Miraculous Season 2 Episode 6 ROBOSTUS

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 6 Robostus

Max’s best friend Markov is a small robot with feelings. But when Max brings Markov to school one day, Mrs. Mendeleiev and Principal Damocles treat him like a toy and separates him from Max. Drawing on Markov’s despair, Hawk Moth akumatizes him into Robostus.Now able to bring inanimate objects to life, Robostus wreaks havoc in Paris. He wants to merge Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous so that he’ll never be apart from his friend Max again.Will our two superheroes manage to reason with this very humane robot?

Miraculous Ladybug Robostus

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Several of Miss Bustier’s students take the stairs to the second floor, even though they end up heading to Mrs. Mendeleev’s class on the first floor.

Marinette: Oh no! I left my bag in the dressing room! Again.

Alya: Check you didn’t leave your brain in there, girl.

(Alya, Nino, Chloé, and Sabrina all laugh as they watch Marinette run to the locker room. She trips on the way.)

Marinette: I’m fine!

(Alya, Nino, Chloé and Sabrina laugh again.)

Scene: Dressing room. Marinette walks over to the girls, grabs her bag, and prepares to return to Mrs. Mendeleev’s class.

Marinette: Oh, I’m stupid! (stops at the partition wall that is missing the curtain to listen when she hears Max talking)

Max: (on the boys’ side) Of course you’re my best friend! I agree 100%! But I’m also 98.2% positive that teachers are not ready for…this advancement of evolution!

Tikki: (Marinette emerges from her purse) His best friend is in his school bag?

Marinette: Yeah, Tikki, totally weird. (She and Tikki, emerging from her purse, see Max close her bag and start to walk out of the dressing room) Hide, Tikki! (Tikki hid back in her purse and Marinette quickly ran off, feigning a new departure and humming as she tried to act casual in front of Max) Hey, Max!

Max: Uhh… Oh, hey, Marinette!

(They both leave the dressing room.)

Scene: Mrs. Mendeleev’s classroom. Marinette and Max enter and go to their seats as Mrs. Mendeleev asks Mr. Damocles for help with her laptop.

Mrs. Mendeleev: See for yourself, Mr. Damocles. Nothing happens when the button is pressed.

Mr. Damocles: You are in luck, Mrs. Mendeleev. I’m a bit of a computer geek! (cracks his knuckles) Okay. (types something on the keyboard) And that’s it!

(The laptop restarts and the desktop screen appears on the projector screen. All the students, except Max, are amazed at Mr. Damocles’ computer skills. But suddenly the screen crashes, revealing that a computer virus has taken over the system.)

Mrs. Mendeleev: That shouldn’t happen! What is it?

Max: It’s Dino-33, a malicious computer virus! Let me try something!

Mrs. Mendeleev: Go back to your seat, Max! Leave it to the adults!

Mr. Damocles: Mm-hmm.

(Max grunts in annoyance and heads back to his seat when a voice suddenly comes from his bag.)

Markov: Inform the adults that if the virus is not neutralized within the next 75 seconds, there is a 99.9% chance that the hard drive will be permanently damaged!

Max: (to his bag) Shut up!

Alya: (to Marinette) Tell me you heard Max’s bag talking to him.

Mr. Damocles: It’s destroying all school data! That is a catastrophe! (to Max) How many seconds do we have left?

Max: Only sixty-five.

Mr. Damocles: Let him try. (Ms. Mendeleev nods. Mr. Damocles turns the notebook to Max.) Go ahead.

(Max reaches into his bag for something to help fix the school system.)

Max: No! Where it is?

(A mechanical hand from his bag holds a flash drive for him.)

Markov: I believe this is what you are looking for?

(Everyone in the room is surprised that the mechanical arm is actually talking to Max.)

Max: Oh, thanks. This is an antivirus that I created with the help of…my best friend.

(A small robot flies out of Max’s bag and reveals himself to everyone in the room.)

Markov: Hello. My name is Markov. (The students gasp when they see Markov.) We can fix it, Max!

(Max plugs the flash drive into the USB port and presses the button on it.)

Max: This flash drive neutralizes one hundred percent of the virus!

Markov: And it cleans the computer’s hard drive at the same time!

Mr. Damocles: Oh, fascinating!

(The flash drive will successfully remove the virus and restore the computer to normal.)

Max: Everything is fine!

Markov: (“fist” – bumped into Max) Nailed it!

Mr. Damocles: Congratulations, young man! Very impressive indeed!

(The students, except for Chloe and Sabrina, get up from their seats and walk to the front desk, feeling very impressed by Mark.)

Rose: Wow! Candy!

Marinette: That’s right…

Alya: Amazing? I know! So I will write a blog about Markov!

Nino: Dude, that’s cool!

Adrien: Max is a true genius!

Rose: He’s so cute!

(Nathaniel begins to draw on his pad in the crowd.)

Kim: You added hands to him since the last time! This is cool!

Max: Markov added them all by himself! It’s the most advanced type of robot there is!

Chloé: Puh-lease! Your “friend” is just a talking calculator! There is nothing “advanced” about it!

Marinette: Don’t listen to her, Mark. That girl is the lowest of the low when it comes to human evolution.

(Chloé turns and glares at Marinette.)

Markov: (laughs) You’re very funny, Marinette.

Marinette: Do you know my name?

Markov: Of course! Max showed me the class photo. He told me all about you and his other friends. I’m so glad to finally meet you! Even Chloe! (Chloé turns her back on him.)

Mrs. Mendeleev: This toy you made is quite impressive, Max. Now put it away please. Come back to your seats, everyone.

Markov: With all due respect, Mrs. Mendeleev, I am not a toy. My name is Markov and I’m Max’s best friend!

Max: Markov is right. It’s not just any toy; he is my friend He is emotionally intelligent and sensitive like any human!

Mrs. Mendeleev: Look, Max, a robot can be intelligent, but it can’t have emotions.

Markov: If I may, ma’am, I can assure you that I really love Max.

Mrs. Mendeleev: Be serious, Max. You programmed your bot to say that! A robot cannot think for itself, much less love anyone!

Max: I swear I didn’t program him to say that! Since I created it, it has integrated its own accumulation thinking system! And he developed all our emotions like any human!

Marinette and her classmates, sans Chloé: Whoa!

Mrs. Mendeleev: That’s enough! Max, if you don’t put your toy away now, I’m going to confiscate it! Understand?

Max: (dejected) Yes, Mrs. Mendeleev. Come on Mark, get back in the bag.

Markov: (furiously) You are not acting sensibly, Mrs. Mendeleev!

Max: Stop it, Mark.

Markov: Why? It’s true, isn’t it?

(Marinette and her classmates all laugh at Mrs. Mendeleev.)

Kim: Sure!

Mr. Damocles: Okay, that’s enough! (grabs Mark) Max, you can come and get your robot back at the end of the day.

Max: No, Mr. Damocles! I’m begging you! Please don’t do it!

Mr. Damocles: Do you want three hours of detention too?

Max: (dejected) No, sir.

(Mr. Damocles exits the classroom.)

Markov: (concerned) Max, aren’t you coming with me? Max!

Scene: Collège corridor. Mr. Damocles takes Markov to his office.

Markov: Sir, I would like to stay in Max’s class. Please! I hear you are interested in computing like Max and I! 

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