Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 3 Gang of Secrets

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 3 Gang of Secrets

 Scene: On top of a building. Ladybug and Cat Noir land on the building after the battle is over while Miraculous Ladybug’s power is triggered.

Cat Noir: Wow, you’re on fire, bug. We’ve never defeated bad guys so quickly. Smash it! (Cat Noir realizes Ladybug is acting different) Bugaboo? Something wrong?

Ladybug: (nervously) Uh, pound it – yeah. Hey, why don’t we double check that everything is okay in Paris? (uses her yo-yo to sit on top of a building) Like, another patrol?

Cat Noir: You wanna tell me what’s going on? You didn’t even scold me when I called you a bugaboo.

Ladybug: Nothing is happening, everything is great. I just have a little extra time and I really don’t feel like chitchatting.

(Cat Noir joins Ladybug at the top of the building)

Cat Noir: Then I know the perfect place when there’s no talking.

Ladybug: I’m in everything!

Scene: In the theater.

(It turns out that Cat Noir has taken Ladybug to see a movie with him. While he’s enjoying himself, Ladybug looks very displeased.)

Movie: Oh My Darling. why can’t you love me

Ladybug: (quietly but furiously) You tricked me.

Cat Noir: Shhh No talking, you said.

Civilian: It’s Ladybug and Cat Noir!

Movie: I’m keeping too many secrets from you Ronaldo, stop giving me those puppy dog ​​eyes, will you? I’ll tell you everything. I lead a double life Ronaldo. (The civilians look at Ladybug and Cat Noir. Cat Noir waves at them and is silent. The civilians smile as they go back to watching the movie. Cat Noir tries to hug Ladybug, but Ladybug gets up when this happens and explodes in total rage .)

Ladybug: (to the cinema; furiously) Are you kidding me? Don’t tell him anything, you fool!

Cat Noir: Could you hold it, ma’am?

(Ladybug then squeals in the movie, and Cat Noir listens to the chatter in shock.)

Ladybug: Romantic comedies are still lame and do you know why? That’s not quite realistic! In real life, it would take a girl forever to tell a guy she loves him without stuttering. Blah blah blah! So how can he see that he knows if he loves her? It’s impossible, so she decides she can never be with him, and then BAM! She falls for another guy and everything is so cool. All too easy, no stuttering, they hold hands, get everything in the meringue, and then, SURPRISE! He has a secret! And he hates secrets, of course. So when they break up and they all live miserably until they die, that’s it. And that’s why romantic comedies falter so much. (Ladybug gets a drink)

(Cat Noir notices the reaction of the civilians to the bragging and they are very upset. Cat Noir is afraid to leave immediately so as not to cause any more problems.)

Cat Noir: (whispers) So sorry, let’s go. (pushing Ladybug as they leave)

Scene: Ladybug and Cat Noir exit the theater as Ladybug continues her rant.

Ladybug: Stay away from romantic comedies, go for heroic heroes instead. Special effects, heroes saving the world, no feelings, no questions, no one talks because there’s nothing to say! It sure is good fun.

(Cat Noir is shocked again by the roar, while the civilians in the queue are shocked).

Cat Noir: (laughs nervously) Sorry! (runs quickly to Ladybug)

Scene: Outside the theater.

Cat Noir: Listen, lady, I didn’t understand everything you said, and obviously I don’t know anything about your private life, but I know what it sounds like and what grief feels like and-

Ladybug: Broken heart? Me? (laughs nervously) It’s not at all, everything is fine. I actually feel like swimming, let’s go to the pool! (prepares his yo-yo for transport to the pool)

Cat Noir: You know, if you ever want to talk about anything, I’m here for you.

Ladybug: BATHING! Hurrah!

(Ladybug goes to the pool off-screen while Cat Noir feels unhappy about Ladybug.)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Aquabug is lying on the bed crying.

(Ziggy and Barkk notice Aquabug and decide to comfort her. Aquabug looks at pictures of Adrien, Luka, and her friends struggling with feelings of grief and lying.)

Ziggy: That’s so sad!

Barkk: I told you we should have taken those pictures down!

(Bark and Ziggy start taking pictures, but Marinette stops them.)

Aquabug: Stop, I’m not sad and these photos don’t bother me at all. It’s just shots of fashion and friends, and I love fashion and I love my friends, so it’s all good. (struggles with emotions) No problem, see?

(Barrk and Ziggy leave Marinette.)

Scene: Aly’s room.

(Alya uses her tablet to show moments regarding Marinette’s love for Adrien and then Luke).

Alya: So Marinette has a problem. Her heart is broken. At first, Marinette is crazy about Adrien, but she’s never been able to tell him about her feelings because well… she’s Marinette and he’s… well… Adrien. Then Luka comes, Marinette can talk to him because he’s… well… Luka. So they start dating.

Rose: They were so cute together!

Alya: Yeah, except they broke up.

Juleka: He was like super sad when they did that.

(The group sighs sadly.)

Alya: But the real problem is that Marinette never told us anything. If Luka didn’t tell Juleka, who told Rose, who told Mylène, who then told Alix, who eventually told me. Then I, her BF would still be in the dark all over the world! Yesterday I was on the toilet and I heard her crying.

Scene: Toilet.

Marinette: (crying)

Alya: Marinette? did you cry

Marinette: (while feigning emotion) Me? Cry? Are you kidding me? I’m super happy! Let’s celebrate and have a party! I am so happy!

Scene: Aly’s room.

Rose: Why are they keeping all these secrets from us?

Alix: If he doesn’t even tell Alya, then there’s a real problem!

Mylène: What are we going to do?

Alya: Marinette needs a friendly intervention. Let’s all call her together and see how she’s doing.

Girls: Rabbit Check! (whistle)

Scene: Marinette’s room.

(Marinette’s phone rings but she doesn’t pick up.)

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