Miraculous Season 4 Episode 6 Furious Fu

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 Episode 6 FURIOUS FU

 Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette seems to panic slightly as she is trapped in the maze of Kwamise pleading with her and thinking.

Mullo: But we want…

Sass & Pollen: We all missed Master Fu…

Xuppu: Hello! Let’s visit him! Come on!

Fluff: Please!

Trixx: That’s not fair!

Daizzi: Please!

Kwamis: Pleeeeeease!

Marinette: Uh… You know why you can’t come. When he made me the new guardian, his memory was magically erased. Now Master Fu is just like everyone else. He can’t know about Miraculous, my secret identity, or you Kwamisi! (picks up her purse) Come on, Tikki! Lets go.

(However, the rest of the Kwami start arguing with Marinette again.)

Kwamis: That’s not fair!

Ziggy: Why does Tikki have to go and not us?

Tikki: I’m sorry guys, but you know I can’t leave Marinette in case she needs to transform.

Trixx: But what if we hide too? Then he would never see us! That would be fine, wouldn’t it?

Daizzi: We just want to make sure he’s okay!

Xuppu: He took care of us for over a hundred years, you know!

Marinette: I know! But you will have to let him live his new life with your soul mate! It’s my turn to take care of you.

Wayzz: Marinette, you still know that Master Fu trusted me to help him protect the Magic Box. I was more than just his Kwami – I was his friend. And I miss you so much… (starts sobbing)

Marinette: I see, but… (thinks deeply for a moment) Okay, you can come, Wayzzi.

(The Kwami erupt into another disapproving argument with Marinette.)

Mullo: Why?

Trixx: That’s not fair!

Ziggy: I want to see him!

Roaar: I want to go!

Marinette: I can’t take you all at once! (The Kwami begin to sulk and ask why.)

Marinette: Because… because the Magic Box must be guarded; protected – that’s why!

Trixx: So you’re saying that if one of us stays here to watch… the rest of us can come, right?

Marinette: What? What?! Of course not!

(The kwamis argue again.)

Xuppu: But how do we choose who stays?

Sass: Let fate decide.

Xuppu and Daizzi: Yeah; let’s do Kwami-Kwa-Who!

Marinette: Wha-what?

Mullo: (points randomly at the kwamis with every other word) Kwami-kweeny-koomy-who, the special chosen one are you (suddenly points at Marinette) YOU! Here – Marinette stays!

(The merry kwami ​​fly to the window. Fortunately, Marinette runs in front of them just in time.)

Marinette: No, no! This is cheating! Besides, I’m a Ranger; I can decide.

Mullo: Hmm, he doesn’t give us a choice…

Xuppu: Operation Kwami Baby-Doll Eyes!

Marinette: Uh-

Kwamis: (makes their eyes bigger to make them look cuter) PLEASE??!

Marinette: Uh… okay… (Looks at each of the Kwami, who are all begging to go.) Huh. Some… Kwami willing to volunteer?

Barkk: That kid’s right! (He’s watching a movie on Marinette’s computer, surprising everyone else.) What if an akumatized villain or a Sentimonster shows up? I have a bad feeling about it. You go, I’ll watch. (He then clicks the computer mouse to continue the movie.)

The Blue Knight in the movie: En garde, my lord!

Marinette: Thank you, Bark. (He picks up and opens his school bag.) Come on! Everyone inside! (All the Kwami cheer as he flies in.) But I warn you—none of you even looked. (After closing the bag, the Kwami continue their delightful cheers.) Look! (The Kwami still continue their celebration as Marinette puts her bag on her back and leaves her room. Cut back to Barkk watching a movie.)

The Red Knight in the movie: From Jove! We are not out of the woods yet, my lord!

Scene: Kitchen. Marinette makes a picnic and runs to the train station.

Scene: Gare du Nord

Roaar: Ready?

Kwamis: (singing) Dear Master Fu is on… (Marinette panics and looks in her backpack as the civilians look at her strangely, Marinette grabs the phone)

Marinette: That’s my phone. It started again by itself. (at her backpack) If it doesn’t stop now, I swear it’s going to end up in the trash! (Marinette throws the phone back into her backpack, the civilians shrug and continue talking, Su-Han looks from the trash can and leaves.)

(The train arrives and stops, Marinette sees Marianne and Wang Fu exit the train)

Marinette: Hello, Marianne. (hugs Marianne)

Marianne: Hello Marinette. (turns back to Fu) Do you remember her, my love? She is the young girl who found you after your pedal boat accident. The one that caused your amnesia. (Fu smiles at Marinette, Marinette tearfully hugs him)

Marinette: I’m so glad to see you again, Master… I mean, Mr. Fu.

Wang Fu: My dear child, you have reunited me with my beloved Marianne. I can never thank you enough. (Marinette smiles at him)

Scene: A bench in the Seine. Marinette hands out the cakes to Fu, who then takes his cake and hands the other cake to Marianne.

Wang Fu: Yes, life in London was quite wonderful.

Marianne: Would you believe it? Wang discovered a passion for painting. (Wayzz emerges from backpack)

Wang Fu: Actually, as a thank you for your help, I want to give you this painting. (hands Marinette a picture with lots of scribbles)

Marinette: Thank you. It’s… really… Uh, am I holding it right?

Wang Fu: (laughing) Yes. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to represent myself. (Marinette sees Wayzz on the ground and panics and tries to grab him) But when I think of you, this is what I see. So, here it is. (sees Wayzz and picks him up) What is this? (pokes Wayzz in the head) That’s such a cute doll. It’s yours? (hands Wayzz to Marinette)

Marinette: (laughs nervously) Yes! It probably fell out when I took the cake out. (put Wayzz in her backpack)

Wayzz (from backpack): (excited) HE TOUCHED ME! HE TOUCHED ME!

Marinette: (pulls out Wayzz) I didn’t show you! He also talks. (laughing, mimicking Wayzz) He touched me! He touched me! (puts Wayzz down, Su-Han looks out of the box at the scooter) So, what are you going to do when you visit Paris?

Wang Fu: To paint, of course. (grabs his supplies) Montmarte, the Tuileries Gardens, the banks of the Seine. Is there a better place to paint than Paris? (starts painting) Go ahead. Ignore me. (Marinette and Marianne laugh)

Marinette: Another piece of cake? (hands a piece to Marianne)

Marianne: Please. (scene painting appears)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette returns to her room.

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