Miraculous Season 4 Episode 7 Sole Crusher

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Miraculous Season 4 Episode 7 SOLE CRUSHER

 Scene: Taxi. The taxi driver tells Zoé Lee all about Paris.

Taxi Driver: You will find out for yourself, mademoiselle, but one never sees much from Paris. (shows the Eiffel Tower) Does the Eiffel Tower need an introduction? And to think that when it was first built, Parisians thought it would stick out like a sore thumb. (shows the Trocadéro) And over there are the Trocadéro gardens. Did you know that underneath is an aquarium, the first in the world built in 1867. (shows the Louvre) The Louvre, the largest museum in the world. So huge that it would take a hundred days to see everything! Originally, the Louvre was a fortress built to protect our city. These days they protect our art. Speaking of protecting the city, there are our local miracles, Ladybug and Cat Noir!

Zoé: (notices Tom & Sabine Boulangerie) Can we stop here? I have always dreamed of eating a real Parisian croissant.

Taxi driver: You couldn’t have chosen a better place, this is the best bakery in Paris. My kids love their croissants.

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie.

Sabine: You’re lucky they’re fresh out of the oven.

Marinette: Sorry I’m late! (trips)

Zoé: Is everyone okay?

Marinette: Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Zoé: That’s totally fine, but maybe I should ask if you’re okay. That was a real fall!

Marinette: (laughs) Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine, thanks. I’m pretty clumsy so I’m used to it. When I think about it, I fall a lot. Falling on my face, falling asleep, falling out of bed, falling apart at the seams, falling in love… (Zoé laughs) I’m really sorry for all of this, how can I make it up to you?

Zoé: It’s okay, don’t worry!

Marinette: Mom, can you put together a dozen more croissants for…

Zoe: Zoe.

Marinette: Hi Zoe, I’m Miss Walking Disaster. Where’s your accent from? It’s really beautiful!

Zoé: I’m from New York.

Marinette: Wow, great! And what are you doing in Paris?

Zoé: I’m-here to be with my family.

Marinette: Well, it’s going to be a great trip, no matter where you are, as long as you’re with the ones you love, you feel like home.

(Zoé accidentally bumps into Marinette)

Zoe: Sorry.

(Marinette continues to pick more apples)

Marinette: (notices Zoe’s shoes) Wow, your sneakers are amazing! Did you decorate them yourself?

Zoé: Yeah, I wrote down everything nice that anyone ever said to me so that I always have them with me.

Marinette: But there’s only one message!

Zoé: I only had one friend.

Marinette: Oh… (gets a bunch of pastries for Zoé and puts them in a bag) If you’re not doing anything with the family tonight, my friends are having a concert at the river march. Let me give you my number! (writes his number on one of the pastry boxes)

Zoé: I can give you mine too if you want. (Marinette shows her hand)

Marinette: I’m definitely not losing it like this. (Zoé writes her number on Marinette’s arm)

Zoe: Goodbye!

Marinette: See you tonight!

(Zoe leaves and returns by taxi)

Scene: Outside Le Grand Paris. Zoé gets out of the taxi.

Zoé: (gives a bag of pastries to the taxi driver) Share it with your children.

Taxi Driver: Wow, don’t you want to keep some for the family?

Zoé: No, they prefer sour to sweet.

TOkay, taxi Driver: hanks, miss. Enjoy the journey.

(Zoé looks at Marinette’s phone number and smiles. She puts the box in her bag and goes to Butler Jean.)

Butler Jean: Ah, welcome back, Mademoiselle Zoé. Please follow me.

Scene: Le Grand Paris.

Butler Jean: Excuse me, madam, but your daughter, Mademoiselle Zoé, has arrived.

Audrey: Zoe? (looks at Zoé and is disgusted) Oh, you look terrible! I think the flight was terrible.

Zoé: Someone in economy class – ahem – reeked of disgusting cologne and the flight attendants refused to open the window to help the plane!

Audrey: Your father forgot to provide a private jet to keep you too busy as usual. It’s good that you want to live with us in Paris, but what exactly was wrong with your boarding school?

Zoé: I- I found cockroaches in the locker, can you believe it?

Audrey: Well, that’s nice, dear. Jean Quinton. Take her to her sister.

Scene: Chloe’s room.

Chloé: So… you’re Zoé? Blonde hair, blue eyes… Okay, so far you meet the family standards, you can at least be a physically acceptable sister. Mobile phone! (Zoé hands over her phone) (looks at it and throws it away) You’ll have to replace the case. Not enough gold or diamonds! (looks at her shoes) (disgusted) Oh! What is it?! (picks up a shoebox and shows it to her) Do you see this? These shoes are light and there are winners and losers in life. Winners have their perfect little feet in these shoes, while losers get crushed (close the box) under the sole. So you want them? (slides the box away) Uh uh uh! If you want to be a winner and be a part of this family, you will have to earn your place. But don’t worry, I’ll be your mentor, and if you prove yourself worthy enough to be my sister, well, maybe…I’ll let you borrow my shoes! Rule number one: your father exists only to give you whatever you want, whenever you want it. (calling her father) DAD! (opens the door) (to André) I want the limo painted pink before I go to school!

André: What? But darling-

Chloé: (closes the door) Since your father isn’t here, you’ll use mine! If you become my sister, of course. Rule number two: you need minions. where is yours

Zoé: Uhhh, I left them…in New York!

Chloé: (gasps) Fatal mistake! You never go anywhere without your minion! (goes to her closet) Don’t confuse minions with pancake, which I’ll teach you about later. A minion is someone who will do everything for you. (opens cupboard) (to Sabrina) Haven’t you finished your math homework yet?

Sabrina: Sorry, Chloe. It’s taking me a little longer because it’s so dark in here, but now that my eyes are used to no light it’ll go a lot faster! (Chloé closes the closet)

Scene: Bourgeois’s limo.

Chloé: Now there’s a cat to suffer for her own amusement. If you’re good enough, a pancake can last you a lifetime. I have an old one, but since I became a superhero it doesn’t work so well. I was too soft. It’s yours if you can do something with it. (Zoé looks at Sabrina running while carrying bags)

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont outside. Chloé and Zoé get out of the limo. Sabrina snorted after running.

Chloé: Another super important rule. Number 72: All the boys must be crazy about you carrying your school bag up the stairs, it should be the highlight of their day. Not you, no, you don’t, either, or you, but you can shine my shoes in your dreams tonight! You! (takes Zoe’s bag) (carries it to another boy) Here! (Zoé walks past him)

Sabrina: (gasps) Sorry! (takes Zoe’s bag)

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