Miraculous Season 3 Episode 17 Stormy Weather 2

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 17 Stormy Weather 2

 Scene: Outside Collège Françoise Dupont: Alya and Marinette kiss each other on the cheeks.

Alya: See you tomorrow Marinette! (Marinette leaves) So… Nina? Homework at my place tonight?

Nino: Um… Are you sure we said tonight? Well, see-I-I kind of promised Adrien that I’d put off the schoolwork he missed today. You know, because of his photo shoot! (gives a convincing toothy smile)

(Alya narrows her eyebrows; Marinette hears this and walks over to them)

Marinette: (comes between Alya and Nina and puts her hands on their shoulders) No worries guys! Listen. Go do your homework together and I’ll write your lessons and give them to Adrien later!

Nino: Are you sure? (clasps her hands together) Thanks, Marinette!

Sabrina: (standing from a distance next to Aurora) That’s terrible! Do you hear that, Chloe? Aurora’s GPA dropped a whole point on her last report card!

Chloé: Well, you can’t be Little Miss Weather and Little Miss Good Grade at the same time! We better not let her cry, Sabrina, (Aurore gasps) or she might turn into Stormy Weather and start raining on us. (Sabrina stands next to Chloe). What ridiculous power! (Image of Stormy Weather in the background as Chloé starts giggling) Absolutely ridiculous! (Image fades out; scene changes to Marinette, Alya, and Nino)

(Marinette stands next to Aurora; Nino and Alya at her heels)

Marinette: Aurora will not transform as her average will increase again next half term. (to Aurora) Don’t hesitate to ask if you need help.

Aurora: Thanks Marinette!

Chloé: Yeah, sure. Once a villain, forever a villain!

Marinette: (crosses her arms) Unlike you, Chloé; people are changing for the better!

Chloé: You never change, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. You’ll always be Adri-stupid…I mean Adri-damn abababababa lame! (turns to Alya) And you, Alya Césaire. You still ‘t figured out who Ladybug is, have you? Well, you two are made for each other! You are both as clueless as the other. Back to you now (sighs)

(Aurore exits in her car)

Chloe: Huh! Now he’s gone because of you two. And I wasn’t even halfway to destroying her. (Starts to walk away) Come on, Sabrina! (Sabrina awkwardly trots behind Chloe)

(Alya and Nino exchange glances and start laughing as Marinette glares at Chloé)

Scene: Marinette’s Room: Marinette is writing notes for Adrien and stuffs them in her backpack when she’s done.

Marinette: Chloé doesn’t have to be completely wrong, you know, Tikki! I ‘t changed. Look at how I always fail when I try to have a basic conversation with Adrien. (Flashbacks of Bubbler and Stormy Weather) Once I’m in front of him, my heart starts beating like crazy and my words spill out and make no sense at all. I seem to be paralyzed.

Scene: Flashback from Bubbler

Marinette: Um, he– Hey! (She is nervous as she holds her present behind her back.)

Adrien: (surprised) Hi.

Marinette: (nervously) I, uh, I wanted to, um, give you a present– I mean, give you a present that I made– I mean…

Chloé: (yawns as Marinette speaks and then pushes her away) Out of the way.

(Marinette is on the ground and Alya’s hands)

Scene: Flashback from Bubbler ends; Flashback from Dark Cupid begins.

(Adrien throws his letter in the trash)

(Marinette rummages through the trash, pulls out a letter and begins to read it)

Marinette: …they’re under that strong disguise. We see each other everyday and I hope you’ll be mine, our love could be so real, please-

Scene: Flashback ends: Marinette’s room.

Marinette: le(tter in hands; lies on mat) please, will you be my valentine? (she hugs the letter to her chest and grunts in admiration) It’s so beautiful. But I will never know what he thinks of me or who this poem he wrote was addressed to. Uh, I’m (scrunches up her face) so (sits down) so lame!

Tikki: You’re not, Marinette! You’ve changed a lot since the beginning of the year and the first time you met Adrien!

Scene: Flashback from Stoneheart: Adrien hands Marinette his umbrella; Marinette and Tikki are still talking in the background in reality.

Marinette: You’re right! I changed. Ever since I met him, I’ve been getting more and more clumsy! (The umbrella closes around Marinette)

Tikki: No!

(Adrien laughs in flashback)

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