Miraculous Season 4 Episode 16 Hack San

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Hack San

Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 16 Hacksan

Scene: Marinette’s room. Tom enters the trap door.

Tom: Marinette! The train leaves in an hour! Have you packed your suitcase?

Marinette: (lying on the bed) Oh! I really don’t feel well, Dad! But it’s okay! Just… go without me!

Tom: I’m sure it’s nothing serious, and if it’s worse we can always find a doctor in London.

Marinette: I can’t even move! My head hurts too much! (whining)

Tom: Weren’t you sick ten minutes ago? (grabs Marinette’s suitcase)

Marinette: Oh! Um.. that must be a touching pain. They are the worst kind!

Tom’: Come on. We know what’s going on.

Marinette: Are you moving on? What do you think?

Tom: What actually happens is that you don’t want to go to Aunt Shu Yin because it’s impossible. But that’s just the way it is. We have to go once a year and enjoy it in London! (whispers) I’m sure we’ll figure out how to shake her off every now and then.

Sabine: (from downstairs) I heard that, Tom.

Tom: (leaving the room) Come on. Get up and get ready. We are a family and we face disasters together.

Sabine: (from downstairs) I heard that too, Tom!

Tom: Don’t make me do it alone. (closes trap door)

Marinette: (groans) I used up months of excuses in one fell swoop and it still wasn’t enough! What do I do? Ladybug can’t leave Paris!

Tikki: You can’t even leave your family, Marinette!

Marinette: (groans louder and gets off the bunk) I’ll have to come up with a better excuse on the way. (The Kwami fly to her before she goes down.) Stay here and be good. I will be back.

(He closes the trapdoor and descends. A loud rumbling sound was heard, which belonged to the kwamis.)

Marinette: (from downstairs) Ow! I must have twisted my ankle! I can’t go anywhere like this!

Tom: (from below) I’ll carry you, darling, don’t worry.

(Marinette moans offscreen.)

Longg: Even the greatest of superheroes is no match for parents who want to go on vacation.

Scene: Lair of the Shadow Moth. Gabriel looks at the picture of Max and Markov on his phone.

Gabriel: His intelligence is not artificial at all.

Nooroo: (to Duus) That robot turned on him last time!

Duusu: Oh no! That’s terrible! He can’t akumatize him again!

Nooroo: On the contrary, Duus, it’s a good thing! Once Shadow Moth is defeated, we will be free!

Duusu: Oh, sure! Great! Great! (applause)

Gabriel: This time I’ll make sure the robot doesn’t betray me. Duusu, Nooroo, dual metamorphosis!

(Turns into a shadow moth. Then holds a feather in his hand and turns him into a amok.)

Shadow Moth: Go my beautiful amoka and bring my creature to life!

(A feather flies into his staff as he extends his arms and uses his power to create a dark ball of energy in front of him, creating Hack-San.)

Shadow Moth: Hack-San, you were made to hack into a robot’s emotions. Thanks to you, I will be able to akumatize him again.

(Hack-San lights up as he activates his power.)

Scene: Jardins du Trocadéro. Juleka plays bass next to Rose. Marc and Nathaniel draw together while Mylène gives Ivan a snack. Alix and Kim prepare for the race.

Kim: I bet I could do a thousand push-ups before you finish a round on the blades.

Alix: I think you really like to lose, Kim!

Max: Prepare, prepare, go!

(Alix lunges for rollerblades and Kim starts push-ups.)

Markov: (simultaneously counting Kim’s pushups) One, two, three, four, five, six…

Anne-Jeanne: (on laptop) Mark, your new formula is about to revolutionize science! You are a genius!

Markov: I am well programmed here, Miss du Bocquale. (continues to count Kim’s moves) Thirteen, fourteen… (switches the laptop window to the chess game he’s playing) Pawn on F-4. Matt, Andre!

Andre: Unbelievable! You win again, Mark!

(Markov is having fun with Max. Alix continues to roller skate around the garden. Alya and Nino are playing on a tablet and are interrupted when Alya’s phone vibrates from her lap.)

Marinette: (v.o., from Aly’s phone) Urgent! We will meet at Gare du Nord. Alone.

Nino: Let me guess: Marinette will be late?

Alya: Uh, no. That was… my mom. I have to go see her. Alone. (kisses Nino and runs away)

Nino: Okay. (returns to playing on his tablet)

Scene: Interior, Gare du Nord.

Announcer: Starting train number 6966 to London is just leaving. Please leave the platform.

(Marinette runs after Alya until Sabine catches her.)

Sabine: Marinette! Don’t try to run away. I know my sister can have a hard time. But having survived my entire childhood with her, one weekend can be survived!

Marinette: Mom, I really need to hug Alya. She’s my BFF, you know?

(Alya waves from a distance.)

Sabine: Okay, but quickly. The train is about to leave.

Marinette: (running to Alya) I don’t think we have a choice, Tikki.

Tikki: (from Marinette’s purse) Everything will be fine, Marinette!

(Alya and Marinette embrace.)

Alya: You can’t leave Paris. What do we do when there’s a supervillain and you’re in London?

Marinette: Well, we’ll do… (takes off her earrings and hands them to Alya along with her keys) this.

Alya: What do you expect me to do with it?

Marinette: If all goes well, nothing. Otherwise Ladybug. And don’t forget to feed the kwami. (hugs Alya) I believe you. (runs to board the train)

Announcer: Starting train number 6966 to London is just leaving. Please leave the platform.

Marinette: (waves goodbye) Call me if there’s a problem!

(The train doors close and drive off, leaving a confused Alya at the station, staring at Ladybug Miraculous in her arms.) 

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