Miraculous Season 4 Episode 09 Gabriel Agreste

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 9 Gabriel Agreste Full Episode

Gabriel Agreste

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 09 Gabriel Agreste

 Scene: Hawk Moth Lair. Shadow Moth stands in front of the lair window.

Shadowmoth: Ladybug, something’s been different since you became the guardian of the Miraculous, and trust me I’m going to find out exactly what it is.

(The lair window closes.)

Scene: Agreste Mansion Storage. Gabriel is in front of Emilia’s cryogenic module.

Gabriel: Tonight, Emilie, our rings will be united again. I invited your sister and Félix. I intend to get back what he stole from me.

(Gabriel wears a ring.)

Scene: Inside Graham de Vanila’s car. Félix watches Ladyblog on his tablet.

Alya: (v.o) The Miraculous are magical gems that give superheroes powers, like Ladybug’s earrings and Cat Noir’s ring. But the supervillain Shadow Moth also has two Miraculous brooches in his possession, and they give him his powers. From this we can conclude that Miraculous can make either a superhero or a supervillain. It all depends on who wears it, and that’s why these jewels can’t just fall into anyone’s hands. That’s it for today guys! See you soon and stay connected!

Félix: (puts down the tablet) I hope we get to see some superheroes while we’re here in Paris, Mom.

Amelie: That would be pretty exciting, wouldn’t it, darling? (blows a quick kiss) Mwah!

Scene: Interior, Agreste mansion, Nathalia’s room. Adrien enters the room and serves Nathalie her lunch.

Nathalie: Yes?

(Adrien arrives with a prepared meal.)

Nathalie: Thank you, Adrien.

Adrien: My father doesn’t want me to invite my friends from school tonight.

Nathalie: But there will be some teenagers, like Chloé and Kagami.

Adrien: Yeah, but only because their parents are members of his club.

Nathalie: These club members are influential people in Paris. They are very important to your father, Adrien.

Adrien: (sadly) And my friends are very important to me.

Gabriel: Adrien, can you leave us for a moment?

Adrien: Yes, father.

(Adrien leaves the room and closes the door. Gabriel sits down next to Nathalie and takes off his glasses.)

Gabriel: I’m having a hard time without your help, Nathalie. Now I realize how many people would need to fill your shoes.

Nathalie: You’re not thinking about canceling the party, are you?

Gabriel: I can’t, the club members wouldn’t understand. Félix will also be here with Amelie.

Nathalie: I made a list of everything that needs to be done tonight.

(Nathalie hands him a tablet while Gabriel puts on his glasses.)

Nathalie: You’ll just have to follow the instructions. The most important things are in red. (Gabriel runs through a list of instructions on the tablet.) Check the crew’s identities, make sure the robots are set to the correct program, and don’t forget to activate the cell phone scramblers to keep the party private.

(Nathalie hands him a sandwich.)

Nathalie: Have you had lunch yet?

Gabriel: No. (takes a sandwich) Thank you.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont, art classroom.

Alya: Marinette. We decided to ask Marc and Nathaniel for help. If anyone can come up with the perfect plan to finally tell Adrien you love him, it’s them.

Marinette: What? Are you serious?

Alya: Yeah, so?

Marinette: So everyone knows about me and… (whispers) how I feel about you know who?

Mylène: Everyone knows you have a crush on Adrien!

Marinette: Even Adrien?

Nathaniel: Adrien is probably the only one who doesn’t know.

Marc: Of course, otherwise there would be no story.

Alya: We chose Marc and Nate because, as you know, they are experts in romantic comedies. Marc writes and Nate draws.

Rose: And since they managed to come up with a love story for Ladybug and Cat Noir in their first comic, they’re sure to come up with the perfect plot between you and Adrien!

Marc: Your story with Adrien seems really complicated.

Nathaniel: But it’s actually very simple.

Marc: It’s like in a fairy tale. Nate?

(Nathaniel opens the book.)

Marc: Usually an evil old witch imprisons the princess in a castle guarded by a dragon. And a knight in shining armor must save her. Well, this is the same story, except you’re a knight, Marinette, Adrien’s princess, the castle is his home, and the witch is his father, Gabriel Agreste.

Rose: I would have thought his father was a king.

Alix: Or a dragon.

Zoé: His bodyguard would be a dragon, he looks the part!

Mylène: He looks more like a gorilla.

(Everybody is laughing.)

Nathaniel: The main obstacle in the fairy tale could be the dragon.

Marc: Or a witch! In Marinette and Adrien’s story, it’s Gabriel Agreste. But the witch Agreste made a mistake! He let his son out of the castle and into school!

Alya: And there come the fairies!

Marc and Nathaniel: We!

Marc: Every week we come up with a new plan so that the knight can finally kiss the princess! And finally, they can live happily ever after with buckets of hamsters! And the plan will always take place in the one location the witch can’t get to, which is…

Marinette: School!

(Chloé enters through the ceiling panel.)

Chloe: Aha! You forgot me in your ridiculous fairy tale!

(Sabrina follows her and falls flat on her face instead.)

Rose: (shouting) That scary ogre!

Mylène: The Big Bad Wolf!

Alix: That ugly toad!

Chloé: Your worst nightmare!

(Chloé then shows them her cell phone with a recording of the meeting playing.)

Chloé: I’m going to ruin Dupain-Cheng’s fairy tale with this video! Tonight I will play this video to his father who will realize that you are trying to take his son away from him and make him fall in love with the baker! He then locks Adrien in his room forever and forbids him from going back to school and ugh! Here is your fairy tale! Adrien will never see you again! Good for him!

Marinette: I thought you were happy that Adrien came to school?

Chloé: He’d be better off alone at home than surrounded by a bunch of lame people at school! And then maybe he’ll be lucky enough to come back as my Prince Charming that I’ve always adored!

Marinette: Adrien was never your prince charming, Chloé!

Chloé: We’ll see, Dupain-Cheng! Sabrina, Ninja Smokescreen!

(Sabrina throws a white powder before they run. Chloé crashes into the ceiling.)

Marinette: He won’t do anything. Not tonight, not ever. The witch – I mean Gabriel Agreste, she won’t let anyone just walk into her house.

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