Miraculous Season 3 Episode 8 Oni-Chan

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 8 Oni Chan

Scene: Lili’s room. Lila gathers her things while listening to a voicemail on her phone.

Lila’s Mother: (via voicemail) Hello, sweetie. Breakfast is on the table, lunch in a bag and dinner in the fridge. I’ll be home late tonight again, but I’ll do my best to be there this weekend. Pinky promise. And if you need anything, call me. I love you to pieces my angel! (gives a kiss)

Scene: Near the bakery. Nino is seen walking and Lila appears. Nino notices her and runs to her.

Nino: Is something wrong, Lilo?

Lila: Uh, no, I’m doing great! I just… my mom wants me to go to that fancy event at the embassy with her tonight, but I have too much homework and I’m so behind from being away for the first semester. I’ll just have to tell her no. She will be so upset…

Nino: Oh, yes. Bad luck.

Lila: Adrien said he’d help me, but I don’t want to bother him. He probably forgot about him anyway. He might think I’m in love with him, just like all the other girls who hang on to him all the time.

Nino: Adrien is a great dude. I’m sure he won’t mind. I can put in a good word for you if you want.

Lila: Oh, would you do that for me? Oh, thanks, Nina, you’re the best!

Nino: No sweat.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont.

Nino: (runs to Adrien as he gets out of the car) Hey, Adrien!

Adrien: Hi Nina. What’s happening?

Lila: (smiles)

(gasps) I wasn’t spying on Lila. I was just… tying my shoes.

Alya: You have nothing to fear. Nino told me that Lila said she was definitely not in the mood for Adrien.

Lila: (notices Marinette) Why don’t we go to your place to do homework? It would be much quieter, wouldn’t it?

Adrien: My father would never approve of that.

Lila: I bet I can change his mind. (grabs Adrien’s arm and runs out of the classroom)

Marinette: (follows Lila and Adrien)

Alya: (chasing after her) Marinette! Wait!

Lila: (preparing to enter Adrien’s car but is stopped by Adrien’s bodyguard)

Marinette: Phew! There was no way Adrien’s bodyguard would let her into the car. (gasps when he sees Lila getting into the car) Really?!

Alya: Don’t tell me you’re going to follow them!

Of course not! I’ll just go… to the pool. (takes off as Alya palms)

Marinette: (notices Juleka on the bike) Hi, Juleka. (gives her backpack and takes her helmet) Can I borrow your bike? It’s an emergency! (takes off on Julča’s bike)

Juleka: Probably?

Tikki: Marinette. You should trust Adrien. He knows Lila is a liar.

Marinette: I know, but if she keeps lying like she is, she’s going to end up hurting someone. I refuse to let her hurt Adrien!

Scene: Auto Agreste.

Lila: What’s the worst grade you ever got?

Adrien: A- in math. Listen, Lila, you should forget about this. My father can be hard on anyone he sees as an intruder.

Lila: (laughs) We’re not doing anything wrong. Leave it to me.

Scene: Agreste Castle. Lila and Adrien get out of the car and walk up the stairs to where Nathalie is standing as Marinette spies them through the gate.

Nathalie: Sorry, Adrien, but you know your father-

Lila: Excuse me ma’am. But can I ask him directly? Just in case.

Nathalie: Mister Agreste is busy designing and must not be disturbed for any reason.

Adrien: I told you so.

Lila: Oh, Adrien. So I wanted to help you catch up on all the schoolwork you’ve been missing because of all the modeling you’ve been doing lately. What will your father think when he finds out about your lower grades, Adrien? Who will he believe?

Nathalie: Adrien, did your grades go down?

Lila: He wouldn’t tell you himself, when I saw Adrien crying the other day because he only got an A-, I just felt like I had to offer him some help. I could last half an hour. (Nathalie raises an eyebrow at her) I see. You just do what you think is best. I did my best, adrien. Good luck.

Nathalie: If it’s only half an hour…

Lila: If you really insist, I will!

Marinette: Really? How does he do it? (she runs around trying to spy on Adrien’s room only to find that the wall of is too high to climb; however, she gets an idea when she sees a lot of trash cans nearby)

Scene: Agreste Castle. Lila and Adrien go to Adrien’s room.

Lila: See? You never know until you ask nicely.

Adrien: You didn’t ask nicely. You lied, Lila.

Lila: You told me yourself that your A- in math is your lowest grade, right?

Scene: Outside the Agreste mansion. Marinette has built a tower out of trash cans, which she is about to climb until Fire Captain Hessenpy stops her.

Hessenpy: Hello miss. You can’t climb it. It’s too dangerous.

Marinette: Could I borrow your ladder, please? The guy I’m in love with is going to cheat with a liar.

Hessenpy: No. A fire escape is for real emergencies, not for spying on boys. Especially without a helmet.

Scene: Adrien’s room. Lila stares at Adrien’s computer wallpaper of him and his mother.

Lila: Oh, is that your mom? You look a lot like her. I look a lot like my mother too, you know. Isn’t it just crazy how much you and I have in common? (opens one of Adrien’s drawers and is disgusted to find Plagg’s ermine stash)

Plagg: (eyes Lila suspiciously as she hides in one of Adrien’s trophies)

Scene: Outside the Agreste mansion. Marinette tells Hessenpy about Lila.

Hessenpy: And the lying girl is really that insidious? (Marinette nods) You really care about that boy, huh? (Marinette nods and Hessenpy sighs) 

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