Miraculous Season 4 Episode 4 Mr pigeon 72

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 4 Mr Pigeon 72

 Scene: Marinette’s Room. Ladybug and Alya experiment.

Ladybug: Sure, it’s wonderful to be Ladybug. I have these powers, kwamis, but can you imagine if I could stop Shadow Moth from creating villains? Ha! He would be destroyed! Have you noticed that Shadow Moth seems to reanimate people a lot more these days? You know why? Because he will  You’re right. I was akumatized four times as Lady Wifi because I was obsessed with you! I knew you were hiding something from me and it was driving me crazy.

Ladybug: I had to keep it a secret.

Alya: I know a girl. But now that I know the truth, I’ve got your back! (notices how many times Xavier Ramier has been akumatized on the billboard) What? Mr. Pigeon has already been akumatized 71 times?!

Ladybug: He’s just a harmless guy trying to take care of his pigeons. That’s not fair! I promised him I’d find a way to protect him from the Shadow Moth, but I just can’t figure it out. (groans) I don’t understand anything in this book of spells!

Wayzz: Master Fu didn’t understand much about it either, but with proper time and rest he was able to do it!

Ladybug: Oh! Hold that thought Wayzzi, I think this is it! (sprinkles some pepper into the pot causing it to explode)

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Tom and Sabine react.

Scene: Marinette’s room.

Ladybug: Ugh, I was sure “spicy little rock” was going to be pepper.

Trixx: Alya, help us deal with her, please!

Alya: Marinette, how long have you been working on this?

Ladybug: I don’t know, six, seven days, maybe ten. Now that we’re on spring break, I finally have time to put my heart into it!

Alya: When was the last time you worked on one of your own designs?

Ladybug: I make a lot of suggestions! Look! (points to the device by her door) I designed a security system so no one can enter my room when I’m not in it. And when I put on this hat (I put on a modified hat), I can hear everything that’s going on here, even if I’m out of the room.

Alya: I’m going to have to break it to you because I’m the only one who can. (yells in Marinette’s ear, causing her to stumble back) THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Girl, trust your BFF. When I’m obsessively researching something and can’t think about anything else, that’s when my mind can really shut down. Do you know what you need most right now? Break!

Ladybug: No way! No breaks until I figure out how to stop Shadow Moth from reanimated people! (opens the jar and pours the contents into the pot, causing another explosion)

Scene: Bakery. Tom and Sabine hit the ground due to the explosion.

Sabine: Tom, this science experiment is starting to worry me.

Tom: But you know she asked us not to bother her.

Scene: Marinette’s room.

Alya: I understand you want to see the end of Shadow Moth, but you know what my grandmother always says? “Life doesn’t wait for the storm to pass, but learns to dance in the rain.”

Ladybug: Dance? But Alya, how can I dance when I know Shadow Moth is after the people I love?!

(Trixx looks at her worriedly. Alya notices pictures of Adrien on the ground)

Alya: I bet you had no idea Adrien and Kagami weren’t seeing each other anymore.

Ladybug: (turns around quickly) What?! Are you serious?! (Trixx and Alya wink at each other) I have to go comfort Kagami! (Trixx and Alya, surprised) Poor thing, she must be destroyed!

Alya: Wait, you don’t mean you have to go comfort Adrien?

Ladybug: Why would I comfort Adrien?

Alya: House-and-three-kids-and-a-hamster-named-whatever. Does that ring a bell?

Ladybug: We can’t be together anyway, I can’t even talk to him! And besides… I don’t have feelings for Adrien anymore… no feelings anymore… I don’t love him anymore! And Kagami is perfect for him. I think she has no problem talking to him. And they fence together. (looks down at the picture of Adrien in her hand) Poor thing, she must be so upset.

Alya: It’s a joke, right? Or maybe all those days locked in your room breathing magical fumes must have gone to your brain?

Ladybug: Alya, Kagami doesn’t have any friends in Paris except me. I have to go comfort her.

Alya: Okay! Comfort Kagami if you want. As long as you’re outside, getting some fresh air and thinking about something else, it’s all good. In the meantime, I’ll go through all these notes and see if I can make any sense out of it.

Ladybug: Huh! would you do it

Alya: You’re not alone anymore, Marinette. I’ve got your back, remember?

Ladybug: (hugs Alya before trying to leave her room) Thanks, Alya.

Alya: (grabs Ladybug’s arm and pulls her back) Did you forget something?

Ladybug: (realizes she’s still transformed) Oops, the stains are gone. (de-transforms, grabs Tikki and shoves her into her purse)

Alya: Are you forgetting something else?

Marinette: Why? No. (gasps) Of course! My pool bag!

Alya: Uh, Marinette… (points to her clothes)

Marinette: (realizing) Oh! My pajamas!

Scene: Bakery.

Sabine: (sees Marinette running to the door) Oh, sweetie! Is that science project of yours finally done?

Marinette: Yeah, I- (stomach growls) I mean, no, but Alya’s helping me, so I’m going to take a break. (stomach growls again)

Tom: (picking up a basket of pastries) Maybe you should take something to eat on the way. (Marinette grabs the basket)

Marinette: (muffled by croissant in mouth) Thanks, Dad! (runs outside

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