Miraculous Season 3 Episode 25 Heart Hunter

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 25 Heart Hunter

 Marinette helps Adrien and Kagami slip away from a ceremony organized by the Bourgeois couple for their twentieth wedding anniversary. The three friends are having fun, until Marinette notices how close Adrien and Kagami are and decides to leave them alone, sacrificing her own feelings for the boy she has always loved. But meanwhile, the Bourgeois’ anniversary takes a turn for the worse and the couple gets akumatized. Now Hearthunter, a Cerberus with two heads that keep fighting with each other, they devour all the love in Paris. Overwhelmed by this ultra-powerful villain, Ladybug seeks help from Master Fu. But, still stricken by her amorous sacrifice, she makes a mistake that will turn out to be devastating..

 The episode opens with Marinette talking about how everyone experiences different kinds of loss.

As Marinette leaves to deliver some macarons to her parents at The Grand Paris, she runs into Luke outside. Luka tells her that he finally found a tune that matches Marinette. He plays her and then takes her by bike to Le Grand Paris.

At The Grand Paris, André and Audrey Bourgeois celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Through Nathalie, Gabriel presents them with The Gabriel Couple Cloak, which he himself designed for them as a gift. The couple puts it on and they start bickering.

Marinette enters the hotel to deliver macarons to her parents, who are catering the party. He walks past Adrien, Kagami, Tomoe, and Gorilla and promptly trips. Kagami and Adrien rush to help her. After the three deliver the macarons, Sabine asks Marinette to take the empty trays; Tom asks her to bring them drinking umbrellas; and Adrien asks if he and Kagami can help her.

While Marinette goes about her tasks, Adrien and Kagami have a mock fencing battle in the kitchen. Tomoe realizes that the children are long gone and sends Gorilla to find them. He walks into the kitchen; Adrien and Kagami hide; and Marinette innocently asks if he’s looking for something. When Marinette begins to return to her parents, Adrien and Kagami convince her to run away with them. The three escape to the roof when Nathalie sabotages Chloé’s bee signal. When the gorilla climbs onto the roof, Adrien grabs both girls’ hands and jumps into the pool, which has been turned into a sphere. The three are having fun in the ball pit. Amidst the fun, Marinette’s hair comes out and Adrien comments that it’s the first time he’s seen her with her hair down.

Nathalie sneaks to the stairwell and calls Gabriel, telling him that the second phase is complete. Hawk Moth sends akuma to the bourgeois couple.

Adrien starts playing on the roof. Marinette puts her hair back in her braids when Kagami and Adrien tell her that she looks beautiful with her hair down. The gorilla returns to the roof and Marinette uses a hair band to distract him. They then run away from the hotel. As they flee, the akuma finds André and Audrey, which turns them both into Heart Hunters, a two-headed love-eating monster. Chloé runs to the roof to activate her bee signal. After seeing her leave, Nathalie transforms into Mayura. He hides on the roof and watches as Chloé discovers her sabotaged bee signal.

After running out of the hotel, Marinette, Adrien and Kagami come across André’s ice cream shop and decide to have some ice cream. André suggests three options to the trio and then asks what combination of ice creams they will get. Adrien and Kagami defer to Marinette’s judgment, who asks André if he can find a potion for the three of them. André says that even if it can, too many flavors can throw off the ice cream’s balance. Marinette ends up going with the first combination, letting Kagami and Adrien eat ice cream together. Kagami asks Marinette to come with her, but Marinette declines the offer saying she can handle it herself and leaves. Adrien returns with the ice cream and asks where Marinette is, to which Kagami says she’s gone, much to Adrien’s surprise and disappointment.

Returning to the hotel, Marinette breaks down crying and heartbroken that the one she loved was now loved by someone else. As she heads back to the hotel, she sees Heart Hunter and transforms into Ladybug. Hawk Moth and Mayura watch the battle from the roof, hoping that Ladybug will be looking for the Guardians. Ladybug summons her lucky charm and is given a merry-go-round token that tells her to go on the merry-go-round. When she arrives, she sees Master Fu and then notices that Mayura has followed her. He takes off and tries to get rid of Mayura. When he thinks he has, he goes back to the merry-go-round. Master Fu points out that she didn’t transform back, but assures him that she wasn’t being watched. Takes Dragon Miraculous. After he leaves, Hawk Moth confronts Fu, much to the latter’s dismay.

Ladybug gives Miraculous to Kagami, who laments that she is afraid of hurting Marinette, who is the only friend she has. He is afraid of hurting her if she ever pursues Adrien. Kagami explains that she and Adrien are made for each other and she won’t let him go even for friendship. Ladybug realizes she’s sorry and disappointedly says that the decision is hard as Kagami says they have work to do when the girls transform afterwards.

Back at Place Des Vosges, Hawk Moth throws Fu to the ground, takes the Miracle Box and asks Fu who Ladybug and Cat Noir are and he leaves him alone, but Fu refuses and the old man transforms into the Jade Turtle (despite Wayzzo’s reluctance and objections to his master due to his age) and prepares to battle Hawk Moth. The Jade Turtle starts mocking Hawk Moth for not being able to get the miracle, which angers Hawk Moth enough to attack him while the Jade Turtle fights Hawk Moth. He activates his Shell-ter and Hawk Moth, and Mayura doubles him, causing his shell-ter to burst.

Chloé is still on the roof patiently waiting for Ladybug until she sees that Ladybug already has an ally, she is upset with the decision. She insists that she needs to save the Heart Hunters because they are her parents.

As Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Ryuko battle the Heart Hunter, Chloé becomes enraged and throws her bee signal off the roof, giving up hope. Much to her surprise, Hawk Moth arrives and tries to convince Chloé to join him. Chloé is reluctant at first because he is the one who akumatized her parents. Hawk Moth questions what Ladybug did for her, since Chloé was the one who trusted Ladybug the most as a fan. Deciding that Ladybug doesn’t believe her to be the holder of the Bee Miraculous, Chloé joins the dark side and eventually agrees. Chloé tells Hawk Moth that she will carry Bee Miraculous, but just in case Hawk Moth deakumatizes her parents first. Hawk Moth accepts these terms.

Ladybug summons her lucky charm. As Hawk Moth comes up with his plan, he deakumatizes Heart Hunter. Ladybug and Cat Noir rescue André and Audrey, and Ladybug uses her Miraculous Ladybug to rebuild the city. Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Ryuko are confused when the Heart Hunter deakumatizes on its own. Hawk Moth akumatizes Queen Bee on Miracle Queen. While this is happening, Kagami gives Ladybug back the miraculous. Once he leaves, he transforms back into Marinette and goes to find Fu to return the miraculous, but much to her shock, Fu is gone. She starts to worry, but Tikki tells her not to worry because Master Fu is very wise, he could be anywhere.

Meanwhile, Adrien finds Kagami and asks what happened. Kagami says Ladybug took her because the villain went after people who were in love. The two begin to kiss.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 25 Heart Hunter

 Scene: Marinette’s Narration: Master Fu searches for Marianne Lenoir’s abandoned painting.

Marinette: Experiencing loss is a part of life; some people lose their first love…

Scene: Continuing Narrative: André and Audrey Bourgeois are planning their 20th wedding anniversary on the roof of the Grand Paris Hotel.

Marinette: Some lose harmony in their relationship…

André: The decorations are in place, Audrey dear?

Audrey: They’re ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! They are fired!

Scene: Continuing Narrative: Chloé Bourgeois turns off her Bee Signal in desperation.

Marinette: Some people lose hope…

Scene: Continued Narration: Ladybug and Cat Noir are sitting together, overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Marinette: The others are losing patience…

Cat Noir: By the way, didn’t I tell you? I have a girlfriend.

Ladybug: (looks at him with a smile) Really? This is so amazing.

Cat Noir: (bows his head) No, it’s not amazing at all. I only said that to make you jealous.

Ladybug: I can’t love you Cat Noir, you know that.

Cat Noir: Yeah yeah, I get it… (gets up, activates his staff) but it still hurts. (leaves)

Scene: Continued Narrative: Gabriel and Nathalie are harvesting butterflies in Hawk Moth’s lair.

Marinette: While others are losing their souls…

Nathalie: (drops the box she was holding, coughs and collapses. Gabriel worried and puts a hand on her shoulder)

Scene: Continued Narration: Marinette’s room. Marinette is on her bed scrolling through pictures of Adrien on her phone with a dejected look on her face.

Marinette: Some lose their confidence… (receives a message from Luke, gasps and smiles warmly)

Scene: Continuing Narrative: Adrien’s room. Adrien dejectedly scrolls through pictures of Ladybug on his phone.

Adrien: (Gets a picture notification from Marinette on his computer, smiles and likes Kagami and Marinette’s selfie)

Plagg: Ah (stuffed cheese into his mouth), you finally realized there’s more than just one kind of cheese in the world.

Scene: Ending narration: Luka is buzzing on his bike delivering pizzas.

Marinette: And some have nothing to lose…

Luka: (continues humming, hands pizza to customer) That’s it! I have it! (to customer) I have to go, enjoy your meal. (returns to the bike)

Scene: Dupain-Cheng Bakery: Marinette is on the phone with her dad, packing boxes of macaroons.

Marinette: Yes, Dad, I know where the Grand Paris Hotel is. Me! Late? I’m never late! Okay, yes, sure, but I won’t be late this time, I promise. (carrying the boxes, trips but catches himself and awkwardly continues out the door. Throws the boxes after being startled by Luke who catches them. Goes to him) Luke! What are you doing here?

Luka: I was actually thinking about you and I’m sure I finally found your tune. A melody that suits you perfectly. Do you want to hear it? (Marinette smiles eagerly, starts playing a tune on her guitar. Marinette gasps and blushes heavily, stunned) What do you think?

Marinette: Wow, that’s unbelievable!

Luka: Mm, it’s still not quite right. I can do better. I will still work on it.

Marinette: (phone rings, picks up) Yeah dad, I’m on my way. Sorry I- I have to go. (Luka hands her the helmet)

Scene: Marinette is riding a bicycle with Luka to the Grand Paris Hotel.

Marinette: Thanks Luke! (likes his cheek)

Luka: I will find the perfect melody for your song.

Scene: Inside the Grand Paris Hotel

Gabriel: (speaking through the tablet Nathalie is holding) Audrey and André, on this most solemn day, to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary. (André smiles, Audrey turns away in disgust) I am pleased to offer you this wonderful gift that I have personally designed especially for you.

Chloé: (goes to her parents with a gift) Hi! (waves to the crowd, hands his parents his coat and leaves)

Gabriel: (continues his speech) My dearest Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeois, I hereby present to you the Gabriel cloak for the couple, a symbol of eternal love and the bonds of marriage. (André and Audrey put on their cloaks)

Audrey: Ouch! You step on my feet!

André: (unconvinced) Thank you Gabriel, it’s um.. it’s..

Audrey: Terrible! On you! Ugh totally ugly! For you to wear it is an insult to this work of art. (crowd laughs)

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