Miraculous Season 3 Episode 7 Silencer

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 7 Silencer

 Scene: Le Grand Paris.

André: My good old friend Bob. It’s wonderful to see you. And you took little Xavier-Yves with you. (pinches XY’s cheek)

XY: (pushes André’s hand away) Uh, my beepers call me XY, if you don’t mind, Mr. Mayor. Xavier-Yves is too-

Andre: XY! Of course! Famous DJ XY! (XY and Bob sit down) It is an honor for the palace to host such a fantastic artist and his father.

Bob: So does that mean dinner is at home?

André: Uh…uh…

Bob: (laughs) Just kidding.

André: (laughs) You’re great, Bob. Always a comedian. Enjoy your meal. Enjoy your meal! (walks away)

Bob: I tried. Okay, we need to talk about this special TV appearance you’re going to be doing. You know, this will be a big promotion for you. Do you have any new material to premiere? New ideas?

XY: Of course not, Dad. You know I’m never out of ideas. (he and Bob laugh)

Bob: So let me hear what you’ve been tearing up this year, what you’ve come up with. (listens to XY playing his song on the laptop, but then signals him to stop) Isn’t that a bit like what you did last year?

XY: (plays last year’s song) Oh yeah. I guess I ripped off my own music. (he and Bob laugh again)

Bob: Never mind. No one will know the difference anyway. Image is key. What kind of visuals do you have? Any concepts?

XY: Anything?

Bob: Forget it. I will use the same plan that made me the rich man I am today. If you’re short on great ideas, borrow someone else’s. (he and XY laugh so hard that the other guests start staring at them)

Scene: Outside the Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette, Luka, Rose, Juleka and Ivan listen to Bob Roth’s announcement on Marinette’s phone.

Bob: We’re looking for new talent. Stunning musical and visual skills are a must. With a brand new style that everyone will die for. You have two weeks to submit your videos.

Marinette: It’s a great opportunity to show off the Kitty Section.

Luka: And those stage outfits you designed, Marinette.

Marinette: (blushing) With everyone involved, two weeks is more than enough time to make an awesome video. Everyone in?

Rose: Let’s do it!

All: Kitty Section!

Scene: Couffaine houseboat. While the band performs, Marinette designs their costumes and records them. Once the video is complete, she sends it to Bob and they all hug. After some time there is another exam.

Rose: ♫ You know I love unicorns

And that they make me feel better!

I see their faces everywhere I go

Dream about them at night!

You know I love unicorns

And that they make me feel better!

I want them to be mine, mine, mine.

Dream about them at night!

Yes Yes Yes!!

You know I love unicorns

And nothing cheers me up! ♫

Luke: Wow! This is so amazing! We are so at the moment. The song is fun and completely honest. (walks up to Marinette, who is anxiously looking at her phone) Hello, Marinette. Still no contest news?

Marinette: Maybe they didn’t like our song?

Luka: They must have received a lot of videos. They probably ‘t chosen yet.

Ivan: Uh, oh. You guys better check it out.

(Everyone looks out the window of the ship to see the TVi studio where XY is playing the Kitty Section song and wearing cardboard versions of their costumes)

♫ …because I lot is so… original?

XY: (pve my unicorn and fluffy blue bunnies too! ♫

Alec: Wow! I love the new look, XY! You really outdid yourself this time. How did you come up with a style thaoints to head) Everything is here.

Ivan: But that’s our original style!

Luke: (to Marinette) Your unicorn and your mask!

Marinette: (to Luke) That’s your tune. (to Rose) It’s your music. It is not fair! That should be you up there on TV. Better to have a good explanation. We have to have it out with Bob Roth and XY.

Scene: TVi studio. Entrance to the band is prevented by two guards.

Guard 1: They’re not here right now.

Marinette: Really? They are right on the live screen.

Guard 1: You are not allowed to enter. You don’t have an invitation and the show has already started.

Marinette: But it’s our show!

Guard 2: That’s not our problem, miss.

(Luka and Marinette get an idea and smirk at each other; Ivan is wearing a Kitty Section costume, the commercial follows Rose and Juleka around the studio building)

Rose: Help! Our friend has been akumatized! Ladybug and Cat Noir are not here to save us! Quick!

Guard 2: Stop messing with the kids, it won’t work.

Guard 1: We have work to do, so get out of here and go watch the show at home. (Marinette and Luka sneak up on him and the other guard unknowingly; they enter the studio and go up to the floor where XY is performing)

Alec: Wow! Great, XY! Such a 180 from your last record! This could be your best yet! So tell me, where did you get the inspiration for all the new material?

XY: Oh, it’s nothing really. I came up with the whole song in 5 minutes.

Luka: In 5 minutes? He couldn’t even sing it the way it should be sung.

Marinette: And his mask isn’t even good. (notices Bob and walks up to him) Mr. Roth! My name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. I’m the one who sent you the Kitty Section video.

Bob: Video? What video? I don’t know what you’re talking about, boy.

Marinette: Maybe I can jog your memory? Look! (shows Bob a video on his phone) Costumes, mask, music, dance moves. They are all the same!

Bob: There is no comparison. Here’s some amateur garage band. My son is a solo artist. You play instruments, his music is all digital. Our unicorn is much cooler and our masks are not like yours.

Luka: That’s not true! You copied Marinette’s costumes!

Marinette: And it’s the exact same song. You stole Luke’s music!

XY: Come on. Let’s not overdo it now. Maybe we just got a little… inspired, that’s all.

Luka: (furiously) Inspired?! You totally stole it! You didn’t design that mask, (furiously rips XY’s mask off his head) Marinette did!

Marinette: Listen, it’s not too late to do the right thing. Just tell the truth and let the Kitty Section appear on the show. That’s all we ask.

Bob: Yes. They will want to be on the show first. Then they will ask for a cut of the profit. In any case! I have never seen or heard of Kitten Division.

Luke: Forget it, Marinette. It’s not a big deal. Let’s just go.

Marinette: No! It is not fair! I will not stand by and let my friends’ work be stolen. (to Bob) If you don’t tell the truth, I will! Right now, in the air, live! (walks up to the camera)

Bob: (grabs Marinette’s arm) If you do, I’ll tell them you’re the copier, not me. I’m sick of the whole music business. So who do you think they will believe? Me or a group of nobodies?

Luka: Grrr…

Bob: You’ll never have a future in this business. You’ll never make another costume again.

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