Miraculous Season 3 Episode 23 Felix

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 23 Felix

 Today is a sad day for Adrien: it is the anniversary of the day he lost his mom. For the occasion, his aunt Amelie and cousin Felix visit the Agrestes. Wishing to show Adrien that they are thinking about him too, his friends want to send him a video message in which they all say something nice… and Marinette finally tells him how she feels! But Felix spirits Adrien’s phone away and, making the most of his striking resemblance with his cousin, he pretends to be Adrien to record a response video… filled with hurtful messages. Hurt and very disappointed, Alya, Rose and Juleka get akumatized into the Punishers Trio. Endowed with the powers of Lady Wifi, Princess Fragrance and Reflekta, they want to get revenge on Adrien, unaware that he is not the one who sent the video. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to stop them and set the record straight?

Gabriel promises Emilia that Ladybug’s and Cat Noir’s Miraculouses will soon be his. He puts a ring on her finger and puts the same ring on his, hoping that he will soon be reunited with his wife. Meanwhile, on the phone, Nathalie watches Adrien staring at the statue of his mother from Gabriel’s studio window and informs the other person that someone will get them immediately, just as the bodyguard is leaving the Agreste mansion. Gabriel joins Nathalie, who tells him that it’s been a year and that if he keeps Adrien in the dark about what he’s doing, it’s going to be hard for him when he finds out. Gabriel goes to Adrien and informs him that he has something important to tell him, although Adrien believes he already knows what it is, he thinks his father and Nathalie are together. Gabriel is offended by the idea and angrily insists that no one can replace Emilia before telling Adrien to get ready as guests are coming. Once he leaves, Plagg compares Gabriel to cheese with a hard center, though Adrien tells Plagg not to be so hard on him since it’s been exactly a year since Emilie disappeared.

Adrien’s friends gathered on the Couffaine houseboat. Marinette insists that they can’t leave him alone on such a sad day. Alix agrees, but points out that Adrien’s father probably won’t let them see him, so Marinette comes up with the idea of ​​making a video to let Adrien know she’s thinking of him. Alya likes the idea and decides that everyone will take turns recording their messages. He offers Marinette to go first, but Marinette would rather go last. Nino starts instead.

Adrien stares at his computer wallpaper of him and his mother until Nathalie comes in and informs him that his father is waiting for him downstairs. Adrien joins his father, and when Nathalie opens the door, he sees a woman he initially mistook for his mother, only to find out to be his Aunt Amelie. Amelie happily welcomes Adrien and says she thought it would be best if they were all together for the anniversary of Emilia’s disappearance. Adrien then meets his cousin Félix and happily greets him with a hug, though Félix does not share his enthusiasm. Amelie points out that Adrien and Félix look like twins. He reminds Gabriel of the time they pretended to be for each other and had him and Emilia fooled all weekend, though Gabriel insists he won’t be fooled twice. Félix tries to greet his uncle with a handshake, but Amelie reminds him that Gabriel is not the physical type. He also notices that Gabriel has his wedding ring and asks him about Emilia, saying she would like the rings back. Gabriel tells Amelie that the rings are special to him, but Amelie insists they are special to her too, as they have always been in her family. Gabriel tells her they’ll discuss it later and sends Amelie with Nathalie while Félix goes upstairs with Adrien to his room.

After everyone else has already recorded their messages, Marinette is the last to do so. She insists she’d rather record it herself and goes to a separate part of the ship, though she’s not sure what to say. She asks Tikki what a kwami ​​who lost their mom would say, though Tikki reminds Marinette that kwami ​​live forever and instead advises her to follow her heart. Marinette therefore tells Adrien that she loves him in her message. She immediately regrets it and tries to delete it, only for Tikki to stop her and convince her not to. Embarrassed, Marinette hands the tablet the gang used to record their messages back to Alya, promising not to watch her part of the message. Alya realizes what Marinette has done and enthusiastically agrees. He tells everyone that he will send the video to Adrien while Marinette passes out.

Back at the Agreste mansion in Adrien’s room, Adrien reminds Félix of their basketball games, though Félix doesn’t react and stoically throws the basketball into Adrien’s basket. Adrien apologizes for not attending his father’s funeral, explaining that his father thought it would be too difficult for him after everything. Félix asks him if he always does what his father says, to which Adrien tells him that his father is very protective. Félix seemingly forgives him and hugs him, but secretly steals his phone before asking about the chess board they were playing with. As Adrien searches for it, he asks his cousin about his karate and magic tricks, unaware that Félix is ​​snooping through his stuff. He finds Plagg’s stash of cheese and crushes it under Adrien’s pillow, much to Plagg’s anger. Félix asks to take a shower, and as soon as he enters the bathroom, Plagg informs Adrien about Félix’s snooping and cheese crushing. Adrien points out that Félix recently lost his dad and is probably not alone. Plagg dismisses this by pointing out that Adrien would never touch his cheese even after losing his mother, but realizes he’s gone too far after seeing Adrien’s sad expression. He apologizes and Adrien forgives him, though he is still visibly upset. Plagg feels guilty.

Félix looks in Adrien’s phone and discovers that his cousin is in love with Ladybug. He then sees the messages that Adrien’s friends sent him and makes fun of everyone. He fries them and then asks Adrien to borrow some clothes, which he allows. Félix puts on clothes identical to what Adrien usually wears and styles his hair to look just like Adrien before recording a reply to Adrien’s friends pretending to be Adrien.

Back on the Couffaine houseboat, Alya reports that Adrien has replied to their messages. Marinette is freaking out, not sure if she wants to hear it or not. She goes down to the ship’s cabin and expresses concern about what Adrien will say about her message, which will eventually be overheard by Luka. He tells her that he’ll be happy for her if things work out between her and Adrien, while also promising to be there for her if not. The two, along with everyone else, then look at the message “Adrien” sent and are shocked to hear the hateful response to their sweet messages. Nathalie receives a message from Lily and shows it to Gabriel, who immediately realizes that it is Félix’s work. Nathalie points out that Adrien’s friends must be terribly disappointed if they think Adrien is in the video. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of Félix and Amelia, Gabriel heads upstairs to his lair. As Hawk Moth, he states that he already told Félix that he can’t fool him twice and sends an akuma towards Adrien’s friends.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 23 Felix

 Scene: Basement of Agreste Mansion. Gabriel Agreste visits Emilia Agreste, who is still unconscious.

Gabriel Agreste: (wipes his left hand containing the two rings with a blue cloth) Ladybug and Cat Noir’s miracle will soon be mine, I promise. Then I will gain supreme power and we will all be together again. (He picks up 2 overlapping rings, then pulls them apart. They shine. He puts one ring on Emilia’s left ring finger, then joins her hands again.) You and me. (She puts the second ring on her finger.) Soon, Emilie.

Scene: The garden of the Agreste mansion

(From inside the mansion, Nathalie looks out the window and sees Adrien in the garden. He is sitting cross-legged in front of a statue of his mother, Emilia.)

Nathalie: (talking to someone on the phone) Of course. Someone will get you right away.

(He hangs up and sends a message to Adrien’s bodyguard, asking him to leave the mansion in the car. Gabriel walks up to Nathalie, stops beside her, and stares at her seriously. There is a long silence. While she tries to give him a reassuring look, he looks at his son downstairs. Adrien turns and smiles at them. Nathalie waves to him and he waves back as Gabriel continues to stare gravely.)

Nathalie: It’s been a year. The longer you keep him in the dark about what you’re doing, the harder it will be for him to find out. (Gabriel closes his eyes, nods, and walks out.)

Adrien: (looks at his mother while singing) Little kitten on the roof, all alone without her…

Gabriel: Adrien.

Adrien: Father?

Gabriel: (sits down next to him) There’s something important I need to talk to you about. I think about telling you every day, but I don’t know how to find the right words.

Adrien: I think I know, father.

Gabriel: But how?

Adrien: I’ve noticed how close you and Nathalie have become. If he can make you happy again, then… as far as I’m concerned, he’s already part of our family.

Gabriel: (upset and offended by the comment) How could you think such a thing?! No one can ever replace your mother, (it stands) as long as she is still in our hearts and lives on! (Adrien looks surprised as Gabriel leaves) We’re expecting guests. Be prepared. (goes back to his studio)

Plagg: (walks out) Wow! Your father is like a piece of tomme cheese: where the crust is so thick, it’s almost impossible to get inside.

Adrien: Don’t be so hard on him, Plagg. It’s been a year today since Mom… passed away forever.

Scene: Couffaine houseboat

(Marinette walks in front of her friends Kim, Rose, Juleka, Max, Alya, Nino and Luka as they all sit on the stage.)

Marinette: We can’t leave Adrien alone on a day like this.

(The rest of the students are on the video call on Aly’s tablet: Alix, Marc, Nathaniel, Myléne, Ivan, Kagami, Lila, and Chloé.)

Alix: (via video call) That’s true, but there’s no way his old man will let us see him.

Marinette: Okay, why don’t we make a video for them and tell him how much we all care about him?

Alya: Great idea, we can take turns recording our messages.

Nino: Then send it to him. (The others enthusiastically agree.)

Alya: (points tablet at her) Okay, go Marinette!

Marinette: (startled) Ah – ! Yippee-! No, no, someone else go – (giggles nervously) I still have to figure out what to say.

Alya: (smiles) Alright girl. So Nina, ready? (nods) Action! (starts recording it)

Nino: Hey my dude!

Scene: Adrien’s room

(Adrien sits with tears in his eyes, staring at a photo of him and his mom on his computer.)

Nathalie: (enters) Your father is waiting for you downstairs, Adrien.

Adrien: (wipes his eyes) Ah… I’ll be right there. (She leaves and he follows her.)

Scene: Foyer of Agreste Castle

(Adrien stands next to his father. Nathalie opens the front door to reveal a silhouetted figure. It’s a woman and looks a lot like Adrien’s mother, Emilie.)

Adrien: (gasps in shock) Mom…?

Amelie: (a woman who looks exactly like Emilie walks in) My, my! Look how much you’ve grown. (gives Adrien a kiss on the cheek) Gabriel, isn’t he the absolute cutest?

Gabriel: (tense) I’m sure Adrien is pleased to have such a timely visit from his aunt, today of all days.

Adrien: (his confusion turns to surprise) Aunt Amelia?

Amelie: I’m so glad to see you again! I thought it would be better if we were all together on a day like this! Don’t you agree dear?

(Adrien smiles widely as Gabriel looks at her disapprovingly. Adrien’s bodyguard is rolling around in some luggage as Adrien’s twin Félix enters.)

Adrien: Felix? (Félix reaches out for a handshake, but Adrien hugs him instead) Nice to see you again! (Félix, however, does not share his enthusiasm)

Amelie: They look like twins! Isn’t it, Gabriel? Remember when they had so much fun pretending to be each other? They once let you and Emilia cheat for the whole weekend! (laughs) We laughed so much! (laughs again)

Gabriel: (frowns; annoyed) I won’t be fooled a second time.

Félix: Hello, uncle. (He holds out his hand again, but Gabriel holds his hands behind his back.)

Amelie: Félix, you know your uncle was never the physical type. (frowns and looks behind) Oh! How sweet! You’re still wearing your wedding ring! You must have Emilie too, I think? You never replied to my message about it. I’d still like to get the rings back, you know.

Gabriel: Of course these rings are very special to me.

Amelie: And they are very dear to me too, Gabriel. These jewels were always in the family of Graham de Vanila, not the Agreste family.

Gabriel: We’ll discuss that later. It’s been a long journey from London, you might want to rest a bit. Natalie?

Nathalie: (to Amelie) Follow me, please. (The two begin to walk away.)

Gabriel: (To Adrien) Take Félix to your bedroom.

Adrien: Yes, father. Come on Felix! (He runs forward. Félix follows, frowning, and looks back at Gabriel as he enters his studio before looking back at Adrien.)

Scene: Couffaine houseboat.

(Alya finishes her message to Adrien.)

Alya: Just wanted to let you know we’re thinking of you! Wah! (gives a kiss to the tablet.)

Nino: And the editing! (turns to Marinette) You’re last! Ready?

Marinette: (quickly) I better upload myself! (pulls out tablet) I- I’ll be right back! (He runs to the helm of the ship and Tikki flies out of the bag.) What shall I tell him? Help me, Tikki! What would you say to a kwami ​​friend who lost his mom?

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