Miraculous Season 3 Episode 15 Feast

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 15 Feast

 Scene: Nadja Chamacková reports to TVi from the museum.

Nadja Chamack: Don’t be fooled, it’s just news! Today, the Louvre Museum will unveil its latest acquisition: a mysterious sculpture carved from hardened lava recently discovered on the highest peaks of Tibet by the museum’s curator, Mr. Kubdel.

Marinette: (dreamy voice) Adrien.

Alya: Marinette, I asked Alix to lead us to this reveal so I could show you what I found out about superheroes. Not so you could stare at Adrien. You can do that every day at school, girl.

Marinette: Super Adrien… —ah, heroes! I’m one ear.

Alya: Great, so first you need to know that superheroes like Ladybug and Cat Noir get their powers from magical jewels called Miraculous.

Marinette: You told me you were going to stop researching Ladybug so as not to compromise her secret identity!

Alya: Oh, I—I know. Except this research has nothing to do with her identity. I’ll help Ladybug unmask Hawk Moth! And I think I found a connection between superheroes, Hawk Moth, and Miraculous.

Alya: Well, I’m sure Ladybug, Cat Noir, and other Miraculous wielders have been depicted throughout the centuries. Until, for some unknown reason, they disappeared and the world forgot about them. We already know that. Ladybug from ancient Egypt.

Alya: Here, the Black Knight, or Black Cat Miraculous holder.

Alix: Hmm…

Alya: Lady or superhero Butterfly here. Now this, Hercules, or the Holder of the Miraculous Lion.

Marinette: Okay, so now the Lion Miraculous is here?

Alix: Why not Bunny Miraculous while you’re at it?

Alya: Now you know that back when statues were painted, right? Most of the color has faded over time, but tiny microscopic pigments still remain. Thanks to this special application, you can see how it originally looked. But here’s the big thing. All these works of art have something in common. It’s the same symbol! Look, everywhere. (Marinette gasped as she imagined Master Fu’s mission) It’s like some secret society sign. It’s as if some kind of Order of Guardians has been watching over superheroes since the beginning of time!

Alix: Huh, it looks like the symbol on the Tibetan statue my old man found. (Mr. Kubdel reveals the statue, Nathalie gasps and the tablet she’s holding falls and shatters)

Adrien: Nathalie, are you okay?

Nathalie: Nothing, Adrien. Just dizzy.

Adrien: Maybe we should go home now. (Nathalie, Adrien and his bodyguard go upstairs)

Alix: According to my old man, the statue is almost two hundred years old!

Alya: From what I’ve found, there ‘t been any superheroes in wonder suits in the last two hundred years!

Alix: So… this statue would be the last known trace of Miraculous.

Alya: Until Ladybug and Cat Noir showed up a few months ago to fight Hawk Moth, yeah!

Alix: That’s great!

Alya: I’m sure my video will help Ladybug unmask Hawk Moth!

Marinette: Wait! Will you be publishing your theories on Ladyblog?

Alya: Actually… I already uploaded the video.

Alix: The Mystery of Miracles. It is beyond amazing!

Marinette: It sure is… isn’t it? Amazing! I’m sure Ladybug will be super excited about this. And likewise Hawk Moth… I have to go. I forgot I had, uh… homework! See you later!

Scene: Fu’s massage shop. Marinette shows a video of Master Fu the Ladyblog

Alya: It’s like some secret society sign. It’s as if some sort of Order of Guardians has been watching over superheroes since the beginning of time.

Marinette: It’s my fault Master. Sorry. I should never have trusted her with Miraculous.

Master Fu: Alya is an excellent journalist. Sooner or later she would reveal this secret hidden for centuries. But don’t worry. None of this will lead Hawk Moth to us.

Alya: This statue that arrived at the Louvre earlier this week.

Master Fu: Impossible! Not possible! We are doomed!

Marinette: Because of the statue? But just a second ago you were saying…

Master Fu: It’s not a statue, Marinette. It’s a sentimonster! A magical creature conjured from emotions shaped by the power of a peacock!

Marinette: But, Master, Cat Noir and I have already defeated the sentimonsters created by Mayura.

Master Fu: Yes, but… None of them came close to the power of this one. It was born from the negative emotion of a young man who had no idea what he was creating. Remember when I told you I made a terrible mistake? In order for you to understand, I have to tell you the whole story. (as Master Fu explains, a montage of what happened is shown) I was younger than you when I was chosen as a guardian. My parents told me it was a great honor. That I couldn’t refuse. So they took me to the temple. I wasn’t very happy there. I would rather live with my parents and be with other children my age. I didn’t want to be the guardian of anything. One of the tests to become a guardian required me to guard a magic box. Twenty-four hours without food. All I had for support was my apprentice’s staff. I was soon hungry. I got hungrier with each passing hour. And it was all because of Miraculous. Because I had to watch them. I couldn’t take it anymore. So I took the Peacock Miraculous and used its power. All I wanted was a cute little companion that I could send into the kitchen to fetch me some rice balls. But Miraculous must never be used for the wrong reasons. The anger I felt mixed with my intense hunger. And I created a sentimonster that was very different from the one I imagined. A hungry sentimon that eats everything, but specifically Miraculous, because they were the bane of my life at that very moment. I lost my stick in my panic. Just the item that would allow me to control him. I was just a young lad. I was so scared that I didn’t even think of destroying him by just using Peacock Miraculous. I tried to erase all traces of the stupidity I had done. A monk told me to run away with the grimoire he managed to save and the Miraculous Box. The very last Miraculous Box. That’s when I realized that my sentimonster had eaten all the other Miracle Boxes that were in the temple. And when the monks tried to stop it – the temple, the Guardian Order, everything… it was destroyed. I tried to run away from the sentimonster. However, I lost the grimoire as well as the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous. I thought sentimonster was gone forever. (montage ends) Once Hawk Moth finds out about this, he will be able to use the power of the Peacock to bring him back to life.

Marinette: Master, if that happens, Cat Noir and I will be there.

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