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Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 11 Guiltrip Original

 Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom. Caline Bustier teaches her class. Marinette stares dreamily at Adrien who is talking to his best friend Nino. Alya writes a love letter and hands it to Nino. Nathaniel draws on his tablet and Mylène explains something to Alix. Everything is fine until Rose gets a headache, which worries Julek.

Rose: (groans and puts her hand on her head) Miss Bustier, can I go to the nurse’s room? Miss Heady is back.

Miss Bustier: We can’t leave Miss Heady unattended. Marinette, could you please escort Rose to the nurse’s office? (Marinette is not paying attention as she is still staring at Adrien) Marinette?

Marinette: (snaps out of it) Wah! Yes of course. (walks out of class with Rose)

Scene: the courtyard of the Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette and Rose go to the nurse’s room.

Marinette: So who is Miss Heady? An imaginary friend like Unicorn Lilly that you had in sixth grade?

Rose: (laughs) No, uh, Heady is just a nickname I have for my headache when he visits me. This will teach me to leave the house without Mr. Brekkie. (Marinette looks confused) Wakie Wakie, I’m Mr. Brekkie, big breakfast to keep you healthy!

Marinette: (laughs) I like how you see the world through rose-colored glasses. And come back as soon as you can. Say hello to Sissy for me!

Rose: Sissy?

Marinette: (shows Rose the nurse) Sister Sissy’s office!

Rose: (laughs) Don’t worry Marinette. Sissy never keeps me long. (Rose enters the nurse’s room and Marinette returns to the classroom)

Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom.

Marinette: (opens the door and walks in) Everything is fine, Rose just missed breakfast.

(Juleka still looks worried)

Scene: Cafe at Collège Françoise Dupont. Juleka happily eats lunch alone. She gets a text from Rose on her phone and is immediately distressed to see her, pushing her tray of food away.

Marinette: (walks through and sees Juleka) Juleka, if you skip Mr. Mealy, your big, tasty, energy-packed lunch, Heady might come visit you too!

(Juleka cries and runs away)

Marinette: Jules! Uh, I was just trying to make a joke! No, Julek!

Scene: Courtyard at Collège Françoise Dupont. Juleka runs into the boiler room and Marinette looks around for her.

Marinette: Jules!

Scene: Boiler room. Juleka sits on the floor and continues to cry.

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair. A window will open.

Shadow Moth: Oh, how well I know the feeling of loneliness. An intense anxiety that no one else can share. And only akuma can facilitate that. (creates an akuma) Fly and anger that lonely heart!

(Akuma flies out the window and across the Paris sky.)

Scene: Courtyard at Collège Françoise Dupont. Adrien is brought back to school while Marinette continues her search for Juleka.

Marinette: Jules! (bumps into Adrien) Uh! (groans and sees Adrien and is immediately flattered) Oh, sorry Adrien, I didn’t mean to crush- uh, I mean, bump into you! (to himself) Ugh, Marinette, this is no time for nonsense! (back to Adrien) I’m looking for Julek, she ran out of the cafeteria in tears and…

Adrien: Maybe there is. (points to the door to the ominous boiler room)

Scene: Boiler room. Marinette and Adrien enter, but Marinette suddenly trips on the stairs and falls on top of Adrien.

Marinette: Aaah!

Adrien: Oh! (Adrien stares at Marinette and then smiles)

Marinette: (recoils) Uh, sorry! I’m just so in love- I mean, uh- I’m worried about Julek. That’s why I’m so confused and clumsy and… oh, I’m such a fool! I don’t know if I said anything to her before that would upset her.

Adrien: The things you say don’t always make a lot of sense, Marinette, but they’re never mean. There must be some other reason. Come on, we’ll find her.

(Marinette and Adrien go to the corner and hear crying. They hide behind the wall.)

Adrien: (to Marinette) Stay back and don’t say a word, okay? I’ll handle it. (goes to Juleka and kneels to her) Juleka? Is everything okay?

Juleka: (sobs) I just want to be alone.

Adrien: You want to be alone, I understand.

(Marinette texts everyone; Adrien notices)

Scene: Cafe at Collège Francois Dupaint. Everyone can see what Marinette wrote.

Alya: It’s okay!

Nino: They found Juleka!

Mylène: It’s in the boiler room.

(Everyone is shocked)

Everyone: Boiler room?!

Scene: Back in the boiler room. Marinette walks over to Adrien and Jules

Marinette: I’m so sorry. I really am the worst class representative ever. But I don’t understand, did I say something that upset you? (Juleka looks up; her face is in tears)

Juleka: It’s not you, it’s Rose… (continues crying)

Marinette: What do you think Rose?

Juleka: (crying) I’m worried about her…

Marinette: Uh, no. Don’t worry, he’s fine. He is currently resting in the nursing home. Julek, you know you can tell us anything. We are your friends, I promise we won’t tell anyone.

(Juleka shows her phone. On it is a photo of Rose in a hospital bed with happy emoticons. She continues to cry.)

Marinette: Rose… isn’t she in the sorority…?

(Most of the other students in Miss Bustier’s class appear)

Everyone: She’s in the hospital?!

Juleka: (sobs) Yes, it is…

(Alya walks up to them)

Alya: Why is she in the hospital? (The whole class looks sadly at Julek)

Juleka: She got sick when she was little…

(Everyone is shocked and gasps)

Mylène: Was she sick when she was little?

Ivan: But it’s over now, isn’t it?

Juleka: It can come back at any time…

Alix: Can it come back anytime?

Nino: But she’s always so cheerful! We would never have thought…

Juleka: She made me promise not to tell you…

Marinette: (guilty) Oh, she made you promise not to tell us.

Juleka: Please don’t tell her that I said something about it.

Adrien: Don’t worry Juleka, we won’t treat her differently or anything like that.

Marinette: Rose will never know you told us.

Markov: I’m reprogramming my conversational software as we speak to avoid future references to this unfortunate anecdote.

Kim: Even if I get bitten by a zombie-dolphin that controls my brain, I won’t say anything. (closes his mouth) Never never.

(Adrien helps Jules up)

Adrien: Don’t be bad for telling us, Juleka. You hung on to the secret as long as you could, but it was too much to bear alone.

Juleka: (smiling) Thank you.

Marinette: That’s what friends are for.

Adrien: Rose trusts you and you can trust us. We won’t say anything, but now we see what you’re going through. And we can help you if you need it.

(Everyone hugs Juleka as the akuma flies away from them)

Scene: Lair of the Shadow Moth

Shadow Moth: Impossible! How could such an abyss of loneliness and despair simply disappear?!

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