Miraculous Season 2 Episode 8 DARK OWL

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 8 Dark Owl

The school principal Mr. Damocles like to dress up as the Owl, a superhero he admires and whose prowesses he tries to recreate.Unfortunately, Mr. Damocles is not as deft as his hero, and Ladybug and Cat Noir often have to fly to his rescue.While trying to help him during one of his missions, Ladybug and CatNoir unwittingly humiliate him in public. Shameful and furious, Mr. Damocles gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and turns into the Dark Owl. Armed with super high-tech gadgets remotely controlled by his computer Albert, he wants to humiliate Ladybug and Cat Noir and to defeat them so that he becomes the only superhero in Paris.Our heroes will have to ruffle his feathers if they want to stop him!

Miraculous Ladybug Dark Owl

 Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Students go home from school

Marinette: (to Alya) Sleeping at your place tonight? That’d be amazing!

Mr. Da Come on! Hurry up! I don’t have all day!

Marimocles:nette: Besides, ugh, I can’t. I have to help my parents in the bakery.

Alya: Again? But you’ve been helping them all week.

Adrien: (to Nino) Online gaming battle? I’m free.

Nino: Great! Wait till you look at my advanced weaponry! You won’t stand a chance!

Mr. Damocles: (applauds Nino and Adrien) Come on! Slash-slash! Hurry now! (Adrien’s palms)

Adrien: I forgot I have Chinese class.

Nino: Again? But we didn’t play all week.

Adrien: I’m sorry Nina.

(Mr. Damocles chuckles before closing the school door. Adrien looks back sadly as he leaves with Nino. Inside the school, Mr. Damocles sneaks into his office and closes the door.)

Scene: Mr. Damocles’ office. Mr. Damocles turns on his computer to talk to his personal assistant.

Mr. Damocles: Albert?

Albert: At your service, sir.

Mr. Damocles: Hoo-hoo!

Albert: Please repeat. I was not able to understand.

Mr. Damocles: Hoo-hoo!

Albert:Mr. Damocles: Hoo-hoo!

 Please repeat. I was not able to understand.

Albert: (shortcuts) Please repeat. At your service, sir. Please repeat. Please repeat. Please repeat.

(An explosion occurs near the portrait due to Albert’s malfunction. Mr. Damocles groans in annoyance before walking over to the portrait to open it himself, revealing a secret compartment. The compartment contains his secret collection of Knightowl merchandise. Mr. Damocles chuckles. grabs his custom from the hanger knight costume made. She tries to put it on, but he tries to put on the belt and causes it to fall off the table.)

Mr. Damocles: Ouch! Now is the hour of the owl! Hoo-hoo!

Scene: Place des Vosges

(Fousy meows as he gets stuck in a tree)

Ms. Michelle: Oh!

(Mr. Damocles comes in and talks to the owners of Whiskers)

Mr. Damocles: Hoo-hoo! Okay Ms. Michelle. Is Whiskers dizzy again? Don’t be afraid! This is a mission for The Owl! Hoo-hoo! (Takes out a toy hook.) Owl claws! (The grappling hook didn’t work) Hoo-merang! (Throws his boomerang, but it slides away)

Ms. Michelle: Um? What exactly are you planning to do with it?

Mr. Damocles: It takes more than this to convince the Owl! (Starts to climb the tree) Here, kitty, kitty! Come to Sova! (Laughs)

Ms. Michelle: Okay, I’ll call the fire department. (pulls out his phone)

Mr. Damocles: There is no need, Ms. Michelle. (Whiskers start hissing at him) Uh-oh! Whiskers! Stay calm! Come now! (Fousy bites Mr. Damocles’ hand) Ow!

(Mr. Damocles loses his balance and is about to fall with Whiskers. Luckily, Ladybug arrives and catches him with her yo-yo, while Cat Noir saves Whiskers with her staff.)

Ladybug: Mr. Dam…um, Owl! This is the fifth time we want to save you this week!

Cat Noir: One day you’re going to get really hurt. (Beard meows at him) At least wear a helmet.

Mr. Damocles: But you don’t wear helmets.

Ladybug: Mr. Owl, we already told you. It’s not the same here. We are real superheroes!

Cat Noir: With Real Superpowers! (Whiskers meows as Cat Noir hands him to Ms. Michelle) And magic suits.

Mr. Damocles: I know. But ever since I was a little boy, I only dreamed of becoming a real superhero!

Firefighter: Come on guys!

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