Miraculous Season 3 Episode 24 Ladybug

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 24 LADYBUG

When she notices that Adrien is becoming ever closer to Marinette, Lila, who promised the latter that she would make her life a nightmare, puts her plan into action. She manipulates all Marinette’s close ones to make them turn against her, and even manages to have her expelled from school!

Marinette is distraught, but an even bigger problem awaits her. Indeed, disregarding Gabriel’s orders to never use the Miraculous of the Peacock again, Nathalie transforms into Mayura and creates a new sentimonster, that looks just like Ladybug! She manipulates the sentimonster and wants to seize Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous by sowing discord between the superheroes. Will the real Ladybug manage to defeat the sentimonster? And will Marinette be able to denounce the lies of Lila and set the record straight?

In a flashback set before the events of “Befana”, Adrien creates a lucky bracelet for Marinette. He asks Plagg what he thinks about it, but Plagg insists that a gift that doesn’t smell or can’t be eaten is no good. At dinner, Adrien asks his father what he thinks of the bracelet, explaining that it’s a birthday present for Marinette and that his whole class is having a surprise for her. Gabriel reminds Adrien that he never gave him permission to go to the party, but when Adrien begs him, he agrees.

Back in the present, Gabriel approaches Lila in the park in his car and reminds her that she was supposed to protect Adrien from Marinette, whom she called a bad influence. Lila says her plan is taking longer than expected but promises not to be disappointed. He also questions whether he will keep his promise if he succeeds. Gabriel insists that he always keeps his agreements and then leaves. In the car, Nathalie tells Gabriel she’s working too hard, but Gabriel tells her it’s not time to take it easy.

When Miss Bustier’s class enters the classroom, Marinette overhears Lila telling Nathaniel that she is friends with the best manga publisher in Japan and can talk to him about his comic. Marinette calls Lila a liar, but Alya tells her to stop obsessing over her. Miss Bustier announces that she has graded the class’s mock exams, but before she can return them, she has to check Marinette’s school bag. After Marinette brings her a bag, Miss Bustier reveals that someone left an anonymous note that she stole the test answers. When Marinette looks in the bag, she finds the answers. The whole class is shocked, but Marinette insists that she didn’t steal anything and that someone put those answers in her bag. However, Miss Bustier points out that Marinette answered every question correctly. Marinette insists that it’s because she’s been studying, and Alya points out that Marinette always does well on tests. When Lila tells Marinette that she’s usually so well-mannered, Marinette realizes that she’s the one who put the answers in her bag and called her out on it. Lila pretends to be offended and Miss Bustier tells Marinette that she can’t accuse someone without proof. Although Marinette insists that Lila stole the test answers, Miss Bustier does not believe her because Lila received the lowest grade in the class. The whole class comes to Marinette’s defense, pointing out that she would never cheat, so Miss Bustier sends Marinette and Lila to the Headmaster’s office to sort things out.

On the way there, Lila reminds Marinette that she promised to make her life miserable. Marinette tells Lila that she won’t fall for any of her traps, but Lila whispers that she already does. She walks down the stairs pretending to hurt her leg and claims that Marinette pushed her. Mr. Damocles overhears this and angrily tells Marinette to come to his office.

In the Headmaster’s office, although Marinette insists she did nothing, Lila tells Mr. Damocles that she doesn’t understand why Marinette doesn’t like her when she always called her a liar and pushed her down the stairs. He also claims that Marinette stole the fox pendant she was given by her grandmother. Tom and Sabine refuse to believe their daughter stole anything, so Lila takes them to the locker room to prove her claims. Mr. Damocles tells Marinette to open her locker and when she does, Lily’s pendant is found inside. Marinette insists that Lila is lying and turns to Adrien for help. She almost tells Mr. Damocles, but Mr. Damocles expels Marinette from school, much to the shock of all her classmates.

Hawk Moth is pleased with the chaos Lila has created. As part of the next phase of his plan, he akumatizes Nathalie into Catalyst and Catalyst transforms Hawk Moth into Scarlet Moth. Scarlet Moth creates several akumas and sends them after Marinette and her friends. Akumas infects several students and staff inside the locker room, including Marinette and Sabine. While the others are transformed back into their akumatized selves, Scarlet Moth prepares to transform Marinette and Sabine into Princess Justice and Verity Queen with the ability to reveal the truth in exchange for Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir. Marinette almost takes her earrings off, but Catalyst starts coughing violently. Scarlet Moth rushes to her aid and discards her transformation, resulting in everyone being deakumatized.

In Marinette’s room, Tikki tells Marinette that if she was akumatized, nothing would stop her from giving her Miraculous Hawk to Moth. Marinette knows he’s right and insists that she won’t let Lila or Hawk Moth win. She promises to prove her innocence, but wishes Alya could help her. Tikki points out that Alya wasn’t akumatized and she’s sure it’s because she trusts her, so Marinette calls her. Alya points out the facts: Marinette is accused of stealing fake test answers, and the evidence is that the answers were found in her bag. Marinette is also accused of pushing Lila down the stairs and although no one saw it, they saw Lila at the bottom of said stairs. Additionally, Marinette is accused of stealing Lila’s pendant, which was found inside her locker. Marinette sarcastically thanks Alya for her help, but Alya insists that she trusts her, only pointing out that the evidence is against her. However, she offers to investigate and Marinette happily thanks her. Sabine then comes in and asks to speak to Marinette, so she hangs up. Sabine tells Marinette that although she and Tom love her, the whole situation is very complicated and until they find a new school for her, she should help with the bakery. Marinette insists that she did nothing and questions how she will be able to prove her innocence if she spends all her time at the bakery. Tom insists it’s fun and hands her an apron.

At the Agreste mansion, the doctor tells Gabriel to make sure Nathalie gets plenty of rest. After she leaves, Nathalie tells Gabriel that she can still take advantage of the chaos Lila created, but Gabriel says that without her, the plan is useless. She decides that there should be no more Catalyst or Mayura as the damaged Peacock Miraculous is having a bad effect on her health. Nathalie insists that she doesn’t care because she wants to help him, but Gabriel refuses. Meanwhile, at Collège Françoise Dupont, Alya searches for Marinette.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 24 LADYBUG

 Scene: Adrien’s room, set before the events of “Befana”. Plagg eats Camembert and Adrien shows him the bracelet he made.

Adrien: What do you think, Plagg?

Plagg: (sniffs) Ugh, what’s the point of giving someone something that can’t be eaten and has no smell? I would be seriously offended if you gave it to me.

Adrien: Maybe I should get a second opinion.

Scene: Agreste Castle dining room. Nathalie gives Adrien’s bracelet to Gabriel.

Gabriel: What is it?

Adrien: It’s a present I made for Marinette. We are organizing a birthday surprise for her.

Gabriel: Marinette?

Adrien: You know, the girl who won the fashion contest? She made the hat I wore to your show. She is a really amazing girl. She likes to help others –

Gabriel: I don’t recall giving you permission to go to your friend’s birthday party.

Adrien: Please, father! Marinette deserves to have all her friends there.

(Gabriel looks at Nathalie and she nods)

Gabriel: Okay then.

Adrien: Thank you, father.

Scene: Outside Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. Marinette is surprised after seeing the bracelet.

Marinette: Oh…

Adrien: I always carry the lucky charm you gave me wherever I go and I think it works pretty well. So..

(Lila angrily watches the party from her bedroom window)

Scene: Place des Vosges. Lila is reading when Gabriel’s car pulls up.

Gabriel: I thought you were supposed to protect Adrien from Marinette. The one you said was a bad influence.

Scene: Flashback from “Chameleon”.

Lila: From now on, you and I are at war. You’ll lose your friends and end up all alone, and Adrien will soon be mine.

Marinette: We’ll see, Lila, we’ll see.

Chameleon’s flashback ends.

Lila: My plan is taking a little longer than I expected, sir. But you won’t be disappointed.

Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom. Lila takes the paper from Miss Bustier’s desk.

Scene: Dressing room. Lila uses her phone and puts the paper in Marinette’s backpack.

Lila: Will you keep your promise if I succeed?

Gabriel: I always keep my commitments. (the car drives off)

Nathalie: You work too hard, sir.

Gabriel: Now is not the time to calm down, Nathalie.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Everyone goes inside the classroom.

Lila: (to Nathaniel) I’m good friends with the best manga publisher in Japan, you know. I can talk to them about your comic book project if you want.

Marinette: She’s such a liar!

Alya: You need to stop obsessing over her, Marinette.

Miss Bustier: I graded your mock exam papers. Most of you did pretty well, some better than others, but before I return them, Marinette, could you please bring me your school bag? I need to check something. (Marinette will) Today someone put an anonymous note in my mailbox saying that you stole the answers to the exam, and it looks like the anonymous person was right! (Everyone gasps)

Marinette: But that’s not true! Someone must have put that piece of paper in my bag!

Miss Bustier: But you answered all the questions correctly.

Marinette: I do? Yes, but because I was studying.

Alya: Miss Bustier, Marinette always scores well on your tests.

Lila: That’s very unlike you, Marinette. You’re usually so well behaved.

Marinette: Of course! You put the answers in my bag! You are an “anonymous whistleblower”!

Lila: (gasps) I’m coming to your defense and you’re accusing me?!

Miss Bustier: You can’t accuse someone without proof, Marinette.

Marinette: But I’m sure it’s her! She stole the test answers!

Miss Bustier: That’s impossible, Marinette. Lila got the worst grade in the class.

Marinette: Then… she flunked the exam on purpose!

Adrien: Sorry, Miss Bustier, but everyone here knows it’s not like Marinette to cheat.

Alya: He’s right!

Rose: That doesn’t make sense! (all agree)

Miss Bustier: (clapping her hands) Marinette, Lilo, please go to the Headmaster’s office until we get to the bottom of this.

(Lila opens Marinette’s door, still upset)

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