Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 2 Lie

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 2 Lies English

 Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette is frustrated that she can’t figure out the riddle in the Miraculous spell book.

Marinette: Tikki, I’m so confused! These puzzles that Master Fu translated are too mysterious.

Tikki: Their meanings are deliberately hidden to protect the secrets of our magical powers.

Marinette: Yeah, but what’s the point if even the Guardian of Wonders can’t detect them?

Tikki: Master Fu had trouble with the first ones too, and remember you were the one who helped him with the water power!

Marinette: (standing up determined) You’re right, I’ll figure it out! (Xuppu and Mullo take the apple)

Tikki: (to Xuppu and Mulla) What are you doing? (Drops apple on keyboard and turns on messages)

Nadja: (on computer) The city of Paris is getting ready to celebrate the birthday of the famous Prince Ali – (Xuppu and Mullo are stomping on the keys on the keyboard while trying to move the apple to switch it to the next news segment)

Alec: (on computer) This strange news about the fascinating life of Adrien Agreste!

Marinette: (Marinette stops what she’s doing and looks dreamily) Adrien…

Scene: A news segment about Adrien’s life

Alec: We could have spent the whole day with this famous young model! (Adrien yawns while posing for the wax statue)

Vincent: (taking a picture of Adrien as he poses) Perfect! Simply amazing! Wah! I need a more al dente smile! Ha-Ha!

Adrien: (appears on stage. Speaking with a pencil in his mouth) How much wood would a woodchuck knock down if he could knock down wood?

Sarah: (judging Adrien) Not bad, but could you make it a little more… orange for me? (Adrien laughs awkwardly)

Scene: Marinette’s room

Marinette: (sighs and smiles) What a fascinating life.

Scene: Adrien’s room.

Adrien: (sighs) What a boring day.

Plagg: Even without a lunch break. Ridiculous!

Adrien: (plays piano music on his phone to make it look like he’s working out) Finally! Free at last! Plaggu, claws out!

Plagg: (holding a piece of ermine) What? Oh no! (gets pulled into the ring)

Scene: Cat Noir on patrol, waiting for Ladybug.

Cat Noir: (uses his staff to travel) Haha, Woohoo! Ha-Ha! (looks around) Bugaboo? (checks his phone)

Ladybug: (voicemail) Hello! It’s Ladybug, leave a message!

Cat Noir: (leaves a message) Hey, Bugaboo. So here I am, your faithful companion at our meeting place, as always. It’s time for our daily patrol, I hope you haven’t forgotten. (he waits for a while for the Ladybug to appear, but she never does)

Plagg: (on phone) No messages. Don’t forget my cheese!

Cat Noir: What could she do?

Ladybug: (voicemail) Hello! It’s Ladybug, leave a message!

Cat Noir: (leaves another message for Ladybug, recoils) Maybe it’s because now that you’re the Guardian of Wonders, (finger quotes) you’ve got a lot more important things to do (trying to cheer up) but hey, no big deal. I’m just the cat for this job. I’ll start without you. Hope to see you later. Let me know. (he looks disappointed again but starts his patrol)

Citizens: (seeing Cat Noir and excitedly calling for him) Cat Noir! Cat Noir! Cat Noir!

Cat Noir: Finally time for some action! (comes down to see them, takes a fighting stance)

Citizens: Cat Noir! Oh my God. (three kids crowd around him, take a picture and leave) Oh wow. Thank you Cat Noir.

Cat Noir: (unenthusiastic) At your service. (checking the message again)

Plagg: (on phone) No messages. Don’t forget my cheese!

Scene: Place des Vosges. Cat Noir is sitting on a bench with Mr. Ramier and Mr. Banana.

Cat Noir: So Mr. Banana, life is peachy, huh? Peachy, banana, do you understand? (Mr. Banana doesn’t respond) Forget it. So Mr. Ramier, it’s been a while since you’ve been akumatized, right? Don’t you miss being Mr. Pigeon? Haven’t you been feeling a little depressed, desperate, or angry? Maybe angry? Even a little upset?

Mr. Ramier: Thanks for asking Cat Noir, but I’m really in the best mood!

Cat Noir: I think I’m out of here. (gets up and walks away slowly, feeling low)

Mr. Ramier: (waving) Say hi for me dear Ladybug!

Cat Noir: Sure thing… if I ever see her…

Plagg: (from phone, angrier) No news. Don’t forget my cheese!

Scene: Le Grand Paris Hotel. Cat Noir drinks milk while watching Chloé scold Sabrina.

Butler Jean: (places the glass on the coaster) A glass of milk as usual, Mr. Cat Noir?

Cat Noir: (nods weakly) Mhm

Butler Jean: How is Mrs. Ladybug? (starts pouring milk into a glass) Haven’t seen her in a long time?

Cat Noir: (takes the milk and drops it) It’s been a bit quiet lately.

Chloé: (angry, yelling at Sabrina) That purse was my life Sabrina! And you walked away and lost it! You are forbidden to ever speak to me again!

Sabrina: But Chloé – (tries to point to the purse Chloé is carrying)

Chloé: Shh, don’t talk! Turn it on!

Sabrina: But…

Chloe: Shhh!

Sabrina: But…

Chloé: (puts her finger over Sabrina’s mouth) Turn it on! And don’t even look at me! Hands over eyes! (Sabrina gasped in exasperation and covered her eyes with her hands)

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