Miraculous Season 3 Episode 14 Kwamibuster

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 14 Kwamibuster

 Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom. The class is taught by Mrs. Bustier.

Mrs. Bustier: In 1670, Molière was commissioned by King Louis XIV, nicknamed the Sun King, to write a play to mock a certain ambassador-

(Plagg flies down to Mrs. Mendeleev’s classroom by going through the floor. Tikki spots Plagg and flies down as well.)

Tikki: Plaggu, you promised me you wouldn’t go back there!

Plagg: Sorry, Sugarcube, but I can’t resist such irresistible beauty! It sits here every day, beckoning me with its gooey cuteness. And every time I eat it, it pops up the next day! (starts eating cheese)

Tikki: Don’t you think it’s weird that that nasty, stinky thing keeps reappearing in the same place day after day?

Plagg: That’s exactly why I call it magic cheese!

(Mrs. Mendeleev emerges from under the teacher’s desk and traps Tikki and Plagg inside a green net.)

Tikki: Yargh!

Mrs. Mendeleev: Ah, I have you at last, strange creature.

(Tikki pulls Plagg away from the cheese and flies through the net.)

Tikki: That’s exactly why you should always listen to me! Let’s get out of here!

Mrs. Mendeleev: (barely misses them with a net that gets stuck on a faucet and trips) Phew! And they talk too?!

Plagg: (Tikki punches through the wall but lets her go) I can’t! (Tikki returns) It’s impossible to leave such a creamy, cozy Reblochon!

Tikki: (dodging Ms. Mendeleev’s swing, teacher trips) Plagg!

Scene: Mrs. Bustier’s classroom. Ms. Mendeleev falls and swings loudly from the classroom.

Class: What? Hi? What’s happening?

Mrs. Bustier: (clapping to get the class’s attention) Focus on Molière and his plays.

Scene: Mrs. Mendeleev’s classroom. Mrs. Mendeleev continues her pursuit of the kwami. Plagg has eaten all the cheese, so both kwami ​​leave the classroom.

Mrs. Mendeleev: (stands up) Ugh, run and run. I have proof of my great scientific discovery! (looks at the camera footage from the corner of the room)

Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom. The Kwami return the bags to their respective owners. The bell rings and everyone leaves the classroom. A faint conversation can be heard from classmates, but not enough to be understood.

Scene: Marinette’s room. It’s late and Marinette is writing in her journal. Tikki flies up and Marinette closes it.

Tikki: Hmm. Don’t you want me to read your little secrets Marinette?

Marinette: (places her journal in the designated box as seen in “Darkblade”) I have no secrets from you, Tikki. You’re the only one I can talk to about my double life. Even my parents or Alya don’t know me as well as you do. I’m so happy to have you, Tikki. You are the only being with whom I can truly be myself without having to lie.

Tikki: I’m also very happy to have you.

Marinette: Good night, Tikki.

Tikki: Good night Marinette. (Once Marinette closes her eyes, she opens hers. After making sure Marinette is asleep, she floats out to the balcony.) Plagg, we need to tell our owners or Master Fu the truth about what happened today.

Plagg: Calm down, Sugarcube. Remember that no one can catch or record us.

Tikki: I know, but we were actually seen by a human. And at school too! This could compromise the secret identity of our owners.

Plagg: Aaw, well, I promise I’ll never eat any magic cheese again, and what’s the worst that could happen.

Scene: Mrs. Mendeleev’s classroom. Alya raises her hand and stands up.

Alya: Mr. Damocles, can you confirm the rumors that Ms. Mendeleev is not here today because she is appearing on the Alternative Truth TV show?

Kim: Where everything isn’t always true, (dabs) but nothing is really fake! (crosses arms)

Mr. Damocles: (shakes his head and pinches his nose) It is indeed quite possible that Mrs. Mendeleev has made a scientific discovery of the highest importance.

Juleka, Mylène, Nino, Ivan and Kim: Can we watch the show please dude?

Plagg: (Tikki and Plagg share worried looks) Huh…?

Alix: (facepalms) Ugh, my brother is also one of the guests…

Scene: François Dupont High School, in the library. The whole class is watching a show on TV there.

Alec: And we’re back for another installment of Alternate Truths (also recited by Kim) where everything isn’t always true (dab) but nothing is actually fake! Let’s welcome our last guest today: Ms. Mendeleev, science teacher at Françoise Dupont High School.

Kim: Yayy, that’s our teacher! (applause)

Mr. Damocles: Kim, sit down please.

Mrs. Mendeleev: Hello, thank you for having me.

Alec: (reads from tablet) You will describe an innovative scientific theory to our panel of experts, who will then decide whether it is true or false.

Kim: True or False!

Mr. Damocles: Sit down!

Alec: So, Mrs. Mendeleev, you already know our jury, its members are as always: the famous singer XY and the one and only Mr. Banana!

Mr. Banana: (bends both arms) Stay peachy!

Alec: And the incredible Manon Chamack, daughter of our favorite reporter Nadja Chamack. Up to you, Mrs. Mendeleev.

Ms. Mendeleev: What you are about to witness is proof of the existence of interdimensional beings with incredible powers who can move through matter and seem to be attracted to aged cheese. (Adrien looks at the screen in shock and so does Marinette) I discovered the first of these creatures soon after school started in September, (Tikki stares at Plagg and Plagg back) I began to watch him closely. Then I discovered the second one. I have proof, watch closely: (shows her camera tape) you can’t see the creatures themselves because they can’t be filmed – but look right there. (zooms in on cheese being eaten bite by bite by an invisible Plagg; Mr. Banana laughs) Since I wasn’t able to capture these creatures on video, I made sketches of them so you can get an idea of ​​what they look like.

Chloé: What’s that supposed to be?

Max: I seriously doubt this show was scientific at all.

Alec: Miss Mendeleev, (Marinette crawls away and so does Adrien at the same time; who notices Marinette) are you really serious about chasing cheese-eating ghosts?

Mrs. Mendeleev: I always mean it.

Scene: François Dupont High School, outside the library. Marinette goes up the stairs to the left and Adrien goes up the stairs to the right. Marinette goes to the girls’ restroom, walks into a stall and opens her purse.

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