Miraculous Season 3 Episode 9 Miraculer

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 9 Miraculer

 Scene: Le Grand Paris. Chloé and Sabrina rush to the roof to activate the Bee Signal.

Nadja: (speaking from Sabrina’s phone) …help them defeat the fearsome Destroyer, Ladybug and Cat Noir…

Sabrina: (glued to the screen turns her leg and drops her phone near Chloé) WHOOOH!

Nadja: …with the help of their sidekicks: Rena Rouge and Carapace…

Chloé: (activates her Queen Bee signal) Today is the day.

Nadja: Let’s hope the Guardians defeat this bad guy soon! Stay tuned for updates. (Chloé pulls out a photo of herself with Ladybug taken in “Evillustrator” and then notices Sabrina’s phone)

Nadja: The battle between our heroes and the Destroyer is in full swing! (The Eiffel Tower explodes and Chloé picks up the phone) Oh no! And now Paris’s most spiky monument is being ravaged by a hideous supervillain!

Chloé: Ugh, how embarrassing. They look ridiculous without me. Absolutely ridiculous.

Sabrina: Come on ladybug! Do you need help. Come and bring Chloe!

(Chloé nudges Sabrina with her elbow)

Sabrina: Oh! Oh yeah, sorry uhm… Come and bring the Queen Bee!

Scene: Hawk Moth Lair.

Hawk Moth: Mayura. Ladybug and Cat Noir are in trouble.

Mayura: (spying on Chloé from behind a nearby statue) Chloé is already waiting for her as always.

Hawk Moth: Perfect. Be ready in case Ladybug goes and hands her the Bee Miraculous.

Scene: The roof of the Le Grand Paris Hotel. Both girls watch from Sabrina’s phone.

Nadja: Ladybug calls her a Lucky Charm and she gets a… rubber duck? what will he do with it? Will Cat Noir, Rena Rouge and Carapace be…?

Chloe: Come on! What are you waiting for? You need me!

Nadja: Good! Of course! This is brilliant! And Ladybug pulls it off again! With the help of all her superhero friends, she defeated the Destroyer! (The Miraculous Ladybug flies around Paris and repairs the Eiffel Tower)

Chloe: All of them? ALL!? What about Queen Bee? Yuck! (furiously throws Sabrina’s phone to the ground and then crosses her arms)

Sabrina: (picks up the phone) That’s really not great.

Chloé: Oh, you don’t understand. Ladybug only calls me when she has to deal with serious villains.

Sabrina: Uhh, yeah! Of course.

(Chloé looks sadly at her photo)

Scene: Ladybug, Carapace and Rena Rouge land between two buildings.

Carapace: Wayzzi, get out.

Rena Rouge: Trixx, let’s rest.

Ladybug: (collects Miraculous Turtle and Fox from Nino and Alya) And don’t forget. No one can ever know our secret identities.

Nino: Except us, of course.

Ladybug: (turns and throws the yo-yo) Thanks, see you next time. (swings away)

Scene: Eiffel Tower. Ladybug joins Cat Noir.

Cat Noir: You ‘t talked to her yet, have you?

Ladybug: You know how dangerous it is to use Chloé. Everyone knows she was Queen Bee, everyone including Hawk Moth. He can use it to trap us. Therefore, our identity must remain a secret.

Cat Noir: And the best kept secrets are the ones you don’t share, yeah, I know. I don’t think Chloé knows her time as Queen Bee is over.

Ladybug: I know, I just don’t have time to tell her and… (her Miraculous beep) …and I won’t be today either, I’m about to transform back! (spins the yo-yo)

Cat Noir: Mistress… promise me you’ll go talk to her. Is it right.

Ladybug: Yeah, sure. (starts)

Scene: Agreste Castle. Gabriel leaves his lair while Nathalie waits for him in the studio.

Gabriel: Chloé Bourgeois must be the queen bee again!

Nathalie: Are you still considering making her an ally? I’m afraid Ladybug was reluctant to give Chloe the magic bee. She is very careful.

Gabriel: So I’ll make Chloé force Ladybug to give it to her. All I need is for her to lose all hope in Ladybug. To get mad enough to akumatize her. (smiles evilly)

Nathalie: (sweetie smiles) Maybe it’s time we brought Lily Rossi’s psychological talent into the plan.

Gabriel: Great idea, Nathalie…

Scene: Park. Lila is sitting on a bench reading a book as Agreste’s car pulls up behind her. Gabriel opens the window.

Lila: I really want to thank you for your trust, Mr. Agreste. I am honored to be able to protect Adrien. But I feel sad for all the people around him. Your son deserves better than his friend Nino. Not to mention all the girls clamoring for his attention, especially the Marinette dummy and the tucked-in Chloé. Chloe! Pfft! She won’t stop bragging about being Queen Bee, but Adrien couldn’t care less about these girls. He’s just so perfect.

Gabriel: I don’t think Adrien is completely indifferent to Chloé. From their youth, they had a very strong friendship – a relationship that no one can destroy. Thank you, Lila. See you tomorrow. (the car drives off)

Lila: Yes. See you tomorrow.

Scene: Auto Agreste.

Gabriel: I’m sure this young lady will help us realize our grand plan.

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont.

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