Miraculous Season 3 Episode 20 Party Crasher

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 20 Party Crasher

 A fan of Adrien’s, Wayem, asks him to hang out, but Adrien answers that he is not allowed to have friends over. What Adrien does not know is that his friends from school have planned a hang out time at the Agrestes while Gabriel is away! As for Marinette, intrigued by the boys’ absence, she decides to investigate. When she arrives at Adrien’s, the hangout time between buddies has turned into a full-on party. Even Master Fu has joined the festivities incognito! Wayem shows up and, convinced that Adrien lied to him, he gets akumatized into Party Crasher. Able to absorb anything he touches into his disco ball fists, he wants to get revenge on Adrien. And when the villain makes Ladybug disappear, Master Fu has no other choice than to hand out Miraculous to Luka, Nino and Max so that they can help Cat Noir. Will the superheroes manage to save Ladybug and stop Party Crasher?

On video chat, Adrien tells Wayhem that he can’t date him because he has a casting and a private fencing lesson. When Wayhem gets upset, Adrien promises to meet him soon because Wayhem is his number one fan. He explains that his father rarely lets him go out and never allows his friends to go out. Wayhem promises to change his father’s mind one day so they can spend time together, but Adrien says his father won’t change his mind just like that. After hanging up, Plagg suggests that Adrien take advantage of his father being out of town and invite some friends over. Adrien disagrees because he doesn’t want to go behind his father’s back and he couldn’t even if he wanted to because his bodyguard is watching over him. Plagg reassures him that it’s okay because he has him and an endless supply of cheese.

In Agreste’s car, Nathalie takes the Gabriel hologram to the airport and fixes it when it flashes. When the real Gabriel calls her, Nathalie assures him that he will spend the whole weekend in Tokyo and no one will suspect that he stayed home. Gabriel then goes down to his storage room and talks to Emilie. He promises to return soon and to use the power of Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miracles to reverse their past mistake. When he noticed that the white butterflies he was cultivating were hatching from the cocoons, he began to harvest them.

Outside the Agreste headquarters, Nino explains their goal to Ivan, Kim, and Max: to get to the Agreste headquarters. The first two obstacles, Gabriel and Nathalie, head to Tokyo for Fashion Week. At the third obstacle, Adrien’s bodyguard, they have something to neutralize. However, Ivan is concerned that the girls were promised to help plant the trees, and Max agrees that they would be disappointed if they didn’t show up. So Nino gives everyone excuses to tell the girls. Meanwhile, as Marinette helps the girls plant trees by the Seine, she wonders where the boys are. Alya says that Nino was asked at the last minute to DJ his grandmother’s birthday party. Mylène says that Ivana has a toothache and went to the dentist. Alix says that Nathaniel and Marc lost the pages of their comic and Max and Markov are helping them recover them. Rose says that Kim had compulsory swimming, though she is confused as to why he texted her. Sensing something fishy, ​​Marinette excuses herself to leave and quickly takes off.

Nino rings the bell and says they have a school project to work on. However, the bodyguard won’t let them in until Nino bribes him with a rare action figure. Upon entering , they inform him that two more are coming. The bodyguard therefore pushes them all out, but Nino bribes him again with another action figure. She also asks him not to let any of their girlfriends in if they come. They all go upstairs to Adrien’s room. Adrien is surprised to see them and Nino explains that they came for a school project. Adrien is confused about what project until he realizes what is really going on. Once the bodyguard leaves, the boys reveal that they have come up with a plan to allow Adrien to spend some time with his friends at his . Adrien is grateful but knows his father would never allow such a thing. He almost suggests that they leave, but when he notices that they’re getting upset, he decides that it’s okay as long as it’s not too long and his father doesn’t find out. The boys therefore start meeting and admiring Adrien’s room.

On the subway train, Tikki is confused because Marinette told the girls she’s going to see her grandfather, but she’s heading in the opposite direction. Marinette explains that it was an excuse so she could investigate undisturbed. Tikki is upset that Marinette lied to her friends, but Marinette claims that she didn’t want to upset Mylène because it was her idea to plant the trees. She also explains that she’s suspicious because all the guys were unavailable with lame excuses, and she’s an expert at lame excuses since she became Ladybug. He decides to call Ivan because he is a bad liar and knows that if something is going on he will spill the beans. While playing soccer, Ivan takes Marinette’s call, but Nino tells him not to answer because she knows he’s not a good liar. He also refuses to let anyone else answer Marinette, even taking their phones. This confirms to Marinette that the boys are all together and she is sure they are at the Agreste mansion since Adrien’s father is gone.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 20 Party Crasher

 Scene: Adrien’s room. Adrien talks to Wayhem via video chat.

Adrien: I’m really sorry, Wayhem, but I have a casting this afternoon and then a private swordsmanship lesson. (notices Wayhem tearing up) But we’ll meet soon. After all, you are my number one fan. (Wayhem wipes away tears) My father never lets me hang around. I never have friends either.

Wayhem: Really? Do you never have friends? (Adrien shakes his head) That’s rough. One day I will come and change your father’s mind and we will have a good time. Really!

Adrien: My father doesn’t change his mind very easily, but I appreciate the idea. Okay, I have to finish my homework before the shoot. See you, Wayhm.

Wayhem: Goodbye, Adrien. (hangs up)

Plagg: Why don’t you make the most of your father being out of town? Have some friends and liven it up a bit.

Adrien: You know my father has very high expectations of me. I can’t go behind his back like this. Besides, even if I wanted to liven it up a bit, my bodyguard watches over me and makes sure I stay in line.

Plagg: It’s okay, you got me. And our endless supply of cheese. This will please everyone.

Scene: Auto Agreste. Nathalie notices Gabriel’s hologram flickering and adjusts it. Then he picks up a call from Gabriel.

Gabriel: (into loudspeaker) Is everything going according to plan, Nathalie?

Nathalie: Yes. On the way to the airport, sir. You will officially spend the whole weekend in Tokyo. No one will suspect you of staying at home.

Scene: Gabriel’s studio.

Gabriel: Perfect. (he hangs up and then presses the buttons on his painting and leads down to his storage) Emilie, we miss you so much. But you will come back to us soon. With my akumas, it’s only a matter of time before I master their Miraculous. Merging them will give me the absolute power to reshape reality and finally reverse our past mistake. (notices white butterflies emerging from their cocoons) They’re ready. Nooroo, harvest time. (collects butterflies)

Scene: Outside the Agreste mansion.

Nino: Okay, remember our goal. Penetrate the impenetrable fortress aka Adrien’s pad. Our main obstacle, Adrien’s old man, is heading to Tokyo Fashion Week along with obstacle #2. As for obstacle #3, we have our own secret weapon to defeat it. (Max taps his bag) Operation Adrien is about to begin!

Ivan: Uh… now?

Nino: Yeah, right now! What now?

Ivan: Uh, now I promised Mylène I’d go help her plant some trees down by the river.

Kim: Wait a minute! Is that thing on the street today?

Max: Yes, and the probability that the girls will be terribly disappointed if we don’t participate is 100%.

Nino: That’s why I’ve already made official excuses for each of you. (hands each a piece of paper) Like you, Kim, you have swimming lessons.

Kim: Great! I always wear trunks.

Nino: Dude, you don’t really have swimming lessons. That’s just your excuse.

Ivan: But isn’t that a lie?

Nino: Sorry, but Max is right. Girls can’t know about it. So this mission is still going on? For Adrien? (guys look at their excuses) Guys?

(All the boys nod in agreement and start texting the girls)

Scene: Seine.

Marinette: (puts the tree down) Hey, weren’t the boys supposed to be here?

Alya: Nino was asked at the last minute to DJ his grandmother’s birthday party.

Mylène: Ivana suddenly had a toothache and rushed to the dentist.

Alix: Nathaniel crashed his computer and lost all the pages of the comic he and Marc are doing. Max and Markov help them fix it.

Rose: Kim had to go to the pool for a mandatory swimming lesson, although I’m not entirely sure why he texted me.

Marinette: (sensing something is wrong, gasps) Oh! Uh… speaking of excuses, I- I- I forgot I was supposed to help my… grandpa bake a cake for his mouse’s birthday today. Sorry, Mylene. Catch you later girls! (starts)

Alya: Did I miss something, or are these bad excuses for today’s World Cup?

Scene: Outside the Agreste mansion. Nino rings the doorbell and a camera appears with Adrien’s bodyguard watching them.

Nino: Hello. We are here to see Adrien. We have to work on a school project together. (Camera pans back inside. Nino laughs mischievously and rings the doorbell again. Camera pans back.) They say you’re one of the biggest collectors of superhero figures in the world. Is it true that your collection is missing just a few pieces? Including this incredibly rare Majestia Millennium Edition? (Max shows the action figure to the bodyguard)

Bodyguard: (grunts in surprise) Mhuh? (opens mailbox)

Nino: (inserts the figure inside) There you go! (He opens the gate for them.)

Guys: Yeah! (high five and head towards the villa)

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