Miraculous Season 4 Episode 12 Crocoduel

Miraculous – Season 4 Episode 12 Crocoduel Full Episode in English


Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 12 Crocoduel Original

 Scene: Liberty. Kitty Section performs I Love Unicorns on stage.

Rose: ♫ I see their faces everywhere I go

Dream about them at night!

You know I love unicorns

And nothing cheers me up! ♫

(The band members finish their song and throw their masks in the air as Zoé, Mylène, Alix, Alya and Nino cheer for them. Rose and Juleka embrace. Luka looks around sadly.)

Luke: Marinette hasn’t been here in a while. is fine?

Alya: (nervously) Oh, yeah! Yeah! Is fine. It’s just that she… she… has a lot of stuff.

Luka: You can be honest with me, you know? She stopped showing up because she knows I have a crush on her, right?

Rose: Of course not, Luke! Marinette has stopped going because the exams are right at the same time as her Aqua Pony class with Pom-pony, her favorite pony! Pom-pony is so cute, with his golden mane that’s so brushable, but he’s also super sensitive and every time Marinette misses Aqua Pony, Pom-pony gets depressed! (coatings)

Luka: I see, Rose. Thanks. (walks away)

Alya: (clapping sarcastically) Wow, Rose.

Rose: I know, but we couldn’t tell him that Marinette was too embarrassed to see him. It would break his heart! We have to find a way to put things together between them so they can see each other and be friends again! We can all be friends, right? Oh, I know! Luka could go to Aqua Pony class with Marinette!

Mylène: You know the “aqua pony” isn’t real, right?

Rose: (pats her face) Oh. Yeah, right!

Mylène: I’m sure we can figure out a way to get Luke and Marinette together!

Zoé: Something Marinette has to figure out.

Ivan: Where will they talk!

Nino: And be friends again!

Alya: Hey, aren’t we all going to watch the Rock and Monster Party Parade together this Saturday? How about we have a party right here on the houseboat instead of going to the cinema! To Juleča’s birthday… and to Luka!

Mylène: Of course! Since they’re twins, it’s Luka’s birthday too, which means he’ll be there!

Zoe: And Marinette!

Nino: Wait a minute, Adrien can’t come this Saturday! She’s having a fashion show.

Alya: Perfect! If Adrien showed up, Marinette wouldn’t be able to take her eyes off him.

Alix: And she could play… well, you know?

Zoé: I’ll help with the setup!

Nino: I have music!

Alya: And I’ll take care of Marinette!

(All face Julec.)

Mylène: What do you think, Julek? Awesome idea, isn’t it?

Juleka: I… yeah.

(The rest of them kiss each other. Rose approaches Juleca.)

Rose: Thanks Jul, you’re the best! (kisses Julek on the cheek)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette sews with the kwami ​​around her.

Marinette: A houseboat party for Jules’ birthday? Good. (Alya and Trixx follow her. She becomes suspicious and stops sewing.) Oh! Wait a minute, Alyo Césaire. We were supposed to go to the cinema for Julica’s birthday, but now we’re having a houseboat party and since Luka is Julica’s twin, it’s also his birthday, which means he’ll be there! But you thought I’d never figure it out and end up on a houseboat with him, and since the houseboat is on the river, I’d have no way to leave and be forced to talk to him! It’s a trap!

Alya: Alright girl. You are really good. No wonder you’re a Ladybug.

Marinette: Alya, you can’t do that to me!

Alya: No, you can’t do this to Luke! You’ve been avoiding him for too long. You need to talk to him. Just because you’re not together doesn’t mean you can’t still be friends.

Marinette: But it will be so embarrassing! You know Luka has a crush on me but I’m in love with Adrien and every time we see each other he ends up getting hurt again because he knows I’ll never feel the same.

Alya: Are you exaggerating a bit?

Marinette: He was akumatized twice because of me.

Alya: Yeah, but this time it’s different! If this happens, once you – I mean, Ladybug – save him and give him a magic spell, he will never be akumatized again! And then you can try to make friends again! You can’t say no to that. (quietly) It’s your duty!

Marinette: Uh… okay.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont Courtyard. Marinette hides behind a trash can as she enters the school’s main door. Juleka is all alone, leaning against the wall.

Marinette: (offscreen) Juleka! Hi!

(Juleka looks around the school grounds, around the corners, until she looks at the trash can.)

Marinette: Shhh! Shh! Psssst! Yuleka!

Juleka: A talking trash can? Great!

Marinette: (peeks her head over the trash can) No, Jules, it’s me! I am truly sorry. I told Aly that I would come to your birthday and I thought there would be no problems with Luka, but… I really hate to ask this; but do you think you could arrange for Luka not to go?

Juleka: Uhh…

Marinette: I know, it’s his birthday too, but it wouldn’t be a great birthday if there was a girl who broke his heart, right? I would totally miss it if I could, but Alya just won’t let it. You know, I feel terrible for making Luke unhappy and for him to akumatize because of me. I don’t think I could ever look him in the eye again and… and…

Juleka: (sighs) I’ll see what can be done.

Marinette: Really! Will you talk to him? Julek, you are the best!

(She hugs Juleka and immediately goes back behind the trash can. Marinette manages to escape as she bumps into the walls and trips over the stairs.)

Scene: Below deck Liberty. Juleka enters their bedroom while Luka plays the electric guitar.

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