Miraculous Season 3 Episode 13 Startrain

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 13 Startrain

 Scene: Master Fu’s massage shop. Marinette returns Fox Miraculous.

Master Fu: Great job Marinette. Thanks to you, Parisians can rest easy tonight.

Marinette: (yawns) I can’t wait to do the same. Good night, master.

Tikki: Marinette, you forgot to mention the school trip.

Marinette: It’s not like I’ll be able to go anyway.

Master Fu: What excursion?

Marinette: Oh, the whole class is taking the train to London tomorrow to see Big Ben. But if Hawk Moth creates a supervillain while I’m gone, Cat Noir won’t be able to capture Akuma on his own, which means I have to stay. Too bad, tough superhero life, plus I’m too exhausted to go.

Master Fu: Wait, Horse Miraculous can be used to teleport back to Paris in case of an Akuma situation. (hands her the miracle horse)

Marinette: That’s great! Thank you, master.

Master Fu: Ladybug definitely deserves some fun, as do all youngsters her age.

Scene: Outside the Collège Françoise Dupont.

Adrien: See you tonight! (walks towards the school, but runs to the station as soon as the car leaves) The Hawkmoth already struck last night, so there’s no chance of another Akumatization today.

Plagg: Finally a day off! Far from Paris and those pesky batteries. Good idea, Adrien.

Scene: Paris Street.

Roger: (Sees a civilian leaving trash on the sidewalk) Trash has to be put in the trash or he’s littered, fined!

Sabrina: No, please, not dad! You miss my train, you know Chloé is counting on me!

Roger: But the law is the law, honey.

Sabrina: But you’re not on duty yet, are you? You don’t have to be anything but my sweet, sweet daddy right now.

(Roger continues driving.)

Civilian 1: You walked right into me!

Civilian 2: (overlapping) You were walking into me! No, you got into me!

(Another civilian throws trash on the ground and Roger grunts in frustration.)

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair. The Hawk Moth window will open.

Hawk Moth: A frustrated cop with a passion for justice who’s hands are tied… the perfect (turns a butterfly into an akum) Fly away from my little akum and screw him up!

Scene: Paris Street.

(Roger stops behind a car that emits a large cloud of smog.)

Roger: (coughs) Another polluter! That driver gets a fine, his vehicle does not meet the city standard!

Sabrina: Dad! (Her phone’s alarm starts ringing.)

Phone Alarm: (in Chloé’s voice) Hurry up, Sabrina! Hurry, Sabrina! Hurry, Sabrina! Hurry, Sabrina! (Roger confesses to his daughter and continues driving.)

Hawk Moth: (from his lair) What’s going on? I can feel the anger receding! Fly faster my akuma, catch up with him!

Scene: Gare du Nord.

(Max, Markov, Alya and Marinette get out of the taxi. In another car, Max’s mother Claudia Kanté checks her smart watch.)

Smartwatch: You have no new emails.

Claudia: (sighs, then gets out of the car and immediately perks up) Who wants to be hot in the driver’s cab of the Startrain!

Marinette, Alya and Max: Yeah!

Alya: Thanks Ms. Kanté, this will be a great exclusive for my astronomy blog!

Marinette: Did you start a “different” blog?

Alya: I can’t help it, life is so interesting!

Marinette: (points) Hey! Isn’t that Adrien?

Markov: Agreed, Marinette! It really is Adrien Agreste!

Max: There was less than a point two three percent chance his father would let him come.

Marinette: Alya! This trip is going to be amazing!

Nino: (also just arriving) Adrien, bye! What are you doing here?

Adrien: I’m tired of my father stopping me from going on school trips.

Nino: You’re not listening to him, dude?

Adrien: Not technically because I didn’t tell him!

Nino: That’s sneakily clever, dude. (Laughs)

Scene: Startrain Operator’s Cabin.

Claudia: The operator here has to hold his hand the entire time he’s traveling between Paris and London. It’s called the Deadman switch and –

Alya: (recording) What would happen if you took your hand off of it?

Claudia: The train would stop.

Marinette: Even just for a second?

Claudia: It’s a safety switch in case the operator feels faint, for example.

Max: That’s why I always liked traveling by train with my mom. The trains get from A to B within the programmed time and are safe.

Markov: Programming is the best!

Alya: Did you always want to drive a train?

Claudia: I always want to be a driver, yes, but my real dream is to be an astronaut, to drive a rocket through space! I decided to run the trains so I could be around until Max grew up. The space mission lasts several months – (gets up and hugs Max) I can never be away from my Maxie-poo for that long, but now my son is a young man.

Max: My mom is taking exams to start astronaut training.

Marinette: That’s awesome!

Claudia: I expect the results today. (He looks at his smart watch.)

Smartwatch: You have no new emails.

Max: It’s too soon mom! The official documents said 11am, you get them during the train ride.

Claudia: If I pass the , this trip will probably be my last. Next time I go, I’ll take the controls of the space shuttle and take another space crew to the moon!

Max: You have eighty-nine points seven percent pass change.

Claudia: That still leaves a ten point three percent chance of failure.

Max: I believe you, you are the best! (They hug again.)

(Alya takes a picture of them as she and Marinette smile.)

Scene: Gare du Nord.

(Roger tries to get a suitcase out of the trunk of his police car. A civilian throws a piece of trash on the ground, causing him to lose focus and trip over the sidewalk. The trunk opens and some items fall out. )

Roger: You’re only going for the day, why do you need such a huge suitcase?

Sabrina: (picking up fallen objects) I have to be ready for anything Chloé needs, Dad. In case of a hair crisis, in case Chloé wants a cup of her favorite tea!

Roger: I’m proud of you, darling. Protect and serve, that’s the motto of our Raincomprix family!

Phone Alarm: (In Chloé’s voice) Hurry up, Sabrina! Hurry, Sabrina! (Roger quickly closes the trunk and Akuma is trapped inside.)

Sabrina: Chloe is waiting for me! I’ll see you tonight, dad. (She takes the suitcase and kisses her father goodbye.)

Roger: (sees Mr. Ramier feeding the pigeons) Okay, that’s it, you get fined!

Hawk Moth: (from his lair) I don’t feel any negative emotions anymore! What happened? where is my akuma

Scene: Star Train Platform.

Announcer: Final boarding of train number 8065, platform number 23.

Chloé: (sees Sabrina) Phew, you’re finally here!

Miss Bustier: You’re probably going to be hot in that dress, Chloé!

Chloé: May I remind you, Miss Bustier, that it’s always cold in London

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