Miraculous Season 3 Episode 5 Reflekdoll

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 5 Reflekdoll

 Scene: Ladybug’s Miraculous Ladybug is fixing the broken Eiffel Tower in the background as she and Cat Noir land on the roof.

Cat Noir: I don’t say, ma’am. You’re a superhero who captures evil akumas – I’m just the sly, ultra-charming Cat Noir.

Ladybug: Sure, you have it easy.

Cat Noir: Easy? That’s because it looks simple.

Ladybug: As cunning as you are, that little prank you pulled earlier almost caused my lucky charm to fail!

Cat Noir: Do you know why Master Fu gave you Miraculous Ladybug instead of me?

Ladybug: Because it requires someone with a sense of responsibility?

Cat Noir: No, because you have no sense of humor.

Ladybug: Pfft, whatever. (Cat Noir tries to kiss her hand) Oh! (pulls away)

Cat Noir: Uh… Look, it’s no big deal! You have so many other great qualities! I’m only in charge of the humor department. (His ring starts beeping)

Ladybug: You’d better go before you lose your clown costume.

Cat Noir: I miss you already, Bugaboo.

Ladybug: Don’t call me —!

Cat Noir: (leaves) See? I was right! (Ladybug moans)

Scene: Houseboat Couffaine, in Luka and Juleka’s room. She repeatedly covers and uncovers one eye with her bangs, while Luka plays a cheerful guitar slide when she reveals her face and a dejected guitar slide when she covers it.

Luka: Don’t you want to be a model anymore?

Juleka: Yeah, but… no one will ever choose me.

Luke: (strums his guitar) Have you tried talking to Marinette about your idea?

Juleka: I don’t want to annoy her.

Luka: (walks up to her) You’re really pretty, Jules. I’m sure Marinette would love to have you as a role model. (clips Juleča’s bangs) You have to follow your in life. Don’t let them pass you by. You were made for it. (kisses her cheek) Go for it.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette and her friends are chatting in the courtyard.

Marinette: Since Madame Mendeleev wasn’t here today, what should we do if we’re out an hour early?

Alya: We should use this extra time to make a video for Marinette’s website!

Rose, Alix and Mylène: Yeah, good idea!

Alya: Remember I asked you to think about modeling Marinette’s designs? Well, any takers?

Juleka: (comes in with her bangs cut) I… I’d like to do it. (They gasp.)

Marinette: Juleka?

Mylène: I’ve never seen the top half of your face before!

Rose: It really suits you!

Juleka: (mumbles) Well, it’s just a barrette. I mean, I just, uh…

Alya: We have our model! (They cheer and drag Julek to the front of the school, but Alya holds Marinette back.)

Marinette: Aah!

Alya: Hello! We will need a technical director. Someone who knows her way around fashion shoots…? (Shows Marinette’s face at Adrien walking with Nino.)

Marinette: Don’t even think about it! If he’s right there in my , in my room, I’m going to be a complete mess! (whining)

Alya: No you won’t! You will be in your element. It’s the perfect opportunity to get up close!

Marinette: No, I- (Alya runs away) Alya, no! (wall)

Alya: (to Adrien) I was wondering if you could help us with a fashion shoot.

Adrien: I’d like Alya, but I have to get home or my father…

Alya: I know, but you were supposed to be in Mrs. Mendeleev’s class today, and since she’s not here, technically you don’t have to be home for another full hour. Your dad won’t know any other way!

Nino: He’s right, dude.

Adrien: Oh! Well.

Marinette: Oh no…! (knocks over)

Scene: Marinette’s room. The girls and Adrien get ready for a photo shoot.

Alya: (recording them on her phone, Marinette whispers) Shhh! This is absolutely your chance to invite him to the movies! (Marinette squeals)

Adrien: Alix, could you shine a little more light on Jules’ shoulders, please? I want her to stand out. (Alix does this and laughs triumphantly) Is it working for you, Marinette?

Marinette: What? Uh, sure! You’re perfect – I mean, it’s perfect!

Adrien: (takes her hair clip) This! It complements the suit perfectly.

Marinette: I was thinking the same thing, Madrien, oh—! (screams) Adrien! (laughs nervously)

Alya: How about a little smile for the camera, Juleka?

Juleka: (mumbles quickly) Uh, I don’t think that’s such a good idea, you guys, I…

Marinette: Is something wrong?

Juleka: (quietly) I just don’t feel that…

Marinette: You know, it was really nice of you to agree to be my model, (Juleka breathes heavily) but I can tell you don’t feel good about it at all.

Alya: Make up your mind quickly because we have less than an hour before Adrien has to leave.

Adrien: It’s okay, maybe we can do it again sometime if my father will let me.

Marinette: (to Jules) Would you prefer someone to stand in for you? (Jule’s heavy breaths come out as whimpers) This is something I should do myself, after all. These are my suggestions and…

Alya: Of course! Great idea Marinette! The great thing about your designs is that they work just as well with boys as they do with girls. Boy? Girl? Same suits? What do you think, Adrien, are you in?

Adrien: If it helps.

Alya: See? This is going to be awesome! Give Marinette your suit, Juleka – and Marinette, take another suit for Adrien! (Juleka groans. The girls set up folding screens for them to change. Alya hands Adrien some jewelry.) Here are your accessories, created by the one and only Marinette Dupain-Cheng! (Marinette whispers) I just bought you some extra time to ask him out! You’re welcome.

Marinette: I-I… (Gets dressed and replaces her earrings with her own designs)

Tikki: Don’t do it Marinette!

Marinette: It won’t be long, Tikki. Besides, you’ll hold them for me. (places earrings in purse with Tikki)

Plagg: (sees Adrien about to exchange his ring for Marinette) I hope you’re kidding!

Adrien: It won’t be long, Plagg. Besides, you will be nearby. (places ring with Plagg in bag.)

Rose: (sees Marinette and Adrien) Oh!

Mylène: Wow!

Rose: You look so beautiful!

Alix: That’s absolutely perfect!

Alya: Looks like we’re ready!

Mylène: Are you okay Marinette?

Marinette: Yeah, he’s too hot—I think! I’m overheating here, how about you?

Alya: Okay! Change of plans, we are taking pictures outside! (Rose, Mylène and Alix cheer. The next few lines overlap as Mylène and Alix run out.)

Rose: I love the outdoors!

Adrien: (pulls him out to Mylène) Heeey!

Alix: Come on, let’s go! (Marinette sighs)

Alya: New environment, you will breathe better outside – You can do it. (leaves)

Rose: (gasps) What’s going on, Juleka?

Juleka: I… I’d rather not come.

Marinette: What…? Why not?

Juleka: Nothing! I…

Rose: I’ll stay with you.

Juleka: No, don’t worry. please go Just tired and need to study and…

Marinette: Are you sure?

Alya: (from ) Girls! We only have thirty minutes left!

Marinette: (to Jules) Okay, then. Make yourself at home.

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