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Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 18 Wishmaker English Dub

 Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont, Mrs. Bustier’s class, Mrs. Bustier is giving career questionnaires to Marinette.

Mr. Damocles: Your class representative, Marinette, will give you a questionnaire to fill out regarding your after school options.

(Marinette starts handing out questionnaires, starting with Sabrina.)

Chloe: Absolutely useless! I already know what I want to be when I finish school: rich, because I already am rich. And the baker, well, the baker. Oh, just ridiculous! Yes, being ridiculous would be right up your alley, Marinette Dupain-Cheng! (Marinette glares at her.)

Ms. Bustier: You see, Chloé, people are defined by their choices and what they choose to do with their lives. So I ask you to start defining yourself by deciding what you want to do later. It’s not just about your future career (Marinette passes the questionnaire to Chloé), but also what you want out of your life.

Mr. Damocles: If some of you still aren’t sure what you want to do, the Paris Career Expo is happening this weekend at various locations around the city! You will meet professionals who will tell you about their careers!

Ms. Bustier: (opens the map projected behind her) The document Marinette just handed you contains a map of Paris with the locations of individual career stalls. (Marinette hands the questionnaire to Alya.)

Alya: (whispers to Marinette) How about “superhero”? Does this count as work? (Both laugh quietly.)

Mr. Damocles: I would add that you should never let the context dictate your costume. You should choose the costume yourself! Speaking of which, I myself would be present at the charity stand as… (leaves door and returns as Owl while breathing heavily) Owl! Hoo-hoo! Your daily fixer of wrongs!

Scene: Agreste Mansion, in Adrien’s room.

(Adrien looks sadly at his career brochure.)

Plagg: Do you want to continue modeling?

Adrien: I don’t think so, Plagg. I’m doing it now because my father asked me to, and now I realize I don’t know what else I want to do. I never ask myself that question.

Plagg: What do you think about Cat Noir as a career?

Adrien: Well, since Ladybug keeps giving Miraculous to other holders, she probably won’t need me one day.

Plagg: Don’t worry, I’ll always be here for you. Hey, if you want, we could open a cheese shop together! Just imagine… “Plagg and Cat Noir’s Fromagerie”!

Adrien: You can’t eat cheese if you’re trying to sell it.

Plagg: You’re right. Good point. Then what kind of job is it where you can eat cheese?

Adrien: Why don’t we start by visiting the food stalls? (grabs the bag) Come on, Plagg, it’s time to think about our future!

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette continuously taps her pen on the desk while her career brochure is still blank. Tikki and Pollen are next to her.

Marinette: True, Tikki. My life is complicated. But at least one thing is simple: I know what I want to do later! You don’t have to go to the Paris Career Expo for that!

Pollen: What is a career, dear Guardian?

Marinette: Well, that’s… your job! Something really important that you do and gives meaning to your life!

Roar: Oh! So your job is to be the keeper of the wonders!

Mullo: Of course not! It’s being a student!

Xuppu: Not at all! She’s making presents for Adrien!

Marinette: Well-

Longg: She said “something important” like making a big doll house to hide the magic box!

Wayzz: Or when she designed an alarm for this room! What a masterpiece!

Marinette: Sure, I love to create, but-

Ziggy: You don’t understand! What makes her life meaningful is being in love with Adrien or Luka, that’s her job!

Fluff: Luka is the one with the guitar, right?

Kaalki: Her real career is to be a Ladybug and she made her name in history with her famous deeds, of course!

Sass: Shut up, kwamis! Let’s listen to the guard. Marinette, what is truly important, what will give meaning to your life?

(Marinette is undecided.)

Marinette: (groans) I don’t know anymore! I guess I’m not so sure what my real job should be!

Tikki: Maybe you should visit some booths at the Paris Career Expo!

Marinette: I guess so, Tikki.

Scene: Île aux Cygnes, at the Paris Career Expo. Alec hosts a reality TV show.

Alec: Welcome to “You Gotta Be Kidding”! Today we’re live at the Paris Career Expo, where I’ll introduce you to the most pointless jobs ever! And for starters, here’s a perfect example: André, the ice cream man, the ice cream man who’s never around! Let me remind you how it goes: André doesn’t have a store, nobody knows where he is, it takes forever to find him, and he can choose the flavor of your ice cream! You’ve got to be kidding me, André! (to André) Give me one reason why I should bother chasing you when I could choose ice cream at every corner supermarket!

(Crowd laughs.)

André: Well, people don’t just come for ice cream when they find me. They come to share their love and experience magical moments! A supermarket can’t do what I do! I am the creator of magical moments!

Alec: “Maker of magical moments?” Are you kidding! This is not a real job!

André: You are right, dear Alec. It’s not a job, it’s a career!

(The crowd is taken aback by what André said, much to Alec’s shock. Alec groans.)

André: But you found me today! I have ice cream for you: lime for the sourness you show on the outside and chocolate cinnamon for the sweet dreams that still live inside you! One day you too will find out what you really want to be!

(Alec dies after receiving ice cream from André.)

Alec: (to cameraman) Cut! SHEAR! (he and the cameraman leave)

(Marinette goes to André.)

Marinette: André, how did you know that making ice cream was going to be your job?

André: My dear Marinette, being an ice cream maker is not a job; I used to have a job. I woke up every morning doing something I didn’t enjoy. The only pleasant moment in my day was when I came home and came up with ice cream flavors to suit my mood. Until one day, just as ice cream enchanted my everyday life, I wondered if my true calling was to try to enchant other people’s lives too! That’s when a truly successful career is: a mix of flavors of what you can do, what you love to do and what you can bring to others! (gives Marinette an ice cream) Strawberry and cherry for the indecisive lady, pistachios and nuts for the bright young man.

Marinette: Who? What young man?

Luke: Hi Marinette! (appears behind her)

Marinette: (screams) Luke! (laughs nervously) Actually, Luka and I are just, uh-

Luka: Friends! We are friends.

André: You don’t have to be in love to enjoy your own dollop of magic. (Hands the ice cream to Luke. Luka then hands it to Marinette.)

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