Miraculous Season 3 Episode 16 Gamer 2.0

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 16 Gamer 2.0

Scene: Place des Vosges.

Manon: Mom! I want to go on the merry-go-round! Nice please!

Nadja: As many times as you want, darling. It’s Sunday!

Manon: Hooray!

Scene: Marinette’s room.

Tikki: When were paid holidays introduced in France?

Marinette: Oh, Tikki. Please don’t talk about the holidays.

Tikki: But it’s for your history tomorrow, Marinette.

Marinette: Uh, okay. First paid vacation. Summer 1936.

Tikki: Good job. Eh… you’re drawing on a t-shirt right now.

Marinette: Oh! (wall)

Tikki: Maybe you should take a little break, Marinette.

Marinette: I can’t, Tikki. Everything is supposed to be tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Tom: (knocks and enters the room) Marinette! Ultimate Mecha Strike Tournament Time!

Mari nette:Video games? It’s been so long since I last played video games. No! I can’t give up! Dad, with the t-shirts for the Kitty Section, the history , the sketches for the new Jagged Stone poster, I still have 72 hours of work left to fit in tomorrow. And the rest of the week after that is even worse. I have no choice. I have to… stop playing.

Tom: Stop playing? But Marinette, acting is like that little pinch of salt in baguettes. It makes life more delicious.

Marinette: Dad, there are so many pies in the oven right now that they’re all on the verge of burning. No amount of salt will fix it.

Tom: Okay. That’s too bad. But remember, watch your apple pie, darling. It’s bubbling all over your cinnamon. (leaves)

Scene: Dupain-Cheng’s living room.

Tom: Oh, why does it have to grow so fast?

Sabine: It’s part of life. (holds remote) So best of three washes?

Scene: Marinette’s room. Tom and Sabine start playing Ultimate Mecha Strike so loud that Marinette can hear them.

Tom: Oh, you got me! I know your secret! You’ve been training in secret!

Sabine: Triple Space Kick! Bam! Yes, I got you!

Tom: Oh no!

Tikki: So… paid leave was introduced so workers could…?

Scene: Miss Bustier’s classroom.

Marinette: (sleeping) …take a break. Play video games. (wakes up) No! (looks for the paper and finds it stuck to her face) He found it! It really was just a dream. I filled it out. Really! (hands the paper to Miss Bustier) Now I just need to finish the last of the Kitty Section t-shirts, review my English class, and color.

Max: (from a distance) It’s for my new video game.

Marinette: (gasps) Ah, video games. (back to reality) Poster coloring!

Lila: Oh, I’d love to your video game, Max, but I promised Prince Ali that we’d go on a charity cruise on the Seine this afternoon on his yacht. Sorry.

Max: Kim!

Kim: Yes?

Max: Are you interested in playing the best fighting game in the world? 100% made by your best friend!

Marinette: A fighting game… designed by myself! Oh what’s wrong with me?

Kim: I’m sure I would get the highest score. But I have swimming training. Ondine is waiting for me.

Max: Alix! Are you going to my game? I’ve included over 50 characters and you can even loot their That’s not possible. I have an inline skating competition coming up. You can’t win without training.


Marinette: 50! Spoil! Ah! No no no no no…


Scene: Dressing room.

Adrien: Sorry, your game sounds amazing, but now I have a sword. Then my Chinese lessons, then photography…

Scene: Art classroom.

Nathaniel: A fighting game with ex-akumatized humans? What do you say?

Marc: The meeting with the editor is next week and we still have a lot of pages to finish.

Rose: Oh, we’d love to help you debug the game if it wasn’t for our Marinette costumes.

Max: Oh, Marinette! The most experienced player in the entire class. We won the Ultimate Mecha Strike Interschool Tournament together. Of course he won’t say…

Scene: Library.

Marinette: NO!

Max: But I ‘t said anything yet!

Marinette: And I don’t want you to say that. Because then I couldn’t refuse. And I must resist! I have too much work today. Kitty poster to sew for Jagged Stone. I mean, Jagged Kitty drawing t-shirt. I mean, oh! (bangs his head on the table)

Chloé: What Dupain-Cheng is trying to tell you with this ridiculously fake excuse of hers is that she doesn’t want to play your stupid little video game. In reality, no one wants to because everyone has a much more interesting life than you. Even Marinette, which is really saying something.

Marinette: No, that’s not a fake excuse at all. I do have a Jagged Stone poster to knit for Kitty. No! To send a stone. Uh, Stone and Jag. Uh… oh! I’m late! (starts)

Scene: Dressing room. Max opens his locker and sees Markov inside.

Max: Oh, Mark! At least I can count on you.

Markov: I’m sorry, Max. I am currently connected to the world wide AI network. We are looking for a solution to the global warming crisis.

Max: But I need you to help me my video game.

Markov: Impossible! To optimize my results, I removed all recreational activities from my system.

(Max sadly closes his locker)

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair. Hawk Moth captures Max’s disappointment.

Hawk Moth: Oh, how depressing. All his friends have such important and serious things to do. However, I love a good game. (creates akuma) And I have all the time in the world. Fly away, my little akumo, and harm him!

Scene: Dressing room. Akuma enters Max’s glasses.

Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Good to see you again, Gamer 2.0. Our last little round felt a little incomplete. So how about revenge? I could give your game a whole new dimension. However, one thing hasn’t changed. I only ask for one small reward. 

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