Miraculous Season 3 Episode 21 The Puppeteer 2

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 21 The Puppeteer 2

Marinette is babysitting young Manon when Alya calls to tell her that Adrien has a sitting at the Grévin wax museum, where his statue is exhibited. Alya, Nino, Manon and an over-the-moon Marinette go to the museum with Adrien, where Alya and Nino plot to make sure that Marinette has a moment alone with Adrien.

 Adrien practices piano with Plagg until Nathalie comes in and tells him it’s time to go to the Musée Grévin. Adrien asks if he can invite a friend, to which Nathalie agrees. He calls Nino and asks him to come. Nino agrees, but since she’s spending the day with Alya, she asks if she can bring her too. Adrien asks Nathalie if two friends would be okay. Nathalie agrees, but then Alya calls Marinette and asks her to come. Marinette wants to but can’t because she’s babysitting Manon. So Adrien asks to bring four friends (or rather three and a half) and Nathalie tells him she’ll see what she can do.

In Agreste’s car, Alya and Nino discuss their plan to leave Marinette alone with Adrien. Manon overhears and loudly questions why they want to leave Marinette alone. Adrien says it’s because Alya and Nino are boyfriend and girlfriend and they want some time alone. Manon says she always thought he and Marinette were boyfriend and girlfriend because Marinette has several pictures of Adrien in her room. Adrien says it’s because Marinette is a fan of fashion, but Manon reveals that they have several hearts drawn on them. Marinette denies they are hearts, claiming they are upside down spades. Marinette then covers Manon’s ears and berates Alya for telling Nino about her feelings for Adrien, though Alya denies it. Manon asks what he’s talking about, to which all three say nothing.

The five friends arrive at the Grévin Museum and meet Véronique, who thanks Adrien for coming because one of the arms on his statue has disappeared. Manon is ecstatic at the thought of being at the museum after hours. She sees Jagged Stone and asks for his autograph, but he doesn’t respond. Manon almost gets upset until Veronique reveals that it’s just a wax figure. Manon is amazed at how real it looks.

While touring the museum, Nino talks to Adrien about why everyone came. However, as Alya previously told him to deny anything Adrien asks, it unintentionally sounds like Marinette is mad at Adrien for some reason. Meanwhile, Marinette asks Alya why she told Nino everything. Alya denies that this is true and instead tells Marinette that she fixed everything so she could be alone with Adrien and finally confess her feelings. However, Marinette is too nervous to do such a thing, though Alya insists that today is the day. They all then enter the elevator leading to the museum workshop.

As Marinette gets into Agreste’s car, she and Adrien simultaneously apologize to each other. Marinette apologizes for kissing his statue, saying she didn’t know it was really him. However, Adrien insists that it was his fault, stating that he thought she was mad at him and that’s why he pulled the prank. Marinette says she’s not mad at him and apologizes for thinking that. The two agree to remain friends and not do any more pranks. Adrien comments on how the girl he loves says he’s not good at pranks, inadvertently upsetting Marinette, who is upset when she learns that Adrien loves another girl. Once he arrives home, he laments Tikki’s situation, pointing out that life is full of surprises. Marinette agrees, saying that a kiss would be a stupid first kiss anyway, before the end card appears.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 21 The Puppeteer 2

 Scene: Adrien’s room. Adrien is playing with Plagg when there is a knock on the door.

Plagg: Hey! (hides in )

Nathalie: (enters) Are you ready to go, Adrien?

Adrien: (sighs) Nathalie, since it’s going to take a while, can I bring a friend?

Nathalie: (nods) Hmm.

Scene: Césaire’s apartment. Alya and Nino are playing a dance game when Adrien video calls Nino.

Nino: Damn bro?

Adrien: Nina, I have to go back to the Grévin Wax Museum. Do you want to come with me this time?

Nino: Sure thing, dude. I’ll be right there – (sees Alya looking at him) Uh, uh, actually, Alya and I are together today. (Alya points at herself, then at Adrien) Wait! Do you think Alya might come too?

Scene: Adrien’s room.

Adrien: Can I marry two friends?

Nathalie: (nods) Hmm.

Scene: Césaire’s apartment.

Alya: Hey, wait! (pulls out phone)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette is sewing when she receives a video call from Alya.

Marinette: Hey girl.

Alya: Marinette, you’re going to the Grévin Wax Museum with me and Nino. Adrien invited us!

Marinette: Oh! What! But! Well—!

Scene: Césaire’s apartment.

Alya: Can’t say no. We’re coming for you now. You have no choice, girl!

Nino: (to Adrien) Do you think Marinette could come too? That way, the two of you could—

Alya: Shhh!

Nino: Uh, you could… stare at the statues together! Marinette loves… loves statues! Which is perfect because the wax museum is full of them! (laughs nervously, Alya palms)

Scene: Adrien’s room.

Adrien: Can we do… three?

Nathalie: (rolls her eyes but nods) Mhmm.

Scene: Marinette’s room.

Manon: But Marinette! (holds up a drawing of himself) What about my superhero costume? Hmph, everyone always forgets me.

Marinette: Sorry guys. I’m taking care of Manon this afternoon. Go on without me.

Scene: Césaire’s apartment. Alya looks at Nino and Nino at Adrien. The scene switches to Adrien’s room.

Adrien: Would four work? Actually, more like three and a half.

Nathalie: I’ll see what can be done.

Scene: Auto Agreste. All five are driven by Adrien’s bodyguard.

Alya: (Nino whispers) You leave Adrien alone, and then I’ll leave Marinette alone…

Manon: Hello! Why are you leaving Marinette all alone? Don’t you like her?

Marinette: Huh, what are you talking about?

Nino: Nothing! It has nothing to do with leaving you and Adrien alone… (Alya elbows him) Uh…! To… look at the statues as, uh, just friends, of course. (laughs nervously, Marinette gasps)

Adrien: Don’t worry, Manon. It’s just that Alya and Nino are boyfriend and girlfriend and probably want to spend some alone time together. Without us. (Marinette sighs in relief.)

Manon: Really? But I thought you and Marinette were boyfriend and girlfriend. (Marinette squeals) She has lots of pictures of you in her bedroom.

Adrien: (laughs) That’s because she loves fashion and I’m a model.

Manon: But why are there so many hearts drawn on them?

Marinette: (laughs nervously) Those aren’t hearts! These are, uh, upside down spades! I was just coming up with some new, uh, patterns for my fabric designs. (covers Manon’s ears and leans towards Alya through gritted teeth) You told me you wouldn’t tell Nino!

Alya:I didn’t tell him. Sure Nina? I didn’t tell you anything. (elbows him)

Nino: She didn’t tell me that. And besides, I told her I wouldn’t tell.

Marinette: So you didn’t tell anyone what Alya didn’t tell you. or you

Manon: What are you talking about?

Marinette, Nino, and Alya: Nothing.

Scene: Grévin Wax Museum. Adrien gets out of the car where a woman is waiting for him.

Adrien: Hello, Véronique.

Véronique: Thanks for coming so quickly, Adrien. I’m sorry, but a piece of your statue has disappeared again! (takes Adrien and his friends to a museum) Just goes to show how popular you are.

Manon: Look Marinette, we can go in even though it’s closed! As if we were princesses. (Marinette stares at Adrien, not listening) Hey! did you hear me

Alya: (to Nino) Careful this time, huh? Marinette is the only one who has to spill the beans to Adrien – not us! So no matter what Adrien asks you, just refuse. Good? (Nino nods)

Manon: (running ahead into the museum lobby) Ahaha, wheee! (notices the statue of Toothy Stone standing on top of the statue of Fang, gasps) Mr. Toothy! Can you give me an ‘autograph’ please? (Jagged statue does nothing) Why isn’t anyone paying attention to me today!?

Véronique: (laughs) That’s because this isn’t the real Jagged Stone. It’s his wax statue. The Grévin Wax Museum is a kingdom of illusions!

Manon: Wow! But he’s looking for real! (makes a silly face at the statue and then runs off again)

Véronique: (leading them further into the museum) The museum opened in 1882. At one point we have about 200 wax figures on display. We regularly feature new celebrities, the latest of which is Adrien!

Adrien: (to Nino) So if I’m correct, you and Alya want to spend some alone time together, right?

Flashback Alya: So no matter what Adrien asks you, just say no.

Nino: Not at all! That’s why we didn’t come here in the first place.

Adrien: Oh! Well then, it’s really nice of you to come here just to keep me company.

Nino: That’s why we didn’t come here in the first place!

Adrien: Really? Then why did you want to come here? Did it have something to do with Marinette?

Nino: Uh, no! You got it all wrong, dude. (Alya gives him two thumbs up) Not with Marinette, not with you, and even less with you and Marinette alone! (Alya signals Nino to purse his lips)

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