Miraculous Season 3 Episode 6 Weredad

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 6 Weredad

Scene: Paris at night. There was an explosion near Notre-Dame. An akumatized August runs through the streets.

Gigantitan: Cake! (People escape from cars and run in fear of someone stepping on them.) Cake! Cake!

(Ladybug and Cat Noir try to catch up with Gigantitan. They see Tom & Sabine Boulangerie)

Gigantitan: Cake! (voice) Cake!

Tom: I’ll protect my pastry if it’s the last thing I do.

Sabine: Tom, you’re going to get hurt!

Gigantitan: Cake! (Gigantitan approaches, both cowering in fear. Ladybug and Cat Noir land in front of the bakery.)

Ladybug: No, papa – sir. Dupain! Move away! (Grabs Gigantitan’s wrist with his yo-yo)

Cat Noir: Wow, my heart is like that kid’s wrist wrapped in a yo-yo. Captured forever m’Lady. (He tries to kiss her, but Gigantitan pulls Ladybug away. She crashes into Adrien’s advertising billboard.)

Ladybug: Oh, Adrien’s lips. (She slips away. Cat Noir catches her.)

Cat Noir: Admit it, you almost fell for my poetic verse for a second.

Ladybug: I’ll never be a fan of your poetry, but I find your silliness incredibly powerful.

Ladybug: Lucky Talisman! (She gets a giant plastic doughnut. It falls on her and she tries to hold it.)

Gigantitan: Cake! (Gigantitan takes the donut and tries to eat it. He realizes it’s not real and throws it through the wall of Marinette’s room.) Not the cake!

Cat Noir: Your plastic donut doesn’t stand a chance against the best macaroons in Paris. That kid has taste. (They go after Gigantitan)

Scene: Bakery. Tom realizes that Marinette is in trouble.

Tom: That’s Marinette’s bedroom! (Runs up the stairs) Marinette! Marinette!

Ladybug: (voice) Cat Noir, grab it!

(Gigantitan’s hand smashes through the stairs. Tom continues up the stairs. He runs into )

Tom: Marinette!

Cat Noir: (voice) Cataclysm! ( starts to collapse)

Tom: Marinette! Marinette! (He tries to enter her room, but the door is stuck)

Ladybug: (voice) Miraculous Ladybug! ( and door are fixed so Tom runs in)

Tom: Marinette! Marinette! (He sees Marinette in her bed and pulls back the covers. It’s just a pillow that looks like her head.)

Tom: Oh!

(August is deacumatized in mid-air and falls into Ladybug’s arms. She picks up his pacifier.)

Cat Noir: So what was it this time?

Ladybug: A late night craving, huh, baby August? (Turns him around and he laughs) Oo, (giggles) you’re so cute! (kisses him on the head many times)

Cat Noir: I’m a little jealous.

(beeping ladybug earrings)

Ladybug: Don’t be. (Sold by August Cat Noir.)

Cat Noir: Uh?

Ladybug: Here, you can have it.

Cat Noir: Eh!

Ladybug: Goodbye, little boy! (Swings on the roof)

Cat Noir: I was thinking of being jealous of him!

(Ladybug lands on the balcony)

Ladybug: Stains gone! (Detransforms)

Scene: Marinette’s room. Sabine enters, upset.

Sabine: (gasps) Tom?

Tom: (Hugging Marinette’s pillow) Marinette’s not in her bedroom!

Sabine: (gasps)

Scene: In front of the bakery. August waves towards Marinette’s room.

Cat Noir: Missing you too? I know how it feels.

August: Stupid! (Cat Noir remembers that Ladybug had an August pacifier)

Cat Noir: Oh, of course! Dummy!

August: Stupid! (Stretches his staff to the roof)

Cat Noir: Marinette? (He lands. He hides the pacifier and throws it behind his back)

Marinette: Uh…

Cat Noir: This isn’t the first time I’ve come across right after Ladybug transforms back. (gasps) You could be…

Marinette: (Panics) Oh, I love you! (Hugs Cat Noir)

Cat Noir: (whispers) Marinette?

(Tom emerges from trap door)

Tom: Oh!

(They look at him)

August: Cake!

Tom: Well, I never did. Gentlemen!

(Marinette and Cat Noir look at each other. Marinette lets go of Cat Noir. His ring starts beeping)

Cat Noir: Oh! Well, perfect timing! I have to go and take him back to his mother.

Tom: Wait! (Puts a hand on Cat Noir’s shoulder) Why don’t you join us for Sunday brunch tomorrow? (Sabine enters the balcony in the background)

Cat Noir: Uh… (Looks at Marinette. Marinette waves her hands “no” at her father. She notices Cat Noir looking at her and giggles nervously.)

Tom: Shall I make macaroons?

Cat Noir: How could I say no? See you tomorrow! (He leaves. Marinette’s parents wave.)

Marinette: (She puts her face in her hands.) Ugh!

Scene: Rooftop. Cat Noir runs and carries August.

Cat Noir: (to August) I just thought she was following us around because she’s a Ladybug fan like her friend Alya. (August looks up and laughs) But it turns out she’s in love with me. Do you realize this is the first time a girl has told me she has a crush on me? (August burps) Tell me about it. If only Ladybug would confess her love to me. (Smiles and runs away)

Scene: Marinette’s room. She and Tikki are in her bed.

(Marinette falls on the bed and covers her face with her hands)

Marinette: (muffled) This is an absolute disaster! (She rolls over)

Tikki: You shouldn’t have lied about your feelings, Marinette.

Marinette: But Tikki, he was going to figure out I was Ladybug! 

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