Miraculous Season 4 Episode 17 Rocketear English Dub

Miraculous – Season 4 Episode 17 Rocketear English Dub


Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 17 Rocketear original

 Scene: At the stadium. Cat Noir and Carapace keep four dinosaurs in Carapace’s Shell-ter and wait for Ladybug.

Carapace: Hey, do you think T-Rexes eat a lot?

Cat Noir: Well, we’ll find out if Ladybug doesn’t come back soon!

(Ladybug appears and is with Anne-Jeanne Théoxanne du Bocquale)

Ladybug: Yeah, that’s all good! We found the dino call!

Anne-Jeanne: (laughs) It rolled under my cyclotron.

(One of the dinosaurs breaks through Carapace’s protective shield. Anne-Jeanne blows her call, relieving the dinosaurs.)

Anne-Jeanne: Oh yes! (I have one of the T-Rex’s stomachs) Who is the good little T-Rex? You’re! Coochie-coochie-coochie-coochie-coo!!

(Ladybug notices that Carapace is sad.)

Ladybug: Everything alright, Carapace?

Carapace: Oh, yes! Yes Yes.

Shell, Ladybug and Cat Noir: Smash It!

Ladybug: (To Anne-Jeanne) Good luck with your good T-rexes, Madame du Bocquale!

(Ladybug, Husky, and Cat Noir jump away.)

Anne-Jeanne: Goodbye! (waves hand)

(The dinosaur distracts Annie-Jeanne)

Anne-Jeanne: Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to bring your dinosaurs back to life. What am I going to do with you now? You’re eating my entire food budget.

(Bob Roth appears in a helicopter with a loudspeaker.)

Bob Roth: I’ll buy them from you! I’ll put them on an island and turn it into an amusement park! I will be rich! (Laughter)

Scene: Paris Rooftops. Cat Noir returns home, Carapace goes to a safe place with Ladybug to deliver Miraculous, while Rena Furtive hides behind a wall.

Cat Noir: Catch You Later!

(Rena Furtive witnesses their safe return.)

Carapace: A shell! (detransforms)

(Nino Lahiffe passes Turtle Miraculous back to Ladybug.)

Ladybug: Thanks! (notices that Nino is still upset) Something’s wrong, isn’t it?

Nino: Well, uh…, well, why wasn’t Alya- Rena Rouge here today?

Ladybug: Oh, uh… because we needed you and… only you, and you rocked it! Good work!

Nino: I do?

Ladybug: Mm-hmm. (about to leave) Mistake! (leaves)

(Nino still feels angry and leaves sadly.)

Scene: Sewers. Ladybug opens the lid and goes down while Rena Furtive hides behind the wall.

Ladybug: We weren’t being watched? No sign of the Shadow Moth trap?

Rena Furtive: Nothing to report.

Ladybug: Perfect! Spots gone! (de-transforms into Marinette)

Rena Furtive: (simultaneously) Let’s rest! (de-transforms into Alya)

Marinette: (about to climb the ladder she passed but pauses) Alya, I wanted to ask you something.

Alya: Oh, you noticed! It’s crazy how my costume automatically adapted to my new role. And it gave me the idea for my new name – Rena Furtive!

Marinette: Great, yes, but secret. We agreed that officially Miraculous of the Fox no longer has a holder. Alya, you told Nino you’d never be Rena Rouge again, right?

Alya: Well, it’s just…

Marinette: Alya! Everyone must believe that you can never use Miraculous again. This way you can be our spy without anyone suspecting.

Alya: (interrupting) And I’ll cover you with my illusion power, if Shadow Moth follows you or if he ever shows up, I can follow him. I know, I know. (gets angry)

Marinette: For the plan to work, no one can know about it. And no one means no one. Even Nino must believe that you will never be Rena Rouge again!

Alya: Or… Rena Furtive?

Marinette: Or Rena Furtive!

(Alya groans.)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette and Alya discuss her relationship with Nino.

Alya: (upset) I just don’t know if I can lie to Nino that we share everything and…

Marinette: It’s too late to go back now. Tell yourself it’s not really lying. It’s more-

Alya: (interrupting) It’s more like you don’t lie to your friend. If Nino ever finds out, he’ll never trust me again.

Marinette: I had to keep the truth from my best friend for a very long time, so I know how you feel.

Tom: Girls! (rainbow background appears) How about the Ultimate Mecha Strike 23 Tournament!

Marinette: Wow! Sorry, but, uh, we’re doing homework, Dad! (she pushes him away and closes the trap door)

Tom: (opens trap door) Again?! Your teacher will definitely give you a lot of homework!

Marinette: (closes trap door again and turns to Alya) And you see, I still have to lie to my family. It’s been months since I dated my dad, but… we have no choice. We have to protect our superhero secrets.

Alya: (sighs) Okay, I’ll tell him.

Scene: Césaire’s apartment, In Alya’s room, Nino is lying on Alya’s knee.

Alya: (stammers) I-I, um…

Nino: (puts Alya on his lap and reads a book) Someone wants to play Super Penguin!

Alya: There’s something we need to talk about first.

Nino: (sits down) What?

Alya: (stutters) Uh, I, uh…, (groans) I can’t, it’s too hard.

Nino: (concerned) You’re starting to worry me.

Alya: If I do, it can change so much between us.

Nino: (stands up) Oh, no! Don’t say anything but that!

Alya: Something other than what?

Nino: You don’t love me anymore!

Alya: What? No! Of course yes!

Nino: So what is it?

Alya: (holding his hands) Nina, this is our superhero secret. Ladybug and I had a chat and… Okay. I am no longer Rena Rouge and never will be. Ladybug will never give me Miraculous again, she thinks it’s too dangerous.

Nino: It all makes sense. It was so strange that you weren’t there with us the last time. Well, it sure is a super bummer, but if Ladybug thinks it’s better for you, (hugs her), why are you so afraid to tell me? You know we can share everything and nothing will ever change.

Alya: Yeah, we can share everything.

(Alya hugs him back.)

Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom. Alya is still upset.

Marinette: (whispers in her ear) You did the right thing. It’s safer to protect our secrets.

Alya: Yeah, it’s probably better this way. (smiles)

(Nino smiles at her.)

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont, outside. Adrien and Nino secretly shake hands before Adrien leaves as the other students leave.

Marinette: Soon it will be time for our (air quotes) evening walk, if you know what I mean.

Alya: And while the bug patrols with the kitty, the sly fox covers them in case the mean old moth gets up- (gasps) Oh, I wanted to show you something. I took a few selfies with my new costume. There are tons of details that you must have missed. Check this out! (shows her new costume on her phone) Right at the neckline, isn’t that cool?

Marinette: (upset) Alya…

Alya: I think I like her better than the old one. Oh, how about I do a poll on Ladyblog and let people vote for their favorite?

Marinette: (sighs) Alya, Rena Furtive means Rena the Invisible. No one can ever see them

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