Miraculous Season 3 Episode 19 Timetagger

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 19 Timetagger

 Scene: Place des Vosges. Ella and Etta Césaire play soccer while Marinette and Alya rap.

Alya: (raps) Alya’s on , I rise and shine

When I pick up the mic, this game is mine

Fake MC’s can’t catch my flow

Because with every word I throw, I’m amping up the beat!

(Alya hands Marinette her phone.)

Marinette: (raps) Eh– My name is Marinette, I bake chouquette, I love to draw and… quilt? Uh… (laughs)

Alya: Come on, come on!

Marinette: Uhhhh…

App: (laughs) Fifty words?! You run so low you need a shovel to dig it up!

(Both Alya and Marinette laugh, Chris walks up to them and sits down.)

Marinette: Shoot, I’m so bad at this game.

Chris: Hmph.

Alya: What’s going on? Don’t you want to play with my sisters anymore?

Chris: I’m not a kid anymore, can I play Freestyle Clash II with you?

Marinette: Come on Chris, it’s a game for big kids! You know it.

Chris: Ugh, you always say that!

(Marinette sees pigeons in the sky made into a bomb)

M: arinetteAgain?!

Marinette: Alya, can you handle these three by yourself? I just remembered that I promised my dad that I would try his new macaron recipe.

Alya: Mmm, that sounds delicious! Maybe we could all come and try it with you if that’s ok?

Marinette: Oh yeah, I don’t think so! (laughs) Dad always gets really embarrassed whenever he tries a new recipe like, “Oh, what if it doesn’t taste good?” (laughs) Okay, I’ll catch you later best BFF in the world!

(Marinette runs and claps her hands. She hides behind a pillar of a nearby building.)

Tikki: That excuse for the macaron recipe wasn’t quite the best, Marinette.

Marinette: I know, but I’m running out of excuses. I needed so many this week. Tikki, watch out!

Scene: Louvre, outside. Cat Noir looks dispassionately at Mr. Pigeon flying a flock of pigeons in front of the Louvre.

Mr. Pigeon: Ladybug, Chat Noir, if you don’t give me your Miraculous, this pigeon will crash into the Louvre pyramid and give all the tourists inside perfectly flat socks! Even pigeons have the right to culture. (pigeon sounds)

(Ladybug enters the scene.)

Cat Noir: Hi ma’am. No need to inform you about that, right?

Ladybug: (sighs) No. Let’s get this over with quickly like the last 23 other times. (bored) Lucky Charm.

(No Lucky Charm animation is shown, but Ladybug gets a palm-sized object. Not sure what it is or what she’s using it for)

Cat Noir: Cataclysm.

(The camera pans to a group of onlookers. They have their phones out and are recording the fight. The audience can be heard gasping and cringing several times. Feathers fly in front of the camera.)

Mr. Pigeon: (offscreen) Nooo!

(A few grunts of victory are heard from Ladybug and Cat Noir, and bystanders quickly type on their phones.)

Ladybug: Goodbye, butterfly. (Ladybug releases a white butterfly from her yo-ya; Mr. Pigeon is absorbed by purple magic and transforms back into Mr. Ramier.)

Mr. Ramier: What? what? Please don’t tell me it happened again.

Ladybug: It’s okay Mr. Ramier, we’ll always be here to bring you back to the good side.

Mr. Ramier: Hmm. Can I buy you both ice cream to make up for it?

Cat Noir: (his ring flashes as the first warning) Well, since we’re still getting better at it, we have a few minutes to transform.

Ladybug: Hmm, why not?

Scene: Jardin des Tuileries. Ladybug, Cat Noir and Mr. Ramier are sitting on a bench eating ice cream. Cat Noir stuffed the entire ice cream into the drop.

Mr. Ramier: I’m really sorry, but I can’t help it. Whenever something happens to my beloved pigeons, it breaks my heart and…

Cat Noir: And Hawk Moth akumatizes you again?

Ladybug: There has to be some way to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

(Cat Noir’s ladybug earring and ring start beeping quickly.)

Cat Noir: We have to go.

Ladybug: Thanks for the ice cream.

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair. The Hawk Moth window closes.

Hawk Moth: This man is hopeless. I have akumatized him 24 times and never once came close to succeeding. Nooroo, dark wings are falling-! Huh-?! what is it? Strong negative emotion. I’ve never felt this before. Where could such energy come from?

Scene: Louvre, outside.

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