Miraculous Season 3 Episode 3 Bakerix

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 3 Bakerix

 Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette watches the news on the computer while knitting a sweater.

Nadja Chamack: Don’t be fooled, it’s just news. The Mayor of Paris will unveil the Startrain right here at the Gare du Nord train station. This ultra-modern train will travel between France and the UK at record speed, faster than a plane!

Tikki: But how does the train go across the sea between France and Great Britain, Marinette?

Marinette: Well, there’s a tunnel under the English Channel, Tikki.

Tikki: Did a superhero do it?

Marinette: (laughs) No, just regular men with machines.

Tikki: I can’t believe how many inventions people have made since I last owned.

There’s no stopping you either. This will be a beautiful sweater!

Marinette: It’s a tradition, you know. I’ve always knitted my dad a sweater every year for his birthday, so this time I want to make something extra special for him, but I can’t think of anything.

Tikki: You definitely come up with the perfect idea. You always do that.

Marinette: I should think about it now because today is his birthday!

Scene: Living room. Sabine is on the phone with Roland while Marinette walks down the stairs.

Sabine: Oh, come on! It’s a real shame, Roland! Your son’s 40th birthday today! (Marinette takes an apple from the fridge and bites into it.) And, uh, I know how much Tom would love it if you- (Rolland hangs up and Sabine gasps) Oh…

Marinette: Is that my grandfather again?

Sabine: Yes.

Marinette: So he’s definitely not coming?

Sabine: I did everything I could. It would make your father so happy. He doesn’t talk about his feelings very openly, but I know he’s sad that he can’t see his own father anymore. It is a shame.

Marinette: I’d love to meet him too someday.

Sabine: He hasn’t left his home or seen a single person in over 20 years!

Marinette: I know, but why not?

Sabine: Uh, he’s a little old fashioned. Not exactly what you call “modern”.

Marinette: But what happened 20 years ago?

Sabine: Well, it’s complicated. If you really want to know more about it, you should probably ask your dad.

Scene: Bakery. Tom makes bread while humming.

Marinette: (opens the door) Hi, Dad. Why hasn’t Grandpa left his for 20 years?

Tom: Oh? Uh, well, because he’s very fond of traditions, and, uh, if you want to know more about that, you should probably ask Grandma.

Scene: Marinette’s room. Marinette calls Gina via video chat.

Gina: Mmm, oh, he’s always lived in the past. Well, it’s complicated. If you really want to know about it, you should probably ask your father or your mother.

Marinette: Okay, thanks grandma, see you tonight. (hangs up and groans) Seriously, why won’t anyone just answer me?! (suddenly gets an idea and jumps to the computer)

Tikki: Judging by the look on your face, I think you’ve got your idea.

Marinette: You’re right, Tikki. I know exactly what I’m getting my dad for his birthday! I will put him and his father back together! I found Roland Dupain’s address, let’s go!

Scene: In front of Roland Dupain’s . Marinette is in front of the outer gate.

Tikki: What are you waiting for Marinette?

Marinette: If I tell him who I am right now, he won’t listen, just like with mom. (rings the bell)

Rolland: (over intercom) What do you want?

Marinette: Uh… I’m… a friend?

Rolland: I have no friends.

Marinette: That won’t be easy. (rings the bell)

Rolland: What do you want?

Marinette: Hello sir. That’s the post lady.

Rolland: Do what you usually do. Throw the mail in the trash. (Marinette looks over, sees the mailbox being emptied into the trash can. She sighs and rings the doorbell.)

Rolland: What do you want?

Marinette: This is for the fireman’s calendar?

Rolland: Oh, he doesn’t need fire. I hate calendars!

Marinette: It’s no use, it’s hopeless. (starts to walk away)

Tikki: Come on, that’s not the Marinette I know who gives up so easily.

(A van arrives and Gilbert, the flour delivery man, takes out a sack of flour. He rings the bell.)

Rolland: What do you want?

Gilbert: Your flour is here, Mr. Dupaine!

Roland: Oh! Enter, enter! The door is open.

Marinette: (gasps and runs to open the gate for him) Hello! I’m Marinette, Mr. Dupain’s granddaughter! I was just about to go in, alone. You can leave the bag for me, I’ll bring it to him. It will be a nice surprise.

Gilbert: Does Rolland have a granddaughter?

Marinette: I sure do! (Gilbert smiles and hands her the sack. She groans under its weight.)

Gilbert: I guess I should help you…

Marinette: Oh no! There is… light. could i borrow your hat I want to make fun of grandpa.

Gilbert: (puts his company cap on his head) Say hello to Rolland for me! Next time I come, I’ll bring a hat! (He jumps into his van and drives off as Marinette struggles to climb the stairs.)

Tikki: Are you sure you should sneak around and lie and pretend to be someone else? You’ve never met your grandfather, you don’t know how he’ll react!

Marinette: Well, it’s not exactly a lie. After all, I actually- (loses balance) Deliver! All uh! (grabs) Flour! What really matters is that she comes to her dad’s birthday party and the two make up. (She pushes the front door open and whispers) Hide, Tikki! (When he walks in, he looks around the and notices all the old fashioned technology and furniture)

Rolland: (kneading the dough, his back to her) Put the bag in its usual place, Gilbert!

Marinette: (a mouse runs around her feet) Oh! Uh, where’s his usual place?

Rolland: (turns startled) You’re not Gilbert!

Marinette: No… I’m, um, Germaine! His cousin!

Roland: Hmm. Aren’t you a little young to weigh the flour?

Marinette: I’m… an intern! (laughs) I’m doing an internship in flour delivery because one day I want to own my own flour shop!

Rolland: (frowns and turns back to his dough) It’s good to be ambitious. You can put the bag down now. Have a nice day. (to his mouse) Soot! (a mouse brings a bag of soot)

Marinette: So you’re a baker, huh?

Rolland: Are you a flour delivery girl or a curious detective? Keep going! Put down your bag and go!

Marinette: That oven you have there is a 1972 La Pegnole, right? It’s a rare wood-fired model! They only made a few hundred!

Rolland: (turns around) How did you know?

Marinette: My dad- uh, um- My bread history bread teacher taught us that.

Rolland: Well, that’s news. (in disbelief) Do you need bread history lessons to become a flour delivery boy now?

Marinette: You bet! It takes ten years to learn to be a delivery man these days!

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