Miraculous Season 3 Episode 2 Animaestro

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 2 Animaestro

 Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette is watching a movie trailer on her tablet with Tikki.

Trailer: (dramatic background music) She’s afraid of cats, but she’s helpless without this cat.

Marinette: What? (angry) That’s not true. I’m not afraid of cats.

Trailer: Cat Noir and Ladybug: two heroes facing their destiny. Coming soon to theaters.

(Thomas Astruc appears on the tablet)

Thomas: The real Cat Noir and Ladybug won’t make it to the premiere tonight, but I hope they enjoy my film as much as we do.

Marinette: Meh, I’ll be the judge.

Tikki: Did you turn down the invitation to the premiere?

Marinette: I’m a superhero, Tikki, not a star. My job is to protect the city, not sit at a movie premiere.

Tikki: Well said Marinette

(Nadja Chamacková appears on the tablet)

Nadja: The premiere will be attended by many famous guests including rock star Jagged Stone, famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste and his teenage idol son who voiced Cat Noir, Adrien Agreste.

Marinette: (gasps) Adrien?! Will Adrien be there? Oh no! Ladybug should have said yes.

Tikki: (laughs)

Scene: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie, bakery

Tom: So we have six hundred macarons plus eight hundred petit fours, not to mention the Ladybug and Cat Noir tiered cakes.

Sabine: We should have hired someone to help us serve all these guests at the premiere.

Marinette: You mean the premiere of Ladybug and Cat Noir?

Tom: Yes.

Marinette: (gasps) Me, me, me! I can totally help you with that. (plates fall with excitement)

Tom: (grabs plates) You mean like a server?

Marinette: Yes. I will pass the macarons to Adrien. I mean… (drops the plates and knocks over the bowl of fruit before I can balance the bowl on the plate with a banana and two oranges.) …for everyone, of course. Not just Adrien, because Adrien isn’t the only one who likes macarons.

Sabine: (teasing) And of course the fact that Adrien will be there has nothing to do with it.

Marinette: Nothing. Like, not in the slightest. I just want to help my wonderful sweet parents that I love so much. (drops balanced bowl and fruit)

(Tom and Sabine look at each other warily)

Marinette: (dejected) You don’t believe me. Then again, I’m so clumsy. I wouldn’t believe me either. (picks oranges)

Tom: Of course you’re not clumsy, darling. You are accepted. We’ll just—

Marinette: (hugs Tom) Oh, thank you! You are the best parents in the world! (she dances out of the room while singing and bumps into something)

Sabine: We’ll just make double the number of macarons. Just in case.

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette in her chair turns towards the sewing machine.

Marinette: This is going to be an amazing night! I need something amazing to wear. And last but certainly not least, the amazing macaron. (pulls out a macaron from the drawer) Ta Da!

Tikki: Um, don’t you think your father’s 800 macarons will be enough?

Marinette: No Tikki. Adrien deserves a special macaron to show him how special he is. To me. Just imagine it! He expects plain macaroons, but I give him these macaroons. He takes one bite and says… (Marinette mimics Adrien’s voice) …oh, Marinette. It’s passionfruit, my favorite! How do you know me so well when I’m so secretive? So then I answer, it’s because you’re so special to me, Adrien. I feel like I’ve known you forever! Then he tells me –

Tikki: Wait! Is that why you bake one macaron every Sunday?

Marinette: Who knows when the perfect opportunity will present itself? And Adrien can’t have a stale macaron.

Tikki: Of course not.

Scene: Outside the cinema. Nadja Chamack reports to the camera the premiere of the news

Nadja: Don’t be crazy, it’s just news. Nadja Chamack comes to you live from the premiere we’ve all been waiting for: the brand new animated film about the adventures of Cat Noir and Ladybug. The lovely Laura Nightingale who sang all the songs in the film has just arrived!

(Laura Nightingale walks up to the man who lets people into action)

Doorman: Good evening, Laura! I’m your biggest fan. (Laura enters the theater)

(Thomas Astruc approaches the door and whistles, but is stopped by the doorman)

Doorman: This is a private event, sir.

Thomas: What? Sorry? I am Thomas Astruc, a film director. (shows him his ID)

Doorman: Did you make Cat Noir and Ladybug? What are they like in real life?

Thomas: Um, it’s an animated movie. They are all cartoon characters. We don’t actually film anyone. See, there’s this whole team that draws charu-

Doorman: Anything. Who wants to see Ladybug and Cat Noir as cartoon characters? (The porter waves Thomas into action)

Scene: Inside the action. Marinette is about to serve macaroons

Tom: So put your thumbs here and look straight ahead.

Marinette: Uh, shouldn’t there be macaroons on the tray?

Sabine: Yes, yes. We’ll deploy them as soon as you’re ready.

Marinette: Dad, Mom! I’m all set. Trust me, I’ll be super-duper careful.

(Tom and Sabine look at each other and sigh before exchanging trays)

Tom: (as Marinette leaves) Oh, our little girl is spreading her wings.

(Marinette walks near where Jagged is talking to Thomas)

Jagged: Ladybug is one of my best buds! I can’t wait to see her movie!

Thomas: Well, I – I’m the director, so it’s actually more of my movie, so to speak.

Jagged: Oh, so you’re the one who created the story?

Thomas: Technically, the writers wrote a story inspired by the actions of Ladybug.

Jagged: Oh, okay. So you did all the drawings?

Thomas: No, no. Animators do all the drawings.

Jagged: So what do you do then?

Thomas: Well I-

(Marinette almost falls but is caught by Jagged)

Jagged: Wow. Hi Marinette! Now he can draw! She does it all herself. Check out these cool sunglasses she made!

Thomas: Well, that’s impressive.

Jagged: She even designed my album cover!

Marinette: (giggles awkwardly) Er, thanks. Um, macaroons? (Thomas goes to get the macaron, but off-screen hands take it before he gets a chance)

(Marinette replaces the empty tray with another one)

Tom: Ugh. So far so good.

Sabine: (gasps when she sees Adrien)

Marinette (gasps)

Sabine: Uh-oh. She saw him.

Marinette: (to herself while placing a special macaron on a tray) Adrien, you’re so normal to me. No, special for me. Oh, I’ll never succeed.

(Adrien waves at Marinette. Marinette waves back, causing the plate to topple over)

Marinette: No!

(A special macaron falls off the plate.)

Marinette: No!

(Runs for the macaron and approaches Chloé Bourgeois and Thomas Astruc)

Chloé: (to Thomas) You! Go get me a chocolate macaron, but make sure it’s dark chocolate, not milk. I have it?

Thomas: But I’m not a waiter. I am a film director


  1. hello, all episodes of this third season are not working, video is not opening except for the four episodes that are working witch this are episode 22,23,24 and 26, can you fix the rest of them? it would great if they worked, regards Angela.

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