Miraculous Season 3 Episode 4 Backwarder

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 4 Backwarder

 Scene: Flashback at the Eiffel Tower in black and white except for the red headlights: a relatively young Wang Fu and a young Marianne Lenoir running from the Nazis

Marianne:La (stops at Seina and Fu turns) Wait! We must fight, Fu! Let’s use Miraculous: I’ll marry the dybug and you the Black Cat!

Master Fu: But what if we fail? They get this box and it will mean the end of the world! Come with me; we will be safe in England.

(Fu grabs Marianne’s hand as she runs forward, but she frees her from his grasp; he turns in surprise.)

Master Fu: Marianne?

Marianne: Go without me—I’d rather stay and resist, even without the Miraculous!

(Fu takes a button with the Chinese character 爱, meaning love, from his tie and pins it to Marianne’s blouse; then places her hands on her upper arms.)

Master Fu: (sad background music starts) I’ll be back for this…and you!

Marianne: (holding Fu’s clenched fists) I’ll wait for you, right here, every day!

Master Fu: Marianne, I never told you, but…

Marianne: (Puts her finger on his lips.) Shh… Tell me when you get back!

(Red light hits Marianne’s face and a male voice is heard in the distance as she turns to the source.)

Nazi: Over there! Catch them!

Marianne: (turns to Fu) Now go!

(Fu and Marianne release their hands and run in opposite directions, and the male voice is heard again.)

Nazi: Come on! Faster! Box! We have to get the box!

 Scene: Marinette’s room.

Marinette: Girls! We have a very serious situation! (The girls are huddled on the couch, all but Rose looking extremely tired) Adrien and his father have been invited to a royal wedding in England this weekend.

Alya: (annoyed and exhausted) Is this the “emergency” that called us here on Saturday morning? (frowns)

Marinette: You don’t understand! Kagami and her mother are coming too! (walks around the room making dramatic hand gestures) Which means Adrien and Kagami will be spending the whole weekend together!

Alix: (tired and frustrated) And…?

Marinette: (An image starts playing in the background as Marinette wanders around) What if Adrien is blown away by her amazing dress and hairstyle? And when they dance together at the reception? And what if they tour the city on a romantic horse and buggy ride? That would be the end of the world! (visual end) At 11:00 they take the Startrain to London; that’s in less than two hours! We have to do something, fast!

(The girls appear to be dozing off; only Rose seems excited and wide awake.)

Mylène: We could… stage a demonstration and get the trains to go on strike.

Alya: No, they’d just take a helicopter or a private jet.

Rose: (raises her hand excitedly) I know! We’ll dress you up (visual starts playing) as British megastar Adeline so you can slip into Buckingham Palace. At the reception, you lure Adrien away from Kagami and dance with him in the grand ballroom and- (Visual End)

Alix: (interrupts him) Then when Adrien finds out you’re not who he thought you were (visually starts) he’ll be totally disappointed because he hates being lied to; he falls head over heels in love with Kagami because she never lies and you lock yourself in the Tower of London. (Marinette screams in horror.)

Juleka: (mumbles) Why don’t you just kidnap Kagami? This is cool.

(The other girls look scared at Juleka and gasp as she sits up straight.)

Alix: That would be bad!

Alya: There’s no way we could do that, Juleka!

Mylène: (shakes her head disapprovingly) Mm-mm!

Rose: We couldn’t!

Alya: (frustrated) Listen, Marinette, the best thing you can do is spill Adrien’s guts once and for all before he flies off to London!

Marinette: Couldn’t we try Jules’ idea instead?

(The girls shake their heads and make noises of disapproval.)

Marinette: But I just can’t! (bows head down dramatically) I can’t talk to him without (raises head and makes melodramatic hand gestures) stumbling over my words. I’ve been trying for months and – (gasps as she sees Wayzz peeking through her bedroom window) …and you’re right! (she giggles nervously and starts pulling the girls out of her room as they gasp in surprise) It’s time for things to change. Somehow I find the courage; thanks girls!

Alya: (turns to Marinette in surprise) Are you sure you’re going to be okay?

Marinette: (scratches the back of her head nervously) Yeah, sure! I’ll let you know what happens… (closes door, kicking Alya out) Hey girls!

Marinette: Wayzz! (Wayzz walks through the window and Tikki appears) What’s going on?

Wayzz: Marinette! You must come with me; Master Fu needs you! (turns and falls out the window)

Marinette: (to Tikki) You think it’s serious?

Tikki: Master Fu wouldn’t have sent Wayzz if it wasn’t for that!

Marinette: (sarcastically) You mean like the time he lost his keys and locked himself out of the ?

Tikki: It’s about time Fu learned to write and text!

Marinette: Write! Thank you Tikki! That’s the answer!

 Scene: Subway. Marinette rushes inside the train and sits down

Marinette: (fumbles through her purse to find a piece of paper and a pen) I’ll write Adrien a letter and give it to him on the platform right before he leaves. At least then I won’t spoil anything when I open my mouth! (puts the tip of the pen to the paper, takes a deep breath and starts writing)

Marinette: “Dearest, when you love someone you must never hold back from telling them when you have the chance, (two boys hear Marinette and listen) because one day you might realize it’s too late and all your hopes and are destroyed, with no way to go back in time and do it again. (comic starts running in the background) I want to tell you today before you go so you can take my words with you. they will reach your heart and that when you’ll come back, you’ll give me a chance to prove how true those words are. I… love you.” (comedian ends)

Boys: (mocking her) I love you!

(Marinette whimpers in embarrassment as they laugh shamelessly.)

Boy 1: (chanting repeatedly) She’s in love!

Boy 2: Look at her, she’s in love! (chuckles)

Passenger: Come on, kids! (The boys turn to face the passenger) It’s not nice to make fun of poets.

Marinette: Uhh… (blushes) maybe it’s not such a good idea after all. (She puts the love letter back in her purse and gets off the train dejectedly, the teenagers still laughing inside.)

 Scene: Fu’s massage shop; Marinette enters. Master Fu is lying on the bed, looking frail and weak, while a female doctor stands next to him, writing on her clipboard

Master Fu: Marineeeeeette!

Marinette: (hurries to stand next to the doctor) Doctor, is Mrs. – (covers her mouth with her hand) I mean – grandpa okay?

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