Miraculous Season 3 Episode 18 Ikari Gozen

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.Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 18 Ikari Gozen

 Scene: Marinette’s room. Aurore and Mireille announce the annual Friendship Day contest on the computer.

Mireille: (on screen) Hey guys. As you know, Friendship Day is officially here.

Aurore: (on screen) Hundreds of wonderful new friendships will be made throughout Paris today. Sure, Mireille?

Mireille: (on screen) You got it, Aurora. Once again, friends, this year you and your secret new friend, chosen at random, will embark on an exciting adventure across Paris in search of a hidden celebrity.

Aurore: (on screen) And this time our celebrity is none other than Gabriel’s brand muse: the one and only Adrien Agreste!

Adrien: (on screen) Hello.

Marinette: Hi~ Ah! (Marinette stares at Adrien on screen with her mouth open, Alya closes them) Oh no! What if they didn’t get my login text like last year? What if I can’t attend the game?

Alya: That’s not going to happen because last year you didn’t have your awesome BFF to make sure everything was okay.

Marinette: (sighs in relief) Thanks, Alya. (hugs Alya)

Rose: (screams) Let’s do it! It’s starting!

Mireille: (on screen) Let me recap the rules for our friends. When Adrien presses this button, thousands of text messages will be sent all over Paris simultaneously. In the message, each of you will find the first puzzle to solve, which will eventually lead you to your new friend. You will then try to solve more puzzles together which, if done correctly, will lead you directly to Adrien.

Adrien: (on screen) Right here in this super secret place where I’ll be waiting for the lucky winners. Ready?

Adrien, Aurore & Mireille: Three, Two, One, GO! (Adrien presses the button and the girls get their puzzles)

Alya: (reads from phone) I am the highest heart of the city. Ah, Sacré-Cœur, of course! Good luck girls! (runs away)

Rose: Where animals live near dinosaurs. Ah! Zoo in the Jardin des Plantes near the Paleontology Museum. Oh, this is so much fun!

Alix: Once the home of royalty, now the home of art. The Louvre Museum! Ah, victory!

Juleka: (mumbles; then looks happy and leaves)

Marinette: Can I raise the level with one turn of the crank? What evil mind came up with this?

Scene: Jardin des Tuileries. Kagami practices swordsmanship with his mother.

Kagami: That’s no use, mother. I am not worthy to fight against you.

Tomoe: Do you remember the story of the samurai warrior Tomoe Gozen? Do you think she gave up in a time when female fighters were so few and rarely accepted? She mounted her mount, wielding a naginata, and fought her way to recognition. Elusive as the wind, strong as the flood, swift as lightning. (Kagami’s phone rings) What was that?

Voicemail: Congratulations. You have just received the first puzzle.

Kagami: It’s a game.

Tomoe: That you logged in without my permission?

Kagami: No, mother. This must be a mistake.

Scene: Kagami and Tomoe are walking to their car.

Tomoe: Tatsu, the door.

Tatsu: Welcome, Mrs. Tsurugi. (Tomoe gets into the car)

Kagami: You know mother, Adrien Agreste is participating in this… game.

Tomoe: Gabriel Agreste has many admirable qualities, but this only proves that he too is flawed by being too indulgent towards his son. In some ways he is blinder than I am. (Kagami secretly starts recording his mother’s voice) Tatsu, to the Grand Palais.

Tatsu: Very well, Mrs. Tsurugi. (Kagami stops recording)

Scene: Musée Grévin. The museum is revealed during the game to be Adrien’s secret hideout. You can see the entire studio setup and the cameraman has his hands full.

Aurore: Thank you so much for participating, Adrien. Now we just have to wait for the first few new friends. (Adrien poses next to a statue of his father, causing Aurore and Mireille to giggle)

Scene: Tsurugi’s car. Tomoe performs at the Grand Palais.

Tomoe: Tatsu, take Kagami back to our . I’ll be back in two hours. (the car drives off)

Kagami: Okay. Two hours. (starts timer on phone) Let’s play.

Voicemail: Congratulations! You have just received the first puzzle.

Kagami: With one turn of the handle, I can raise the level. Ha, child’s play. Tatsu, take me to Canal Saint-Martin.

Tatsu: Voice recognition failed.

Voiceover by Tomoe: Tatsu.

Kagami: Take me to Canal Saint-Martin.

Tatsu: Very well, Mrs. Tsurugi.

(The car changes course)

Scene: Canal Saint-Martin.

Marinette: Here we are! I can raise the level with one turn of the handle. Da-da! It is the Canal Saint-Martin. The water rises when the locks are opened with a handle.

Tikki: Very clever, Marinette!

Marinette: Now let’s keep our eyes on the stopwatch. I hope my new friend is around here somewhere. Oh no!

Tikki: What is it? Supervillain?

Marinette: Even worse, Tikki. Kagami? My new boyfriend? In any case! She is great, strong, cute.

Tikki: Marinette: And she has a huge crush on Adrien! They’re already swordsmen, their parents are friends, so if we win, he’ll get all the credit and she’ll definitely be his girlfriend! There’s no way I’m doing that to her. No way. Well-uh. It doesn’t! Uh-uh!


Kagami: (watching from a distance) He’s so weird. Well, fate put her in my way. I must succeed. If I can’t make it with Adrien’s quirky boyfriend, I’ll never make it.

Tikki: Marinette, that’s not fair to Kagami. If you’re not her friend, she won’t be able to play.

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