D’Argencourt watches. Adrien is ready, but Marinette stands completely still.)

Adrien: (Straightens up and picks up his helmet) Go ahead, Marinette. You should be touching me.

Marinette: (giggling) Touch you?! Yeah…

(Adrien smiles and puts his helmet back before lunging at Marinette. She dodges and hits back.)

Armand: Attack! Touch. Point! (Points to Marinette) Go ahead!

Marinette: (picks up her helmet.) Thanks!

Adrien: (Also picks up his helmet.) All I did was lunge. You have good reflexes! (Puts down his helmet again and readies himself) En garde!

Marinette: (She puts her helmet back down and stands up anyway.)

Adrien: Ready, allez!

(Adrien and Marinette quickly counter, Marinette blocks Adrien before she can get him in the chest.)

Adrien: Attack, Parry, Retaliate, Counterattack. Point goes to you, Marinette.

Marinette: (Raises her helmet once more.) I don’t understand. You hit me first.

Adrien: (Also picks up his helmet.) In saber fencing, the attacker does not necessarily score a point even if he touches his opponent first. You took the initiative, so we say you had priority. I can only parry or parry so I lose.

Marinette: But everything happens so fast, I mean how do you know who won a point?

Adrien: We don’t always know for sure. That’s why you can abstain. We will continue? (He lowers his helmet.)

(Marinette nods, then lowers her helmet and prepares to fence, but before she can move, the fencing trials are interrupted by a shout. A figure in red fencing gear stands on the score box, carrying a red saber.)

Kagami: Hey you! Are you Mr. D’Argencourt, master swordsman? I want to join your team.

Armand: Only the best are allowed in here, you scoundrel.

Kagami: And I was everywhere I went.

Armand: Part le fer! This beater has nerves! Good! May I consider your admission, will you beat one of my students?

Kagami: (Kagami walks up to the silent students.) Which one of you is the best fighter?!

(All the students shuffle around, looking at each other and sliding away from Adrien, who picks up his helmet again.)

Armand: Adrien, please teach our visitor a lesson in chivalry.

Adrien: (smiles and lowers his helmet) I will, Master.

(Adrien and Kagami fight, now attached to the scoring box and standing next to it. Adrien touches Kagami’s shoulder with his saber and she touches him with hers to test the box. Kagami and Adrien bow and step back. Adrien bends the saber blade while Kagami she brandishes hers. She’s obviously very skilled.)

Marinette: (Gasps and looks down at the ground.) Great. Is there any chance I had to make the team. This guy is obviously better than everyone else.

Student to Marinette’s left: It’s not over yet, he still has to beat Adrien.

Armand: Prêt… allez!

(Adrien and Kagami lunge at each other and both point buzzers go off at the same time.)

Armand: Simultaneous! Par un toucher!

(Adrien and Kagami return to their starting points.)

Marinette: I could have sworn Adrien touched him first…

Student to Marinette’s left: I’m not sure. Anyway, you never question the referee’s decision.

Armand: En garde! Ready… allez!

(Kagami and Adrien lunge at each other again, lighting up both sides of the point box.)

Armand: Uhh… Hold back!

Marinette: What’s going on?

Student to Marinette’s left: Mr. D’Argencourt isn’t sure who won, so he decides to withhold the vote. This is a close match.

Armand: En garde!

Kagami: Wait. I ask that we do it the old fashioned way. We will be much calmer without the machine.

Armand: Adrien?

Adrien: Fine with me. (He disconnects his body cable.)

(Kagami also disconnects his body cord, flips over, and shows off his saber skills more.)

Marinette: (to the student on her right) But how do we know who touched the other first?

Student on Marinette’s right: By watching closely.

Armand: En garde… Prêt… allez!

(Adrien and Kagami lunge a third time, sabers clashing. Adrien hits a pillar that dodges it and the fight goes up. Kagami jumps to the second level)

Marinette: (stunned) Is this what fencing is about?!

Armand: (excitedly) Part le fer! THIS is what fencing is all about!

(Armand and the remaining students go to the bottom of the stairs.ep

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