Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 1 TRUTH

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 1 Truth

 Scene: Hawk Moth Lair. Gabriel repairs the Peacock Miraculous using the translated instructions from the Miraculous spellbook.

Nathalie: (voice) Dust from the sky, now rare, will repair the wings of an injured animal. Mix the molten gold with the meteorite powder. Then add the peacock feather.

Gabriel: Miraculous, fix yourself! (miracle lights up and floats, then lands in his hand repaired) It’s perfect, like new! It is now completely safe to use. (puts on Miraculous)

Duusu: (appears from Miraculous) Wow, I feel so much better! What happened? what? Nooroo! (hugs Nooroo) Oh wow, everything was so chaotic in my head, like a nightmare where I fell into very bad hands!

Nooroo: Sorry, old friend, but I’m afraid the nightmare isn’t over yet. (points to Gabriel in both Miraculous)

[Transformation Sequence]

Gabriel: Nooroo, Duus, unite!

(Gabriel transforms into Shadow Moth)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette looking at the sketch and the magic box

Marinette: So… they all live there?

Tikki: Yes, except for Nooroo and Duus, who are being held captive by the villains.

Marinette: Master Fu never let them out?

Tikki: (trying on hats) Only Kwami like me who have a holder like you can go to the human world, Marinette.

Marinette: But… (takes the box in her hands) isn’t it a little cramped in there?

Tikki: Oh no! Inside is a whole parallel world! Of course, being out here is much more interesting. You people are so resourceful!

Marinette: (notices a button on the top of the box, presses it, freeing all the kwami. She falls) I thought they couldn’t get out?

Tikki: Now that you’re a guardian, the box is just like you! Full of surprises! That’s amazing!

Mullo: (pulls Tikki’s hat off his head) Thanks Tikki!

Tikki: Hello! Marinette did it for me! (chases after Mull)

M(arinette: sees Trixx looking at her journal, gasps) That’s my secret journal! (she puts the diary in a drawer)

Daizzi: (flips the switch on the table lamp) Day! Night! Night! Day! (continues in the background)

Ziggy: (phone rings, holding Marinette’s phone) Wow! He makes music, I love music! (Marinette tries and fails to grab the phone, trips)

Marinette: Careful with my phone!

Kaalki: (phases out the window and looks at the street in awe) Oh my, you have to see that! All carts move by themselves! There isn’t a single horse to pull them- (grabs Marinette)

Kid: (pointing in disbelief to the scene above) Look, Mom!

Marinette: (pulls Kaalki closer, pretending it’s a toy) Uh haha, it’s a talking squishy, ​​but it’s not for sale yet! (closes window, sits down, exhausted from kwamis antics. Stompp and Xuppu at the table jump on the keyboard which turns on the news)

Nadja Chamack: (on computer) Paris is getting ready to celebrate the birthday of the famous Prince Ali! (Gets a notification that Alya is calling. Marinette runs over, grabs the keyboard from the kwamis and answers)

Alya: Marinette?

Marinette: (still holding Kaalki while the other kwami ​​watch the monitor) Oh, Alyo! What do you think of my new squishies? Pretty cute, right?

Alya: What new squishies?

Marinette: Uh- (looks at Kaalki confused)

Tikki: Marinette, we are magical creatures, remember? We cannot be seen or heard on the screen or in the photographs.

Ziggy: Ooh, so that’s why I’m not showing up in these magic pictures!

Marinette: Sure, all they can see is me and I look completely ridiculous, right?

Alya: Marinette, are you feeling okay?

Marinette: (trying to recover) Aaah! Hi girls! So nice to see you! Right now is the perfect time to talk!

Rose: (excited) Did you say new squishies? Show us!

Marinette: Uh… squishies? What squishies? (he tries to zoom out the kwamis and falls).. Oh!

Alya: Marinette, are you okay?

Roaar: How did your friends get locked into this frame?

Daizzi: They look so cute. (referring to Alya) I want her as my retainer.

Trixx: She’s busy.

Mullo: (whining) Why does Trixx have a mount when we don’t?

Alya: Marinette, you’re acting weirder than usual.

Marinette: Eh heh! I’m just… working out! (poses) I thought of this exercise – it’s uh- a super special exercise, hehe, uh, to be in shape before you squish!

Mylène: You should get some fresh air, you look stunned.

Alya: Wait a minute: awkward gesturing, ridiculous gibberish, weird excuses, clumsiness overload…

Girls: (gasps) …is Adrien there?!

Marinette: What? Of course not. (Her phone rings, Ziggy throws it, she catches it and sees who’s calling) Luke? (places the phone on the keyboard and ends the video call)

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