Miraculous Season 4 Episode 15 Glaciator 2

Miraculous Season 4 Episode 15 Glaciator 2 Full English dub

miraculous Glaciator 2

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 15 Glaciator 2

 Scene: In the streets of Paris. Ladybug and Cat Noir fight Glaciator. Cat Noir saves a man reading a magazine on the sidewalk, while Ladybug saves a firefighter from a glacier ice cream. Cat Noir brings the man he saved earlier to safety.

Parisian 1: You two are so cute together!

Cat Noir: (confused) Uhh, thanks?

(Ladybug will also save the fireman she saved earlier.)

Fireman: You are a good couple!

Ladybug: We’re not a couple, we’re partners! (jumps away)

Scene: Place des Vosges. Ladybug and Cat Noir continue to fight Glaciator.

Parisian 2: (while reading a magazine) Oh, love is great!

Ladybug: (frantically) I don’t believe it! What’s up everyone today? We are not in love!

Glaciator: There’s no denying that! It’s in the news!

(Glaciator points to every billboard of Ladybug and Cat Noir kissing scattered around Paris.)

Ladybug: (shocked) What?!

(Duo looks at all the posters, even the ones on the balloon)

Parisian 2: (holding his magazine) Cat Noir, can I have your autograph?

Cat Noir: (grabs a magazine) “Ladybug and Cat Noir chose a couple of years”?

Ladybug: (furious) “They share more than just a love of justice”? What the hell is going on?!

Glaciator: This is proof that my ice cream is right! You two are made for each other like chocolate and strawberries!

Ladybug: (furiously) This is a scumbag! All those photos are taken out of context! We fought super villains! (points to a picture of Ladybug kissing Cat Noir from “Dark Cupid”) This is me breaking Cat Noir out of Dark Cupid’s spell, (points to a picture of Ladybug and Cat Noir kissing from “Oblivio”) and this. .we don’t even remember because the villain wiped our memories!

Glaciator: Of course, it’s always the supervillain’s fault. But the mind forgets and the heart remembers! (starts burning ice creams)

Cat Noir: Maybe she’s right, ma’am. After all, he’s still André, the darling ice cream man!

Ladybug: (dodging Glaciator’s ice creams) Cat Noir, not now!

(The Glaciator continues to rain ice creams on them.)

Cat Noir: (while twirling her baton) Hey, maybe if we kissed again, our memories would come back!

Ladybug: (annoyed) Ugh, enough! Why don’t you take a little cat nap?! (throws Cat Noir into the trash can and furiously returns to fight Glaciator) And as for you, you big two-legged ice cream cone, give me that akumatized scoop right now!

(Cat Noir peeks out from inside the trash can and watches Ladybug take down the Glaciator herself.)

Ladybug: (offscreen) Lucky Charm! Fire extinguisher. Good. Add this and that…

Glaciator: (offscreen) No!

Ladybug: (offscreen, furious; quickly) Devil time! Miraculous Ladybug!

(Magic ladybugs will revert any damage taken back to normal. The ladybug flicked her yo-yo open and grabbed the akuma in exasperation.)

André: That doesn’t make sense. My ice cream is never wrong! Ladybug and Cat Noir are made for each other!

Ladybug: (releases akuma) I guess ice cream, like the tabloids, can sometimes be wrong.

(She throws away a picture of Ladybug and Cat Noir from André’s ice cream stand. She then stomps her way to the trash can Cat Noir threw in, causing Cat Noir to panic a little as he closes the trash can to hide. The trash can collapses as he (He sends the Ladybug across rooftops and eventually falls out of the trash can. Once outside, he comes face to face with a poisoned Ladybug.)

Cat Noir: I guess I’m not your favorite cat right now, am I? (walks towards Ladybug) Can I take you to the movies to make it up to you? Or how about a restaurant to celebrate our nomination for a couple of years?

Ladybug: (screaming) We’re not “Couple of the Year”, we’re not a couple at all!

Cat Noir: Sorry! Sorry! I didn’t mean to upset you like that. (Ladybug just looks away from him, still angry.) I see. You’re sick of me. I might sound like a broken record expressing my affection for you over and over again. I know I should stop but… I can’t help it, you know? So many feelings are building up in my heart and I don’t know how to control them.

Ladybug: (sighs) I know your heart is in the right place and you mean no harm, but…

Cat Noir: (dejected) You’re right. You shouldn’t put up with it. i will stop I don’t know how yet, but I’ll figure it out. I promise.

Ladybug: (smiles) I’m counting on you.

Cat Noir: (frowns) See you later. (safes gone and Ladybug eventually in the opposite direction)

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