Miraculous Season 4 Episode 13 Optigami

Miraculous – Season 4 Episode 13 Optigami

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Miraculous ladybug Season Episode 13 Optigami Original

 Scene: Agreste Mansion. Gabriel and Nathalie discuss matters in Nathalie’s bedroom.

Nathalie: We learned that with the akumatization of Chloé Bourgeois as the Miracle Queen.

(The Optigami fly nearby as Nathalie shows Gabriel the true identities of Rena Rouge, Queen Bee, Ryuko, King Monkey, Viperion, Pegasus, and Carapace on her screen.)

Gabriel: Yes… I remember…

Scene: Trocadéro. A scene from “Miracle Queen” is playing.

Miracle Queen: People of Paris, listen to Miracle Queen’s first order! From now on, no one will have to hide his identity. All Miraculous bearers, come to me!

(Alya, Nino, Max, Luka, Kagami and Kim go to the Miracle Queen under the control of the Miracle Queen.)

Hawk Moth: (excited) Yes! Yes!!! No more hiding!

Scene: Agreste Mansion, present day.

Nathalie: Since then (Optigami shifts and lands on Nathalie’s finger) I created Optigami.

Scene: Lair of Shadow Moths. Mayura charges the feather in her hand.

Mayura: My beautiful amoku, bring my creation to life! (runs amok into her tablet. Focuses her power and creates an Optigami sentimonster that flies onto her finger) Optigami, I’m Mayura. (Optigami opens his eyes, then flies away) Be my eyes and discover all of Ladybug’s secrets.

Scene: Street. Optigami flies into a yellow traffic light and opens his eyes to spy Luke delivering a pizza.

Nathalie: Under my control, the Optigami tracked each of the Miraculous holders. Alas, they are just ordinary teenagers…

Scene: Pool. Optigami flies into the lifeguard chair and opens his eyes to spy Kim happily swimming.

Nathalie: (continued) – who spend time between school and extracurricular activities.

Scene: Art classroom. Optigami flies into the statue’s head and opens its eyes to spy Max playing chess with Markov.

Scene: Hawkmoth Lair. Mayura watches what Optigami sees through her tablet, which displays Kagami’s sword.

Nathalie: (cont’d) True, Ladybug sometimes entrusts the Miraculous to them.

Scene: Street. Scenes from “Mega Leech” through Optigami’s point of view, in which Ladybug gives Miraculous to Max and Kagami, as well as Nino returning his Miraculous and her secret departure to the sewers, all play a role.

Nathalie: (cont’d) But she’s put rules in place to prevent anyone from revealing her secret identity: she never shows her face, always takes the Miraculous back, and makes sure no one ever follows her.

Scene: Sewers. Optigami flies around looking for Ladybug.

Nathalie: (cont’d) Even Optigami couldn’t stay on her tail.

Scene: Nathalie’s room, back in the present.

Nathalie: We don’t get to know anything else with Sentimonster.

Gabriel: On the contrary, I believe that it will help us finally reveal who is hiding behind the mask of Ladybug. There is a bug when the holder returns their miraculous back. (Points to a video of Nino returning his Miraculous Ladybug) Here. Imagine if Optigami was hiding in the Miraculous Ladybug Reclaimed, she would lead us unknowingly straight to her home.

Nathalie: Brilliant. But how do you plan to do it?

Gabriel: I need an event where all the holders are sure to come and the supervillain forces the ladybug to assign Miraculous if she wants to defeat him. And I know just the right person for it.

Scene: Tour Montparnasse. Audrey insults the staff.

Audrey: Are you serious?! Where’s the glitter I asked for? You are useless, absolutely useless. (her phone rings) Shoo, shoo!

(Audrey picks up the phone after hearing it ring.)

Gabriel: Audrey, that thought was impressive again.

Audrey: You mean absolutely formidable! … What was that idea?

Gabriel: This new award from your magazine, Fashion Icon of the Month, and I thought what better way to start the award than by electing my son?

Audrey: (interested) I’ll take care of the invitations right away.

Scene: In Marinette’s room, Marinette is looking at her invitation with a picture of Adrien.

Alya: (Kwamis) Basically, everyone is invited to this party where Adrien will receive the Fashion Icon award from Style Queen magazine!

(We see Marinette standing and looking dreamily at the invitation.)

Alya: That’s why she’s paralyzed for ten minutes.

Roaar: Roar! Since everyone is invited, can we come too?

Kwamis: Yes!

Marinette: Wait a minute. Sorry, but you know the rule. (holds hand up) No holder, no wandering. (folds hands)

Trixx: In that case, I can come because I have a retainer.

Marinette: Not technically, I’m sticking with her Miraculous.

Trixx: Then give it to her permanently.

Alya: Trixx isn’t wrong, Marinette. Now that I know you’re Ladybug, I can help you.

Marinette: No, that would be too risky. You know the rule, no miracle out of my sight, no escape.

Alya: You are the guardian, your challenge. (picks up phone with Adrien’s picture on it) Besides, it’s time to go to Adrien’s fashion icon.

(Marinette looks at Alya and turns, blushes and looks at the invitation)

Marinette: Adrien!

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