Miraculous Season 4 Episode 10 Mega Leech

Miraculous – Season 4 Episode 10 Mega leech ENGLISH


Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode Mega Leech ENGLISH

 Scene: Girls’ restroom. Mylène calms down in front of the mirror.

Mylène: (places her hand on her badge) I’m not afraid, I can do it. (puts his hand on his chest) I’m not afraid, I can do it. I’m not afraid, I can do it. (inhale and exhale) I’m not afraid, I can do this.

Scene: the courtyard of the Collège Françoise Dupont. Mylène comes out of the dressing room as Ivan waits for her with their poster board signs.

Mylène: Sorry it took me so long, teddy.

Ivan: No worries, you were faster than ever. You keep getting better and better at it. I love you, mouse.

(They kiss.)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette tries to use a pillow to block out the noise of the bulldozer, but succumbs, so she goes to the balcony and is startled to see Mayor Bourgeois speaking to an audience about the Oxygen Project at the Place des Vosges.

Mayor Bourgeois: Some time ago, during our Space Dumpster Program, I promised the Parisians an end to pollution. And now I’m keeping that promise with Project Oxygen! (Points to Project Oxygen. Audience snaps a few photos.) (Marinette suddenly hears and looks at Mylène and Ivan protesting while holding signs on the corner.)

Mylène and Ivan: (from a distance) Stop the Oxygen project! Stop the oxygen project! Stop the oxygen project! Stop the oxygen project!

Mayor Bourgeois: (notices them and sighs) Constable Roger, please deal with those protesters.

Roger: But Mr. Mayor, they’re just kids.

Mayor Bourgeois: They’re protesters. Just do your job.

Mylène and Ivan: Stop Project Oxygen! Stop the oxygen project! Stop-

Roger: Kids, you have to leave now.

Mylène: We can’t, constable. This is too important. They plan to cut down all these trees.

Roger: Yeah, but eventually there will be less pollution.

Mylène: (angry) No, it won’t! That’s what they want you to think.

Mayor Bourgeois: (from a distance) Roger! Your job is not to chat with the troublemakers, but to maintain order.

Roger: Come on, kids. Let’s be reasonable.

Mylène and Ivan: (pauses for a moment and continues to protest) Stop the oxygen project! Stop the oxygen project! (Roger sighs.)

Scene: Police car. Mylène and Ivan face the wrath.

Roger: (enters car) Sorry, kids. I have no choice. I’ll walk you home to your parents. (starts driving)

Scene: Marinette’s balcony. Marinette sees the police car drive away.

Marinette: Tikki, what should I do? Should I transform?

Tikki: I don’t know, Marinette. The police usually deal with the bad guys, but Mylène and Ivan are good, right?

Tom: (voice) Marinette!

Marinette: (gasps) I’m going to be late again! Quick, Tikki! (runs off with Tikki)

Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom. Marinette quickly runs on her way to class.

Miss Bustier: Marinette Dupain Cheng? (Marinette screams after opening the door and falls down)

Marinette: (raises hand) Present. (goes to his seat)

Miss Bustier: Mylène Haprèle? (The whole class was startled when they didn’t see Mylène.) Mylène?

Marinette: He’s not here. Officer Roger took her and Ivan home because they were holding a sit-in and blocking a bulldozer.

Miss Bustier: What? (The whole class gasped.)

Alya: (looks at phone) Well, they had to protest the city’s plan to rehabilitate the Place des Vosges.

Kim: (gasps) (whispers to Max) What does rehab mean?

Alya: (reading a news article) It says here that Project Oxygen will be a breath of fresh air for Paris.

Marinette: A breath of fresh air? It is strange that Mylène and Ivan would be against it.

Miss Bustier: (slams the table) Regardless, Officer Roger made a huge mistake. (calls Roger)

(Meanwhile, in the police car, a call rings on Roger’s phone and he takes it.)

Roger: Miss Bustier, do you have a problem with Sabrina?

Miss Bustier: No, your daughter is fine. However, there is a problem with Ivan and Mylène. They didn’t do anything wrong, right?

Roger: Well, it’s complicated. I’m walking them home, just following orders.

Miss Bustier: Well, I order you to bring them back to the Place des Vosges. I’ll come get them. (hangs up) (to whole class) Follow me, children. Today’s lesson will be devoted to civic education with real practical experiences. (The class eagerly begins to line up at the front except for Alya, who begins recording a video on her phone.)

Alya: (on video) Hey Ladybloggers! Just because there aren’t any supervillains attacking Paris right now doesn’t mean nothing super is going on. (shows Miss Bustier opening the door) We’ve never seen Miss Bustier done up like this before, so get ready for some action. Stay connected, friends!

Scene: Place des Vosges. The audience gathered on the side of the square with Mayor Bourgeois.

Hessenpy: The chainsaw is in good condition. (checking the chainsaw) Only an adult who has read the user manual will operate it. (hands him a chainsaw and a helmet) Everything is fine, you can continue. (thumbs up)

(Mayor Bourgeois is about to cut down the tree when Miss Bustier suddenly speaks.)

Miss Bustier: Mr. Mayor, what are you doing?!

Mayor Bourgeois: I am restoring the Place des Vosges.

Miss Bustier: By cutting down a tree?!

Mayor Bourgeois: Yes, but I- (Mylène and Ivan continue to protest.)

Roger: Shh! Shh! Uhhh, Miss Bustier told me to do it.

Mayor Bourgeois: Who pays your salary, Roger?!

Roger: Yes, Mr. Mayor. I mean, Paris City Hall does.

Mayor Bourgeois: Listen to me! Take those troublemakers straight home!

(Roger is about to turn to Mylène and Ivan when Miss Bustier stops him.)

Miss Bustier: Roger, don’t do it!

Roger: (looks at the two confused) Whose orders am I to follow?

Mylène: Stop Project Oxygen!

Mayor Bourgeois: See? I can’t rehabilitate in peace. They are disrupting my ceremony.

Mylène: That’s because your project is unethical and unecological!

Mayor Bourgeois: Nonsense! Look here! (clicks on the remote control)

(Everyone gasped as they were about to see the commercial. The commercial starts with the Tsurugi brand and the Gabriel brand. There is smoke from belching cars and factories all around.)

Commercial: Because air is life, the city connects with the most important Parisian investors. (The smoke is slowly covering the sky, which the mother and her daughter felt hopeless. The oxygen tower releases a breeze of fresh air.) To turn pollution into clean fresh air, which will then be sold in a unique packaging designed by fashion mogul Gabriel Agreste. (Adrien floats above the clouds, spraying fresh air around him.)

Adrien: Oxygen isn’t just a breath of fresh air. It is life itself. (splashes across the screen)

Advertisement: Oxygen! Get a breath of life. (Ends in the Oxygen Tower with Adrien and the Oxygen Tower.)

Marinette: (in love) He’s so beautiful- (Alya shows Marinette to Adrien.) Oh, I thought, it’s… so beautiful, your commitment to… saving the planet.

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