Miraculous Season 3 Episode 11 Desperada

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 11 Desperada

Scene: Couffaine Houseboat.

Marinette: You’re so talented, Luke. How long have you been playing?

Luka: Since I was in diapers. (guitar pick)

Marinette: (laughs)

Alix: I have a feeling that Marinette likes Luka a lot.

Alya: At least she can have a normal conversation with him without getting all (blabber) blah blah blah blah blah blah!

Mylène: I guess you mean not like when she’s with Adrien.

Alix: And at least Luka can go out whenever he feels like it.

Scene: Seine. Kagami and Adrien arrived at the Couffaine houseboat.

Kagami: Thank you.

Scene: Couffaine houseboat. All three girls watch Marinette and Luka together.

Mylène: They are so cute together.

Alix: That’s right.

Alya: Sure.

Adrien: You mean? (gasps)

Kagami: I agree. The boy and your friend seem to get along very well.

Alya: Adrien! Kagami!

Alix: Your father let you out?!

Adrien: We’re officially in swordsmanship training right now, but — Oh, no, Kagami. Isn’t that the wrong address?

Kagami: Oh dear, I guess you’re right.

(Adrien and Kagami laugh. Marinette starts to frown)

Luka: It’s good that Adrien found someone to finally get out of the house with.

Marinette: ...Hello, Adrien. It’s great that you couldn’t come alone. Oh-I mean, you came with someone. (giggles nervously) Hey Kagamoo– Ah, Kamoogi– Uh Kagami…

Kagami: Good to see you too, Marinette. Did you come to see your friend rehearse?

(Marinette stammers.)

Anarka: (yelling from the deck of the ship above) I WILL NOT be your second choice!

Jagged Stone: But you’ve always been my muse, please–!

(All the teenagers run off to find the commotion; Alya and Marinette stay behind)

Alya: Kagami might be up to something, you know.

Marinette: Luke? You know he’s just a friend. (Marinette runs off; Alya sighs and follows.)

Scene: Seine.

Jagged Stone: You know very well that you were my first choice. You are the only one, Nanarky.

Juleka & Luka: (both confused) “Nanarky”?

Anarka: You can’t fool me, pirate. I bet you threw your guitar player overboard again!

Jagged Stone: No, I swear not. She swam away from me, leaving me in the lurch. (shows the album they made when they were together) Look how perfect we were together. Come back and play with me, Nanarky. (blows her an air kiss while playing )

Juleka and Luka: Jagged and our mom?

Anarka: (smiles slowly, but snaps out of her trance when she sees the twins looking at her) We’re not co-captains anymore. I’m sailing alone now, Captain! (walks away)

(Jagged starts to frown but then sees Marinette)

Jagged Stone: Marinette! Are you here! (eagerly presses a few notes on the keyboard) Awesome designer of these rock’n’roll shades of mine. I’m sure you can help me. I need a guitarist like yesterday. Do you play the guitar?

Marinette: Me? — Guitar? I can play a few notes on the flute, but I don’t think…

(Alya gestures towards Luke and Adrien.)

Marinette: No wait, Jagged. I know a perfect musician.

Jagged Stone: Really? You rock, Marinette!

Marinette: You definitely know Adrien Agreste. He’s the cutest — uh — biggest model — I mean musician in the world!

(Everyone gasps)

Adrien: Well, I know a few chords, but I’m actually more of a pianist.

Jagged Stone: Uh, okay, are you sure? What about the young guy with the awesome shirt? Don’t you think he’s better equipped for the job?

Marinette: Of course! You’re right, Jagged! (they sigh) Luka can let Adrien borrow his guitar, can’t you, Luka?

Luke: If you want, Marinette… (groans) use it, Adrien.

Adrien: I’ll do my best. Thanks.

(Before Adrien could play, a villain appears)

Desperada: Jagged Stone! So you fired me and now you want to replace me with what? Schoolboy?

Jagged Stone: Vivica? Is that you?

Desperada: Vivica is no more! Now there is only Desperada. If I can’t be your guitarist anymore, I’ll make sure NO ONE can!

Anarka: (overhears the conversation) A-hah! You ship rat! I knew you were lying. Vivica didn’t leave you. You let her go just like you let me go! (Jagged Stone moans)

Desperada: What? Were you thinking about replacing me with HER?!

Anarka: Hello! I’m a much better guitar player than you and I was his first choice.

Desperada: In that case, you’ll be my first choice too! (fires at Anark and she disappears) I never miss a note. Vivica ALWAYS hits her targets! (fires at Kagami and she disappears too)

(Desperada starts shooting, making all the people in Paris disappear.)

Scene: Couffaine houseboat.

Marinette: I never should have given Adrien that guitar. Why did I do that, Tikki?

Tikki: You have a troubled heart, Marinette.

Marinette: (groans) What’s happening to me?! Tikki, watch out!

Scene: Seine.

Luka: (to Adrien) Not there. You’d be a sitting duck in that booth.

Desperada: Where are you running to, wannabe?

Jagged Stone: Stop it, Vivica, you’re giving rock ‘n’ roll a bad name.

(Desperada fires at Jagged Stone and he disappears)

Penny Rolling: Toothy–? No–! (disappear)

Ladybug: I may not play the guitar, but I play the yo-yo. Care for a duet?

Desperado: Solo!

Scene: the banks of the Seine. 

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