Miraculous Season 3 Episode 10 Oblivio

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 10 OBLIVIO

Scene: elevator floor. The ladybug is on the ground. He opens his eyes, gasps, and looks around. On the wall of the phone elevator is a red drawing and an arrow pointing right to the turtle. She is holding a tube of lipstick.

Cat Noir: What Happened?

Ladybug: (startled and drops her lipstick) — Oh!

Cat Noir: Who are you?

Ladybug: I, um, I – I don’t know, (hand on her head) I – I can’t remember my own name!

Cat Noir: (puts hand on head) Me neither. (looks at himself) Looks like you and I were at the same costume party.

(Ladybug also looks at herself. Cat Noir’s ring starts beeping.)

Ladybug: Huh? Why is it flashing? (her earrings start beeping)

Cat Noir: And your earrings too. We must shop at the same jewelry store.

Ladybug: Are we supposed to know each other?

Cat Noir: I’d be surprised if we weren’t.

(The beeping speeds up and they detransform. Tikki and Plagg fall to the floor in exhaustion.)

Adrien: Wow.

Marinette: Oh! (hides behind Adrien) There are giant bugs! Mice? (shakes Adrien frantically) Bug-mice!

(Tikki and Plagg wake up)

Plagg: Wow, I’m hungry right now.

Adrien: (waves) Hello! (crawls and picks up Plagg) What exactly are you? Genies, like the one in the lamp?

Plagg: If I’m a genie, where’s my lamp? Besides, where am I? And who are you?!

Marinette: (points to Tikki) What’s that thing doing in my earring?

Tikki: I’m not a thing, I’m… (sighs) I don’t know what I am! (her stomach growls) But I know I’m very hungry.

Marinette: (picks up Tikki and tickles her) Oh, poor thing… nothing! (Tikki laughs)

(Plagg sniffs Adrien’s shirt.)

Adrien: (gets up) Alright everyone, let’s keep our heads down here. We’ve all lost our memories and we don’t know why, but we’ll find – (elevator swings down)

Marinette: What is it this time? (Lights flicker. Something begins to dent the ceiling.) We can’t stay here.

Adrien: I couldn’t agree more.

(She tries to pry open the door.)

Tikki: Maybe we should help them?

Plagg: Well, I’m not going anywhere until I know what smells so good in that boy’s shirt.

(Tikki walks through the elevator doors, Plagg follows.)

Scene: Corridor.

Plagg: We seem to be exceptional beings, unlike them.

(Tikki enters the upper elevator control panel button and exits the lower one. The door clicks open.)

Marinette: Thank you!

(Adrien grabs Marinette’s hand and they run. The ceiling of the elevator collapses in a cloud of dust. They look back and the door closes as the bell rings.)

Adrien: Let’s get out of here!

(They run and slide down the hall to the staircase.)

Scene: Lobby. They burst through the door and head for the exit. The whole room is a mess. Lights, chairs and scaffolding block the way out. Huge cracks decorate the walls and ceiling.

Adrien: Oh, the exit is blocked.

Marinette: (they look at each other) We’ll have to find another way out. (He hears a bang and turns. Something is trying to get out of the elevator by breaking the door from the inside.) Quick!

Adrien: Over there! (takes her hand and runs)

Marinette: Oh!

Scene: Bathroom. Marinette closes the door behind her.

Marinette: Okay. We’re stuck in an amnesiac haunted building – a thing that’s obviously got us.

Adrien: Not to mention the two strange creatures that magically appeared when our costumes disappeared.

Plagg: Uh, sorry, but the creatures are hungry. Would you mind unbuttoning your shirt and seeing what smells so good?

Adrien: (holding cheese) Camembert?

Plagg: (takes cheese) It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen… (eats)

(Tikki’s stomach grumbles. Marinette pulls a macaron out of her purse.)

Marinette: Will that be enough?

Tikki: Mmm! (takes) Thank you!

Marinette: (pulls out her ID and gasps) Marinette! My name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng!

Adrien: (bows) My pleasure, Marinette. (Marinette giggles. She pulls a card out of her back pocket and looks at it.) Adrien Agreste.

Marinette: Nice to meet you too, Adrien. (bows; laughs) Of course! (takes her phone out of her purse) We still have our phones!

Adrien: (pulls his phone out of his pocket) Great!

Both: (realizing they don’t remember the lock patterns) Ow…

Marinette: Is yours locked too?

(She hears banging and groaning. Tikki pokes her head through the door to look.)

Tikki: (back in the bathroom) That thing is coming this way!

(They shut themselves in the stable.)

Marinette: We have to find of this building!

Adrien: And we will. Until then… (Both go to lock the door. Their hands touch, they look at each other and blush.) 

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