Miraculous Season 3 Episode 26 Miracle Queen

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 26 Miracle Queen

 Because of Marinette’s mistake, Hawk Moth akumatizes Chloe into Miracle Queen. With help from her wasps, she takes control of the whole of Paris and forces the Miraculous wearers to come and serve her, thus revealing their true identities to

Hawk Moth. But thanks to Luka and Kagami’s sacrifices, Marinette and Adrien escape the fatal stings and are able to transform.
Will Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to save their friends from Hawk Moth and Miracle Queen’s control?

 Internationally, this episode first premiered in Ukraine on PlusPlus.

During the Japan Expo 2018 panel on July 9, 2018, Sébastien Thibaudeau revealed that episode 78 moved the team to tears. He hoped it would have the same effect on the audience.[7][8]

This is the last episode where Ben Diskin voices Max.

With the exception of the New York special, this is the last episode (chronologically) in which we hear the Lucky Charm and Akuma capture theme used since “Stormy Weather”. Featuring a new theme that was first used in “Miraculous Shanghai” and carried over to Season 4.

Cat Noir’s staff is revealed to be able to be used as a periscope.

This episode is one of the few times the miracle holder’s identity is revealed to someone other than Ladybug or Cat Noir, namely Hawk Moth, Mayura, and Queen Bee.

In this episode, they get to know the identities of 5 superheroes: Alya (Rena Rouge), Kim (King Monkey), Max (Pegasus), Luka (Viperion) and Fu (Jade Turtle).

However, it is very likely that they used a process of elimination to conclude that Nino is Carapace.

This is later confirmed in “Optigami”.

Hawk Moth learns Ryuk’s identity in “Ikari Gozen”, leaving Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Bunnyx as the only superheroes whose identities are unknown to the supervillains.

As for “Optigami” and “Sentibubbler”, since Vesperia, Polymouse, Pigella, and Purple Tigress aren’t on Hawk Moth’s list, it’s likely that he doesn’t know their identities.

As of this episode, Cat Noir was unaware of Nina’s identity as Carapace and that of Alya Rena Rouge until “Rocketear”.

Wang Fu abdicates his duty as guardian, losing his memory, and Marinette becomes the new Guardian of the Miraculous.

This act also transforms the Miracle Box into a different shape, presumably to disguise it from the former Guardians and have them eventually reclaim it, similar to the reason why Miraculous’ cloaked modes look different for each user.

He leaves her a note and the phonograph he used to store the Miracle Box in a locker at the train station.

In “Desperade”, when Adrien suggested to Ladybug that Luka should use the Snake Miraculous, she was unaware that Cat Noir knew Viperion’s identity. When you defeat a controlled Viperion, it’s likely that Ladybug will let him know that Viperion is Luka thanks to the Second Chance power.

Alix is ​​not seen until the end of the episode. It is unknown if she was under the control of the Miracle Queen or not. However, it is proven that this was not due to the events of “Timetagger”. Since it wasn’t until said episode that Alix found out she had the Rabbit Miraculous version, not the one from the box, she also doesn’t know when she’ll get it (at least until “Evolution”), plus Chloé wasn’t specific with what she said.

Or it could have been due to her future self being able to see any point in time, it’s likely that she saw Chloé’s betrayal and knew all of Ladybug and Cat Noir’s allies were in danger but couldn’t save them all and knew that her abilities were the most dangerous, as Bunnyx could hide her younger self in the Lair until the Miracle Queen was defeated.

As of this episode, Chloé is no longer the holder of the Miraculous and part of the French superhero team Miraculous, as Ladybug takes the Bee Miraculous away from her for good.

This is the first episode to feature a scene after the end card.

At the end of the episode, Gabriel manages to repair the Peacock Miraculous.

The scene at the very end of the episode where Gabriel fixes the Peacock Miraculous foreshadows the scene at the beginning of the first episode of Season 4, “Truth”.

Luke taking a wasp sting to protect Marinette is similar to what Cat Noir did for Ladybug in “Dark Cupid” and Rena Rouge for Carapace in “Mayura”.

Kagami pushing Adrien out of the way is similar to what Alya did to Ladybug in “Style Queen”.

This episode contains many ironic and true facts about its people as well as their choices and actions:

Through Chloé’s betrayal, Ladybug actually helped out one last time by giving her and Cat Noir a chance to retrieve the Magic Box.

If Ladybug had chosen Chloé over Kagami, then getting the box back would have been much more difficult, and the same choice that Hawk Moth gave Chloé, he would have given Ladybug and Cat Noir’s other allies when he found out their identities or used the gems to create an army of miraculous supervillains that wished in “Kwamibuster”.

Not only that everything in “Evolution” and “Multiplication” would happen earlier.

And yet the debut of the other 8 heroes would never happen.

Like Chloé, Master Fu’s actions were helpful rather than hurtful, but unlike her, he had the foresight and compassion to see what would happen if he didn’t give up his title.

Not only did Chloé by joining Hawk Moth not only betray Cat Noir as an ally, but the circumstances in which she did so to the one she was in love with and the only other friend she had.

Chloé describes all the miracle mounts that turn out to be “absolutely ridiculous choices.” Of all the heroes in that scene, Chloé was the only one who wasn’t technically chosen by Ladybug’s own instinct. In “Maledictator”, the latter allowed the former to use Bee Miraculous when prompted, which would have made Chloé the only “absolutely ridiculous choice”.

Due to Hawk Moth’s lack of knowledge and encouraging Chloé to use the remaining gems against the heroes, but the remaining kwamis refusing to help, the villain almost created the same problem that started it all.

If it wasn’t for the kwamis, Hawk Moth (aka Gabriel Agreste) would have been responsible for hurting someone else close to Adrien due to his arrogance and she could have suffered something even worse than Nathalie and his mother.

As of “Evolution”, the result of fusing a total of four Miraculouses ended up being an electrical shock that damaged the mount, and since Chloé was wearing nine, the shocks would have amplified more than enough to probably kill her.

This also means that what Master Fu said in “Kwamibuster” is true.

Because of Hawk Moth’s choices, along with his lack of trust in others and lust for power, he destroyed his and everyone else’s best chance for it all to end peacefully, though there were still consequences.

And if Lucky Charm had called Ladybug to get Plagg back into “Style Queen”, Bee Miraculous wouldn’t have been lost in the first place, maybe he would have prevented one of the mistakes that led to Miracle Queen, but there would have been a possibility of the aforementioned mistake or something worse could have happened.

As shown when Dragon Bug creates a water barrier, the Dragon’s miraculous superpower can not only turn the user into water, but also create water.

Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 26 Miracle Queen

 Scene: Marinette narrates. Miracle Queen stands with Hawk Moth on the roof of the Grande Paris Hotel

Marinette: Experiencing loss is a part of life. But good things are coming. Expect the unexpected and embrace it.

Hawk Moth: Use them well, my queen. (Hawk Moth hands the Miraculous Queen the Miraculous Box)

Scene: The Wonder Queen sends her wasps from the Trocadero

Queen of Wonders: Stab ’em! Stab them all! Make them mine!

Scene: Continuing Narrative: Césaire’s apartment. Nino is welcomed by Alya and her family. Aly’s father, Otis Césaire, playfully pats Nino on the back. Nino and Alya embrace each other lovingly until…

Marinette: Every first time is an adventure.

(The Césair family and Nino are stung by the Miracle Queen’s wasps.)

Scene: Continued Narrative: Max and his mother get a space suit

Marinette: And who knows how far these adventures will take you.

(Max and his mom have a mother-son moment when they get stung by wasps as they celebrate.)

Scene: Continuing Narrative: Kim and Ondine at the swimming pool.

Marinette: You’ll find people to confide in as much as they confide in you.

(Kim and Ondine are stung by wasps.)

Scene: Continuing Narrative: André and Audrey in front of Le Grand Paris

Marinette: That trust is sometimes broken, but it can always be rebuilt.

(André and Audrey are stung by wasps.)

Scene: Ending Narrative: Luke hugs Marinette at the Place des Vosges, trying to comfort her after her heartbreak.

Marinette: Yes, sometimes the road can be winding. You might even get lost along the way. But with the help of the right people, you will always find your goal.

Marinette: Sorry, I don’t know why I did that.

Luke: Are you okay?

Marinette: Yes. Thank you, Luke. Oh, uh, by the way, did you find that perfect tune you were looking for?

Luka: I think so. But are you sure you really want to hear it? You’re still thinking about Adrien, aren’t you? (Luka sees the Queen of Wonder’s wasps approaching them.) Marinette! (Luka sacrifices herself for Marinette, turns her around and is stung by a wasp.)

Marinette: Luke? Oh no! Not again! Tikki, we have to hide! Power on! (throws Tikki aqua power-up) Aqua-Tikki, points on! (jumps into water and turns into Aquabug)

Aquabug: I should have known Hawk Moth had a bigger plan all along. The battle is not over yet!

Scene: Canal Saint-Martin.

Adrien: No. I mean… I mean yes! I mean, it’s the first time I’ve ever…thought it was going to be different

Kagami: So you’re not happy.

Adrien: Yes, I am! It’s just… I guess I wasn’t really ready.

Kagami: So when will you be ready? (Adrien looks away, Kagami gets upset) Your indecisiveness is hurtful, Adrien. (Frowning, Adrien looks at Kagami and notices the Wonder Queen’s wasp. Adrien gasps and pulls Kagami against him protectively, much to Kagami’s confusion.) What?! No! (Horrified, Kagami pushes Adrien defensively and pinches herself.)

Adrien: Kagami! (Wasps chase after Adrien as he stands and runs. He reaches into his jacket to load the Camembert) Plaggu, lunch time! (throws an ermine, which Plagg catches in his mouth, turning him into Aqua Plagg.) Aqua Plagg, claws out! (Adrien transforms into Aqua Noir and dives into the water, safe from the wasps)

Scene: Trocadéro. The people of Paris are shown stabbing it to the Queen of Miracles.

Miracle Queen: People of Paris, listen to Miracle Queen’s first order! From now on, no one will have to hide his identity! All Miraculous bearers, come to me!

(Previous Miraculous holders, one by one, leave Miracle Queen)

Hawk Moth: Yes, yes! No more hiding!

(Stabbed Miraculous holders line up in front of the Miracle Queen)

Queen of Wonders: Nerdy Max? Fake reporter? DJ Headache?! What possessed Ladybug to choose such losers as her superheroes? (Chloé rips off Aly’s glasses, crushes them, then notices Kim) Oh, just, little Kim too! For a moment I thought wearing the glasses was enough to get Miraculous. (Luka bows to the Miracle Queen) I don’t know this. He is cute. But he gets the clothes out of the bin! Oh no, not this one! (Notices Kagami) Ugh, my, such ridiculous choices! Absolutely ridiculous! Anyway, grab your Miraculous!

(One by one they grab their Miraculouses and retreat in a row, except for Nino and Kagami.)

Hawk Moth: What? Why don’t they take any?

Miraculous Queen: Of course because Miraculous Fool and Pompous Brat don’t exist!

Hawk Moth: Or maybe someone else is already wearing them.

(The Wonder Queen stands in front of them and extends her arm)

Miracle Queen: Come on, hurry up and transform, my pawns!

Alya: Trixx, let’s dive. (Turns into Rena Rouge)

Max: Kaalki, full gallop. (Turns into Pegasus)

Luka: Sass, the scales are sliding. (Turns into Viperion)

Kim: Xuppu, Showtime. (Turns into King Monkey)

Queen of Miracles: You were once the minions of Ladybug and Cat Noir, but from now on you will be the royal guard of the Queen of Miracles!

(Miracle Holders bow together)

Miracle Queen: (vengeful) Ladybug, Cat Noir, I will use your own weapons to defeat you. You will be so sorry you didn’t choose me!

Scene: The roof of the Palais de Chaillot. Mayura is on top of a building guarding Master Fu, who is now a Jade Turtle, and remains protected by his Shell-ter power

(Hawk Moth joins Mayura)

Hawk Moth: Mayura! Now it’s time to deal with the old guardian. (As Hawk Moth speaks, Mayura, still ill, suddenly loses her balance, grabbing her.)

Hawk Moth: Mayura!

Mayura: I’m fine.

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