Miraculous Season 3 Episode 22 Cat Blanc

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 22 Cat Blanc

 When Marinette goes to Adrien’s house to give him a present, she is refused entry. Disappointed, she decides to do what she has always been strictly forbidden to do: using her powers for personal gain. She transforms into Ladybug and drops her signed gift in Adrien’s room. But as she is leaving the room, Adrien enters and sees Ladybug taking off. He then finds the gift signed with Marinette’s name and understands that they are one and the same. As she leaves the mansion, Ladybug runs into Bunny, the superheroine from the future. Bunny has come to get her, because Marinette’s mistake has had disastrous consequences on the future. She takes Ladybug into the future, where the superheroine finds a Paris devastated by the last person she ever imagined would get akumatized… Cat Noir! Will Ladybug manage to fix her mistake and save the future?

In his vault, Gabriel tells Emilie that he misses him, but he gets Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir to make up for their past mistakes. Meanwhile, at the Trocadéro, the girls wait for Marinette to return from giving Adrien his fifth birthday present. Alya is convinced he will, but Alix is ​​sure he won’t. Alix bets her skates that Marinette doesn’t, and Rose bets her favorite stuffed unicorn that Marinette does. The girls then see Marinette returning and find that she didn’t deliver her present, much to their disappointment. Marinette expresses doubt as to whether or not Adrien will like the gift, though Alya tells her that the only way to find out is to give it to him. Rose firmly tells Marinette that there will be no more picnics, sleepovers, or movies until she delivers her gift, giving Marinette the motivation she needs to pull through. They head to the Agreste mansion and on the way, Tikki asks Marinette if she is really going to give her gift to Adrien. Marinette says she won’t take no for an answer. However, once they arrive at the mansion, they hear from Nathalie on the intercom that Adrien is not home. Marinette asks her when she’ll be home, but Nathalie doesn’t know and hangs up. Marinette is confused because Adrien’s fencing tournament was supposed to be over. Tikki suggests Marinette give him her present at school, but Marinette remembers what Rose said and decides to sneak the present into Adrien’s room as Ladybug. Tikki is against Marinette using her powers for personal reasons, but Marinette promises to be quick and transforms into Ladybug, who then enters Adrien’s room through the open window. Once inside, she immediately starts admiring all of his possessions.

Once Nathalie arrives home, she tells Adrien that she is late, to which Adrien says that the fencing tournament took longer than expected and they left Kagami at home. Nathalie lets Adrien in and on the way to his room asks her to tell his dad he won, which Nathalie says she will when she’s done with work. Meanwhile, Ladybug continues to admire Adrien’s things until she remembers the present. She places it on his bed and prepares to leave when she realizes she didn’t sign it. He grabs a pencil and signs his signature on the card before flying off. Unbeknownst to her, as she is leaving, Adrien walks into her room and sees her. He sees Marinette’s present, a beret, on his bed and wonders why Ladybug would leave Marinette’s present in his room. Plagg suggests that maybe Marinette asked her to, but Adrien quickly realizes that Marinette and Ladybug are the same person and the boy Ladybug once said she loved was him. Plagg tries to deny it, but it’s too late. Plagg reminds Adrien that he and Ladybug shouldn’t know each other’s identities, but Adrien insists that she doesn’t need to know his identity just because he knows hers and promises that everything will be fine. Putting the beret on her head, she runs out of her room as Plagg compares the situation to smelly cheese, saying that putting it in a box won’t stop it from smelling.

Returning to the Trocadéro, Ladybug meets Bunnyx, who informs her that something has happened that has caused disaster in the future. She asks Ladybug if she did anything unusual, but Ladybug can’t think of anything, so she takes her to her Lair. Ladybug looks around and sees many points in the past and future, so Bunnyx puts a bowl over her head so she can’t see anything. He lectures Ladybug that avoiding interfering with time is standard procedure, but the situation is dire as their very future is at stake; as he says this, Bunnyx’s right arm begins to wither and fade. He guides them through a portal to future Paris, a ravaged wasteland; The Eiffel Tower has been toppled, buildings and streets are submerged under water, and the moon, visible in a strangely faded gray sky, appears to have split in two. Ladybug asks what happened, but Bunnyx only tells her to capture the akuma and restore order. She heads back to her Lair so she can jump back in time if something goes wrong. Once she leaves, Ladybug spots an akumatized Cat Noir (all white and with blue eyes) singing to herself on the edge of a building. Cat Noir, now Cat Blanc, is delighted to see Ladybug, exclaiming that he thought he had lost her forever, and prepares to rip off her earrings, only for Ladybug to kick him away and ask what’s wrong with him. Cat Blanc apologizes for being rude and asks for her Miraculous saying he made some mistakes and tearfully begs Ladybug to save him. Ladybug looks around sympathetically to see where his akuma might be, but Cat Blanc says it’s in his broken heart before attacking her. As the two fight, Cat Blanc reveals that she knows she is Marinette, which shocks Ladybug as she never told him. Bunnyx watches from her Lair and sees the moment Marinette as Ladybug left her gift for Adrien in his room. He then sees Marinette returning to the girls and adorably explains that she gave her gift to Adrien, causing Alix to return her stuffed unicorn to Rose. Bunnyx is confused because she doesn’t remember this happening and sees her own stuffed unicorn disappearing. He looks on and sees that after Marinette told the girls that she put her present in Adrien’s room, Adrien came in, confessed his love to Marinette and the two kissed, much to the other girls’ delight. He then looks back to where Ladybug is fighting Cat Blanc, who demands that she give him her Miraculous so he can fix everything. He fires a Mega Cataclysm at her, destroying the entire building to Bunnyx’s horror.

Adrien and Marinette become an official couple, which is even reported by Nadja Chamack in the news. Meanwhile, Cat Blanc tells Ladybug that everything was perfect until Hawk Moth found out about their love, and claims that it caused terrible havoc. Bunnyx wonders how and sees a moment in time when Gabriel tells Marinette that her dating Adrien is making the Agreste brand look bad and she needs to end the relationship, threatening to remove Adrien from the school if she doesn’t. Tom and Sabine are upset that Gabriel is breaking their daughter’s heart and demand that Nathalie leave their bakery immediately. Later, Marinette visits the Agreste mansion and breaks up with Adrien, much to Adrien’s chagrin. Adrien wants to go after her, but his bodyguard stops him. Nathalie watches from the window of Gabriel’s studio and informs Hawk Moth that everything is going according to plan.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 22 Cat Blanc

 Scene: Basement of Agreste Mansion. Gabriel is visiting Emilie, who is still unconscious.

Gabriel: right the wrongs of the past, and make sure you come back to us.

Emilie, I miss you every moment. But one day I’ll get Miraculous of Ladybug and Cat Noir, 

Scene: Outside the Collège Françoise Dupont. Alix goes around some cones on roller skates.

Alya: Today is the day, I can feel it!

Alix: I bet my skates won’t do that.

Rose: And I bet my favorite stuffed unicorn that he will!

Mylène: Oh, Marinette.

Alya, Rose and Juleka: (looks up) What? (sees Marinette) Oh…

Marinette: I thought maybe Adrien doesn’t like berets, or what if he hates people celebrating his fifth birthday? Or… maybe he doesn’t want to know that I love him?

Alix: (holds out her hand to Rose) Don’t worry, Princess Twinkle Peach will be happy for me.

(Rose hands her unicorn plushie to Alix)

Alya: The only way to find out is to tell him how you really feel!

Marinette: I know, but… (reaches for something in the picnic basket, but Rose closes it)

Rose: That’s it, Marinette! No more picnics, sleepovers or going to the movies with us until you give him that gift! You made that hat for St. Athanasius Day which is today! How is Adrien supposed to know you’re thinking of him on his fifth birthday if you don’t give him your present?

Alya: He’s right. Today is the day!

All the girls except Marinette: Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Mylène: Rise and shine! Behold, the goddess of self-confidence has awakened!

(Marinette runs up the stairs as her friends sing.)

Alya: And don’t forget the card!

Scene: Subway tunnel

Tikki: Are you really going to do that?

Marinette: I am, Tikki, and you know what I won’t take for an answer?

Scene: Near the Agreste mansion

Nathalie: (through camera speakers) No.

Marinette: Okay, well, um… Uh, when is he coming back?

Nathalie: (over speakers) I can’t tell you that. Farewell, young lady. (camera closes)

Marinette: (checking phone) But Adrien’s fencing class ended 27 minutes ago! He should be back by now!

Tikki: Maybe you can give him a present at school tomorrow?

Marinette: No. You heard what Rose said. I can’t back out again. (runs on) Since he hasn’t come back yet, I can go through the window!

Tikki: Oh no no no! You know it’s not a good idea to use your powers for personal reasons.

Marinette: I’ll be quick Tikki, no one will ever know! (runs past the bodyguard’s car)

(Adrien notices Marinette and smiles. Marinette runs into the alley.)

Marinette: Tikki, watch out!

(Marinette enters Adrien’s room through the open window.)

Scene: Adrien’s room

Ladybug: (gasps) Adrien’s trophies… Adrien’s basketball hoop… Adrien’s foosball… (rubs hand lightly on his desk) Adrien’s desk… Adrien’s video games… (lying on bed) Adrien’s bed …

Scene: In the courtyard of Agreste

(Adrien’s bodyguard walks in and Nathalie stands in the doorway.)

You’re very late, Adrien.

adrien: (holding medal around neck) The awards ceremony took longer than expected. Then we took Kagami home. (enters the house and turns around) Are you going to let my dad know I won?

Nathalie: As soon as he finishes his work.

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